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Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath Review

Endurance Ice Bath Tried and Tested

4.8out of 5


If you’re a fan of anything recovery or wellness-related, you’ve probably heard of cold-water immersion therapy.

It’s a method of plunging into ice-cold water and letting the thermal shock relieve sore or inflamed muscles and drive stress away. Usually, a full-size bathtub, pool, or body of water is needed to do this.

But thanks to ingenious products like this portable ice bath by Endurance Recovery Boots, you can have your cold plunges or even hot baths in your bathroom, balcony, or backyard.

Not sure if a portable ice bath is for you? This product review has the details you need to decide.

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Measuring Diameter of Endurance Ice Bath

Overview of the Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath

Endurance Recovery Boots is a 100% Australian-owned company based in Syndey. The brand makes products for faster recovery, performance improvement, and injury prevention to support Aussie athletes.

We know that Endurance means high quality, as we had previously tested their compression boots. So, we were happy to try yet another one of their innovative products: the Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath. 

It’s my first time seeing and setting up a portable bathtub, to be honest. So, I’m excited (and quite nervous, haha!) to give ice baths a go.

Kidding aside, I was glad this portable bath had a few parts to put together. The easy-to-follow manual made the whole assembly process even more straightforward.

The bath fits the small bathroom space of my apartment, and I can sit comfortably inside while shivering all over, of course.

Construction-wise, I think the plastic material of the Endurance Portable Bath is durable for frequent use. It’s also foldable and lightweight, so you can easily have your ice bath indoors or out.

Here’s the rest of what you need to know about this recovery device and my rather icy-cold product testing experience.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath

Package and Contents of Endurance Recovery Boots Ice Bath

Hassle-Free Assembly

You might think that setting up a portable bath would be difficult since you need to assemble the tub, use the air pump, and then fill it with water and ice. Not with this portable tub, though.

The Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath came in a surprisingly small box. Inside are neatly packaged parts in plastic. And guess what? It only has five components and an instruction card.

The contents include a deflated tub, a tub lid, eight legs or poles, a manual air pump and accessory pack with a tap, drain pipe, two rubber rings, two repair patches, and a refillable ice bag.

The instruction card included is very user-friendly, too. I particularly liked that each step is only one sentence long and has a matching picture of what you need to do.

I also appreciate that everything I need is in the package, so I won’t have to worry about getting additional tools for assembly.

During setup, the first step was to insert the poles into each slot around the tub. Note that the rounded end of each leg goes into the compartment, while the flat end should be sticking out.

Next, I secured the drain pipe with a tap onto the tub. Then, I grabbed the manual pump, stuck it to the blow hole on the upper ring of the tub, and filled it with enough air.

User Manual of Endurance Ice Bath

These steps took me less than 10 minutes, which I thought was quick for a first try. But I also believe it would have been faster if I had an electric pump. Once done, all that’s left is to fill the tub with water and ice.

Before assembly, I filled the ice bag with water and placed it in the freezer.

The other portable ice baths we tried didn’t have this accessory, and I think it is very convenient and economical.

I only had a handheld showerhead to fill the tub with water. The pressure was also low, so it took me about 25 minutes to get it ready.

Things would have been faster with a hose or higher water pressure. Then again, you can always set everything up, leave the tub while it fills with water, and return when ready.

Also, the manual says you can change the water every 3 to 5 days. So, to save time and water, it’s best to shower before hopping into the tub, get out after bathing, and then use the cover lid to keep the bathwater clean until your next session.

Suitable for Most User Heights and Sizes

Height and Diameter - Endurance Ice Bath

The barrel-shaped Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath is about 70 cm wide and 75 cm high. Compared with the other tubs tested, this one is the happy median. It’s not too big or too small.

It can hold up to 230 L of water, too. Also, it fits most small bathrooms and body sizes.

My bathroom has a built-in bathtub, though. So, once the portable tub is inside, I have limited space to walk around it.

