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Best Compression Boots in Australia (Updated January 2024)

Best Compression Boots in Australia

Did you know about 20% of the population visits a massage therapist in Australia (Ooi et al., 2018)?

Moreover, Swedish massage, which is mainly for relaxation and improved circulation, appears to be among the well-liked treatments in the country.

With these statistical figures, it’s no wonder wellness devices, like recovery compression boots, have become popular and in demand.

Getting a pair of compression boots is like having a personal masseuse at your beck and call.

It’s pretty versatile, too. You can use it after workouts, after a busy workday, or any time your legs need some TLC.

Science-backed studies also show that compression boots are functional, particularly in providing quick pain relief.

Still, these devices are quite an investment that you might be wondering, are they worth it?

To help you decide, we will discuss the function of compression boots and their other benefits based on research.

We also tested the best compression boots in Australia to see whether these recovery products are a must-have for your wellness routine.

We will highlight the most valuable features of each as well as their pros and cons.

At the end of the review, we will identify our top pick based on our set standards.

Lastly, for more helpful details, we’ll cap our review with a discussion on when to use compression boots, a short buying guide, and an FAQ section.

What are compression boots

What are compression boots?

Recovery compression boots are long fabric sleeves that cover the feet and reach thigh level. Each sleeve has multiple internal chambers that self-inflate and deflate, squeezing each section of your lower body at a time.

These sections include your foot, calf, quads, and hamstrings. Usually, the squeezing action starts at your feet and then travels up towards your hip area.

It’s similar to how you squeeze a toothpaste tube from the bottom to the top using your fingers.

Medical professionals call this process intermittent pneumatic compression or IPC (Cleveland Clinic, 2023).

And yes, before compression boots became popular among Olympians and NBA players, doctors and therapists had long used IPC to treat conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT often occurs among surgical or critically ill patients who need to be in a hospital bed and stay inactive for a long time.

And IPC therapy works for them by encouraging proper circulation and preventing blood clots from forming in the thighs and legs.

Later, researchers found out that compression therapy is equally effective for highly active individuals, particularly in achieving immediate pain relief (Stedge and Armstrong 2021).

Because as you train or exercise, your body produces waste products while consuming energy or burning calories.

The body then needs to flush out these wastes through blood circulation. Otherwise, they can cause delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS post-workout.

However, it can be difficult for the heart to pump blood fast enough, considering the legs are way below it.

The squeezing from air compression boots can provide much-needed assistance to increase blood flow and hasten muscular recovery.

Some Benefits of Using Compression Boots

What are the benefits of compression boots?

The best compression boots in Australia have been making waves in the wellness field, thanks to the celebrity athletes who popularised them as an excellent alternative for at-home recovery.

But how effective are these boots exactly? Here are the benefits identified by various studies and experts:

  • Increased circulation. Research from the Journal of Applied Physiology found that IPC during and after exercise increased limb blood flow (Zuj et al. 2018). The researchers further stated that this finding could affect exercise performance and recovery. Another research also pointed out that circulation improvement from compression depends on the inflation pressure or dosage (Ren et al. 2022).
  • Reduced swelling. Strenuous workouts can lead to swelling and discomfort. While this feeling will eventually go away after some time, compression therapy can speed up the healing process. One study, for example, noted that intermittent pneumatic compression provides immediate relief to runners after an ultramarathon (Hoffman et al. 2016). However, the same research cannot find extended or functional benefits from the treatment.
  • Faster recovery. Pneumatic compression therapy exhibits a massage-like action, explaining its ability to relieve pain. And a few researchers observed this benefit among athletes. For instance, Sands and others (2015) noted accelerated recovery of 24 Olympic and aspiring athletes after compression treatment. Another research linked faster workout recovery to the ability of pneumatic compression devices to reduce blood lactate levels (Hanson et al. 2013).
  • Better range of motion. Poor circulation and body pain can limit our mobility. And considering that compression boot systems can address both issues, an improved range of motion naturally follows. Few studies proved this benefit. For instance, in a study comparing compression garments and devices, the researchers concluded that the latter showed lower swelling, pain, and range of motion disturbances (Winke and Williamson 2018). Yanaoka and others (2022) also had the same conclusion while studying the effect of intermittent pneumatic compression on ankle dorsiflexion range of motion.