But the portable bath should easily fit in a bathroom with a shower instead of a bathtub.

I’m 163 cm tall, and I can sit comfortably inside the tub and even slide down a bit if I want to cover my upper body more with water.

I had no issues getting in and out of the tub, either. However, you might need a stepper if you’re slightly shorter than me.

Versatile and Travel-Friendly

Assembled with Lid - Endurance Ice Bath

While testing, I found several aspects of the Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath that make it multipurpose and travel-friendly.

For instance, if you run your hands around the inside of the tub, you’ll feel its built-in insulation system. This feature helps keep your water cold or hot for longer. The addition of the cover lid also helps in maintaining the water temperature.

Because of its compact size, the plastic tub and its components are lightweight and easy to bring anywhere.

I should mention that I’m staying in a two-floor apartment. When I tested this tub, I inflated it on the lower floor and carried it to the bathroom upstairs.

With an easy-to-carry ice bath like this, you won’t have issues taking it to your training facility, gym, or even trip abroad.

However, I have a few points for improvement that could have made this portable bath better. For example, it would have been nice if the product came with a carry bag, like the other portable baths.

I wish it came with a thermometer for easier temperature monitoring, too. Also, a hose that fits the pipe should have made it easier to direct the water wherever your drain is.

High Value for Money

Compared with other inflatable ice baths, this one from Endurance Recovery Boots is one of the most affordable.

Despite being budget-friendly, it is a well-made product with good insulation and durable construction. It is an excellent choice for occasional portable tub users or those still uncertain if ice baths suit them.

Because of its multipurpose quality, investing in a portable bath like this is well worth it. You can use it to cool off during summer or warm up on colder days.

It is also your best solution if your bathroom doesn’t have a built-in bathtub. Just set it up in your shower area to enjoy a good soak any time.

The Endurance Recovery Boots Portable Ice Bath is also from an Australian brand with a local office. That means it is easy to get after-sales or repair service if necessary.

Their shipping service is efficient, too. I ordered mine on the morning of 19 September 2023, then got the package on the afternoon of 21 September 2023. That’s from NSW to VIC in 2 days – it was that quick!

Invigorating Ice Bath Experience

I have to say I felt relaxed doing the ice bath for the first time, especially after my exercise. I could not submerge myself in the tub, though, as I was freezing.

But it felt good, and my muscles relaxed after the initial cold shock.

Over time, I believe I have adapted to the cold plunge mentally and physically. I could stay in for a little longer than the bath before. I came to enjoy it more and more.

I do high-intensity exercises twice a week, so there are plenty of chances for me to get used to ice baths.

All in all, I like it. I would continue to use it and increase the time doing these baths so my body can adapt to the icy cold plunge and gain its benefits.

Pros and Cons

  • Smooth and durable plastic material
  • Insulated design for optimal temperature
  • Good for hot or cold baths
  • Holds up to 230 L of water
  • Includes sturdy poles, manual pump, drain tap, and cover lid
  • Has a refillable ice bag and patch kit
  • Functional indoors or outdoors
  • Australian brand with local office
  • Affordable, easy to set up, and versatile
  • Lacks a carry bag and thermometer
  • Lacks built-in handles

Final Thoughts

Good experience in setting up and using the Endurance Recovery Portable Ice Bath

The Endurance Portable Ice Bath is an excellent recovery product, especially if you’re after balanced features and specs.

It is quick to assemble, making it easy to fold and set up again. Its size and capacity are mid-range, so it suits most people, short or tall.

Yes, it lacks some accessories. But it has the essential components for a good ice bath (i.e., insulation, drainage, cover lid, ice pack).

Also, you don’t have to be an athlete to use this versatile tub. You can take it outdoors to cool off during summer or set it up in your tub-less bathroom to enjoy nightly soaks.

Best of all, it’s an affordable product from an Australian brand.

All these features make this portable ice bath a worthy investment and an excellent solution for your hot or cold bathing needs.