Getting a pair of compression boots is like having professional massages any time and in the comfort of your home. And for me, that alone is a huge advantage.

But note that while these devices provide a feel-good experience and instant relief, studies have yet to link them to improved workout or athletic performance.

Top 3 Compression Boots (Tried & Tested)

Here’s an overview of the compression boot brands we’ve tested for quick comparison. Scroll down further for an in-depth review of each.

Image Model Name Pressure Range Adjustable Settings Chambers Boots Weight More Info
Smart Boots

Foot: 240-300 mmHg
Calf: 180-240 mmHg
Thigh: 180-240 mmHg

Intensity: 3 levels
Massage: 3 modes
Heating: 1 level

3 1.4 kg
Relax Boots

30-240 mmHg

Intensity: 8 levels
Massage: 6 modes
Heating: –

4 1.6 kg
Air Boots

Foot: 126-286 mmHg
Calf: 224-362 mmHg
Thigh: 100-199 mmHg

Intensity: 4 levels
Massage: 6 modes
Heating: 2 levels

3 1.3 kg
Image Smart Boots
Model Name
Pressure Range

Foot: 240-300 mmHg
Calf: 180-240 mmHg
Thigh: 180-240 mmHg

Adjustable Settings

Intensity: 3 levels
Massage: 3 modes
Heating: 1 level

Chambers 3
Boots Weight 1.4 kg
More Info
Image Relax Boots
Model Name
Pressure Range

30-240 mmHg

Adjustable Settings

Intensity: 8 levels
Massage: 6 modes
Heating: –

Chambers 4
Boots Weight 1.6 kg
More Info
Image Air Boots
Model Name
Pressure Range

Foot: 126-286 mmHg
Calf: 224-362 mmHg
Thigh: 100-199 mmHg

Adjustable Settings

Intensity: 4 levels
Massage: 6 modes
Heating: 2 levels

Chambers 3
Boots Weight 1.3 kg
More Info

1. Best Overall – Endurance Smart Compression Boots

Endurance Recovery Smart Compression Boots

If you think the best compression boots in Australia should have excellent features without being too expensive, consider checking out these all-new Endurance Smart Compression Boots. On top of being 100% Australian-made, this recovery device also guarantees relaxing and personalised at-home massages.


Endurance is a Sydney-based brand that creates recovery devices to help out athletes. So, testing their products for a review is a welcome treat.

And as always, their Endurance Smart Compression Boots did not disappoint. After unboxing, I got this small and cute duffel bag with folded boots inside.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry, so storing it back after use or taking it during travels shouldn’t be a problem.

The boot massager feels durable and long-lasting but not as luxurious as the older Endurance Relax Recovery Boots.

Construction and design-wise, it looks similar to the Renpho Leg Massager, which I also tested.

These Endurance Smart Boots also have three chambers with heavy-duty Velcro straps. These were quite a challenge to stick and peel off, and it took me around 5 minutes to strap my legs the first time.

Still, these Velcro straps make the recovery device suitable for users of different heights (155-188 cm). And being petite, I’m amazed these boots fit me well.

I also like that you can tighten or loosen the boots based on your leg width and preference. This feature, I believe, is perfect for those who want deep-pressure massages.

Although, admittedly, it’s easier to get in and out of the boots with zipper closures. So, keep this in mind, particularly if you have mobility issues.

But one thing I liked about the Endurance Smart Boots is the easy set-up. With only three parts to assemble (pressure hose, power cord, and controller), you can enjoy your daily massages in a flash.

In my opinion, the controller of this model is more user-friendly than the previous Endurance Relax Recovery Boots. I like that I can control everything with one handheld controller and not worry about misplacing a tiny remote control.

There’s even a handy 15-minute auto shut-off function, which is 100% helpful for people like me who doze off during sessions!

The best part of the Endurance Smart Boots would have to be its highly customisable massage settings.

With three pressure levels, three massage modes, and a heating/vibration function, getting your preferred massage is easy.

I especially enjoyed the Kneading mode and the massage + heating combo, by the way. Very relaxing, indeed!

  • Simple but quality design
  • Quick to assemble and store after use
  • Has three chambers with an adjustable fit
  • Suits different heights (155-188 cm)
  • Includes three pressure levels and massage modes
  • With heating and vibration function
  • Auto shuts off every 15 minutes
  • Light, portable, and easy to clean
  • Australian-made and affordable
  • Makes an audible buzzing sound


The Endurance Smart Compression Boots has all the makings of a reliable and functional leg massaging device.

Buyers after a portable and budget-friendly compression therapy device will surely appreciate this product.

It’s also perfect for casual users or those who want to test the waters and see if compression treatment suits them.

These boots are worth buying if you prefer a simple design, user-friendly set-up and controls, and the heating function that similar models lack.

2. Best Massage Experience – Endurance Relax Recovery Boots

Endurance Relax Compression Boots

I consider the Endurance Relax Recovery Boots one of the best compression boots in Australia because of its user-friendly interface and multiple massage modes. It’s also the most comfortable and relaxing recovery device I’ve tried.


After unboxing this product, I was immediately impressed by the look and feel of the Endurance Recovery Boots. Everything is top-tier, from its motor to the boots to the zippered storage bag.

Compared with the other compression boot brands we tested, you can immediately tell that this model is exceptionally durable and can support frequent use.

Initial assembly, however, is a little tricky as you’ll need to remove a transport screw from the motor before anything else. But don’t worry. The quick-start guide included has everything you need to do it right.

Once done, assembly time should be quick and easy. Like other leg compression units, the Endurance Recovery Boots has three main components: the hose, boots, and motor.

However, these parts are bulkier and heavier than the other models I tried. And the extra weight could potentially affect portability.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be an issue if you plan to have your treatments at home or in a single location.

Also, the luxurious experience the device provides makes up for this downside. Specifically, the Endurance Recovery Boots has six massage modes and eight pressure levels to match various forms of muscular stress.

I especially liked its wave-like massage pattern, which is more relaxing than the inflate-deflate system. It also has a lower minimum pressure intensity, which should attract users who prefer milder massage sessions.

Like the Renpho massager, this model also has the option to turn off certain chambers to protect existing leg injuries or exclude pain-sensitive areas.

And while it doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature, you can still use the remote control to set treatments for up to 90 minutes. The device should automatically turn off when the time runs out.

But I wish this unit has a heating function like most leg massagers. Still, my massage experience remains excellent even without this feature. With four chambers working on my muscles, I can enjoy full-leg treatment whenever I like.

And considering that these boots have zipper closures instead of the cumbersome Velcro straps, I have zero issues using this device, no matter what time of day!

  • Comfortable and luxurious design
  • Quick to set up and store after use
  • Has four chambers with zipper closure
  • Available in medium and large boot sizes
  • Includes eight pressure levels and six massage modes
  • With options to isolate one or more chambers
  • Has a 90-minute timer
  • Quiet operation
  • High-quality and Australian-made
  • Bulky motor limits portability
  • Lacks the heating function
  • Slightly expensive boots


The Endurance Relax Recovery Boots are for you if you are looking for Australian compression boots that you’ll love using often.

It’s easy to set up, wear, operate, and use. The boots feel luxurious around the legs, and with so many modes and intensities to select, your perfect massage session is only a few buttons away.

This model lacks the heating function, though. And it may not be the most affordable and portable unit available.

But any elite athlete, gym-goer, sports clinic personnel, spa specialist, and physiotherapist would agree it’s a good investment.

It’s perfect for those who prefer having massages at home, too.

3. Best Entry Level – Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager

Renpho Air Leg Massager

Not sure if compression therapy is for you? Don’t worry. You can still enjoy basic massage features with the budget-friendly Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager. It’s also the most compact and lightest device I’ve tried – perfect for treatments on the go!


The cost will probably be your top consideration when finding the best compression boots in Australia. Because generally, these recovery devices are quite an investment.

Affordable options that suit casual or first-time users are then more appealing. And this aspect is where Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager shines best.

Its thin polyester exterior and velvety interior may not look as heavy-duty as the two Endurance compression devices I’ve tested. But the soft material feels smooth and comfortable on the skin.

The Renpho design and setup are similar to the Endurance Smart Compression Boots. For instance, both have three chambers and segmented rather than a full-leg construction.

The chamber sections are the same, too, which cover the foot, calf, and thigh.

Each chamber also has the same Velcro strap closure, which is excellent for getting that perfect fit.

But just like the Endurance Smart Boots, sticking and peeling off these Velcro straps need some effort or force.

And it can be cumbersome, especially if you plan to use the boots often. However, the assembly and actual use of the device are all good.

Like the Endurance Smart Boots, the pressure hose and power cord connect to one handheld controller.

The moveable plastic rings encasing the cords also prevent them from getting tangled.

As for the console or controller, it is not as visually detailed and appealing as the Endurance Relax Recovery Boots.

However, I like that, instead of symbols, Renpho has letters to indicate its different massage intensities or modes. These make the whole use and operation easier to figure out or master, I think.

Speaking of massage settings, the Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager has six modes and four intensity levels.

Each mode generates a rhythmic inflation-deflation pattern that simulates a hand-kneading motion. I like level 2 the best as it is the most comfortable.

Intensity 4 was a little too tight for me, but remember, you can always loosen the wrap if needed. Then, there’s also the 20-minute auto shut-off, which is a huge plus if you like to nap during massage time.

The Renpho leg massager I tried was the heating type that warms the feet and calves. But a non-heating model is also available.

I think the heating function is an excellent add-on for massagers, and with the Renpho unit, you can even set it at 43C (109F) and 48C (118F).

One feature of the Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager I liked the most is the Combine and Separate Massage modes. With this function, you can massage your entire leg or one muscle group at a time.

Taking the Renpho massager to the gym, office, or your next trip is no problem, too. Aside from being lightweight, the boots easily fold up and fit inside the storage bag included.

However, this compression massager generates some noise, similar to a buzzing electric razor.

It’s not distracting, though, and you can still watch TV or talk with friends while having a relaxing leg massage.

  • Simple but quality design
  • Quick to assemble and store after use
  • Has three chambers with an adjustable fit
  • Includes four pressure levels and six massage modes
  • With two heating levels
  • Auto shuts off every 20 minutes
  • Can massage the entire leg or one muscle group at a time
  • Light, portable, and easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in two-chamber and non-heating models
  • Velcro straps are a bit tricky to use
  • Makes an audible buzzing sound


The Renpho Air Compression Leg Massager is ideal if you’re looking for a budget way to get a leg massage and not miss out on some good therapy add-ons.

With its compact size and lightweight boots, this device will make frequent travellers, regular gym-goers, and office workers happy.

If you tend to overwork a specific leg muscle area, this Renpho device is also perfect for giving that problem spot extra care and attention.

The Winner – Endurance Smart Compression Boots

The Winner - Endurance Smart Compression Boots

The compression boots we tried have varying features that meet every user’s needs, preferences, and budget.

But all our product testers gave the Endurance Smart Compression Boots a two thumbs-up on most aspects reviewed.

We were amazed at how Endurance created feature-packed compression boots at a more affordable price. It has enough modes and intensities to fit individual specs.

And we especially like how they designed it to suit most users. The adjustable Velcro straps, for instance, make this recovery device ideal for sharing among individuals of varying heights.

The lightweight, durable boots and the handheld controller are perfect for travelling, too. The easy set-up also means you can enjoy your massage at home, in the office, or at the gym.

All in all, we agree that the Endurance Smart Compression Boots is a well-balanced product that budding or seasoned massage enthusiasts will enjoy using every day.

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When to Use Compression Boots?

When to use compression boots

Most healthy individuals without pre-existing medical conditions can use compression boot technology any time.

But before doing so, make sure to check the list of contraindications when to avoid compression treatment. These contraindications are usually in the product manual, too.

Also, for an optimum experience, use your recovery boots:

  • After a workout. Spending around 30 to 35 minutes of compression therapy is good after intense physical activity to reduce soreness and improve circulation. Always do your cool-down routine first before putting on your recovery boots.
  • Before your training or work shift. A 10 to 15-minute compression treatment is an effective way to warm up your muscles, especially if you train regularly. Similarly, make this recovery session a habit before going to work, especially if your job requires you to sit or stand for hours.
  • While recovering from an injury. Compression therapy of about 20 minutes can reduce swelling and promote circulation for faster healing. Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice.
  • As a complement to other recovery methods. A few manufacturers recommend the use of compression boots with sauna therapy. A research from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine also found that cryo-compression (or compression + cold therapy) enhances recovery after a heavy resistance workout (DuPont et al. 2017). A study by Martinez-Guardado and others (2020) also found that ICP is effective when combined with cold water immersion.

Generally, the harder the activity, the more waste products to flush out, and the more likely you need compression treatment.

Follow what your product manual says about proper compression boot use. Then, experiment with various session times to see what works for you.

How to Choose Compression Boots

Key Factors in Choosing Compression Boots

Compression boots are relatively new devices in the wellness industry. So, it’s best to be familiar with their product features and specs.

Here are the things to consider when choosing the best compression boots in Australia:

  • Fit and portability. Check the compression boot inseam length and total height for proper sizing. Good-fitting boots are crucial for maximum comfort and ease of use. Also, recovery boots that are too big will not massage deep enough. Choose lighter-weight boots, too, if you plan to have treatments on the go.
  • Air chamber. Compression recovery boots have inner divisions or sections that generate air pressure. Most models have the standard three to four air chambers. But generally, for a more thorough and effective massage, the more air chambers, the better.
  • Pressure range. This feature indicates how tightly the boots can squeeze your legs. Millimetres of mercury (mmHg) or kilopascal (kPa) is its unit of measure. Generally, boots with more intensity settings are better. Some models also have a specific compression level per chamber.
  • Compression pattern. Some recovery boots let you choose a specific pressure and release sequence. No studies have identified the best massage pattern for compression therapy, though. But this feature is excellent for more customised treatment sessions.
  • Noise level. The sound that compression recovery boots make comes from their air pump. Usually, bigger air pumps are noisier. And this can be troublesome if you prefer having your compression treatment while watching TV or reading a book. So, test some out if you are looking for quiet units.
  • Versatility. Some boot models include or have optional attachments, so you can use the same device for massaging other body parts. It’s an excellent feature if you require full-body treatments or if you also train your upper body.
  • Ease of cleaning. Compression therapy can feel warm on the legs. Other units have heating features, too. And you’ll likely use the boots post-workout. So, choose a pair with anti-sweat properties or materials that are easy to wipe clean.
  • Cost. The compression recovery boots we’ve tested for this review range from $100 to $800, indicating that there is a model for every budget. The cost, however, usually dictates the durability, quality, and warranty. So, research first and avoid choosing a massager based on price or brand alone.

FAQs - Compression Boots

FAQs on Compression Boots

Are Compression Boots Worth the Money?

Compression boots are worth buying if you are an athlete, especially those who use their legs a lot, like runners and cyclists. These recovery devices can give them quick relief after heavy training. Fitness enthusiasts who do intense workouts will also benefit from these devices. Compression boots are also excellent investments if you are looking for a more compact or affordable massage chair alternative. Remember to choose a pair of recovery boots that suit your needs, preferences, and budget to ensure high value for money.

How Long to Use Compression Boots For?

A 15-minute compression boot session is good enough to stimulate blood circulation and flush out as many toxins as possible. However, you can also try longer sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour) after doing higher-intensity activities. Compression boots brands have their recommended setting and use. So, check the manual first and follow the instructions for optimum experience and safety.

Which is Better: Compression Boots or Massage Gun?

The choice between the two depends on your preference and the body part that needs treatment. For instance, if you want to treat a small and specific part of your leg or arm, a massage gun is perfect for targeted massages. However, if your entire leg or arm needs relief, compression boots can provide a more consistent, dynamic treatment. And in this case, letting the recovery boots work their magic is easier and more relaxing than running a handheld massager all over your body.

How Different Are Compression Boots from Compression Socks?

Compression socks provide static therapy. The pressure from the socks does not change, although, usually, their bottom part is tighter than the top to enhance blood flow upwards. On the other hand, compression boots provide dynamic therapy. As it is a mechanical device, its pressure can increase or decrease depending on your settings. Recovery is exponentially faster with compression boots, but these devices are also significantly more expensive than socks.