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Everfit Vibration Machine Review – Is It Worth Buying?

4.8out of 5


Vibration machines are fully capable of breaking the popular notion that you’d have to experience pain to achieve gains. After all, no pain, no gain! This is the aphorism adhered to by serious followers of strength training programmes. And believe you me, I was one of them.

For many of us, if you cannot push yourself to the hilt, then there really is no use dreaming about well-sculpted abs and glutes as well as strong muscles and what-have-you. But, would you believe that there are actually machines out there that have been proven to provide almost the same effects as several hours of running or jogging while standing or sitting only in a contraption designed to transmit vibrations throughout your body?

Well, this is what vibration machines are for. I have been fortunate enough to give the Everfit Vibration Machine a good run.

Overview of the Everfit Vibration Machine

At the core of the Everfit is a highly-advanced oscillating vibration motion technology. It is guaranteed to shake off excess fat from your body while toning and strengthening the different muscles. Every square centimetre of your body will be shaking like crazy as the minute vibrations are sent like shockwaves pulsing from under the feet.

Underneath its elegant finish is a pair of 500-watt motors that drive a dual-belt system. It has one under each foot platform of the Everfit. While it would look like this is substantially underpowered, one has to consider the fact that for its size and dimensions. A 500-watt motor is often considered sufficient.

There is another beauty to having a pair of 500-watt motors. It helps protect the motor by not putting too much strain in its operation. This is especially true when you also factor in Everfit’s maximum load capacity of 180 kilogrammes. It is, in my opinion, quite remarkable for its price.

While it is easy to think that the motor will create a really annoying noise, it doesn’t. It isn’t exactly whisper-quiet, but it should suffice never to bother anyone else in the room. This is especially true if you’re the kind of person who would rather exercise sitting down and in front of the TV rather than actively engaging in some strenuous exercise that will have you sweating like never before.

Gain Without Pain With This Worthy Machine

The Everfit also comes with superb safety features that include a surface platform that has ingeniously-designed nubs that will grip your soles like vise. It has voltage stabilisation, overheat protection, and overload protection to make sure that you’ll never have anything to worry about its electrical safety.

Overall, the Everfit comes in as a worthy exercise machine to anyone who would like to get the benefits of walking, jogging, and running without really trying to.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Everfit Vibration Machine

Advanced Oscillating Motion Technology

I’ve read in journals that one of the reasons why Russian athletes are killing in the games is that they always use oscillating vibration systems in their workout. It is also said that this type of machine is a lot friendlier to the body especially the internal organs and can support greater weight than pivotal or lineal types of vibration machines.

Perhaps what I really found interesting is that oscillators can keep the spine a lot looser and suppler. Now that’s what really ticked my interest in the Everfit Vibration Machine.

This baby comes with the latest in oscillating motion technology. The moment I stepped onto the extra-large platform and turned the machine on, I could literally feel the muscles in my legs contracting and relaxing at speeds I never thought possible.

It started on the legs, working its way up the thighs, until I can feel the vibrations in my core, back, and even shoulders. And true enough, I couldn’t feel any discomfort emanating from my gut.

The Everfit’s oscillating motion technology is perfect for those who would like to lose weight while also improving the tonicity of their muscles. It’s perfect as an adjunct for strength training, although I would still prefer pumping iron. The best part is that the system will never risk damaging your tendons and joints.

I have seen elderly folks try the same unit at the gym where I usually frequent. If they enjoy a 30-minute session on the Everfit, that says a lot about this vibration machine.

150 Speed Levels

The speed at which the vibrations are generated is a major consideration in determining the effectiveness of vibration machines. And while I’ve seen devices that come with up to 180 speed levels, the 150 on the Everfit is not that far off. As a matter of fact, it is just right for beginners and pros alike as they can still get the kind of workout they need.

Pumping the Everfit to the max and staying there for a minimum of 15 minutes is already the equivalent of 30 minutes of intense freestyle swimming, yoga, and even crunches and sit-ups. It is also equivalent to about an hour of jogging or biking.

Here’s the thing. Thirty minutes of casual jogging can help you burn anywhere from 300 calories to 400 calories, depending on your weight. And if the equivalent of an hour of jogging is 15 minutes of standing on the Everfit, then you’re essentially burning 600 to 800 calories.

Adjusting the speed level settings is also made easy with the accompanying remote. There’s no need to bend over and adjust the settings manually, although you’re more than welcome to try.

1000W Dual-Belt, Dual Motor Design

The Everfit vibration machine comes with a 1000-watt dual motor with dual belt design. For many, this is might seem insufficient especially with some devices coming in with 3500 watts.

It is important to understand that vibration machines will have to be powerful enough to move the vibrating platform at the designed speed settings and across the different planes of movement. Add its maximum load capacity of 180 kilogrammes and you really have to have a powerful motor underneath your feet.

That being said, the 1000-watt rating is sufficient enough to power the 44 x 78 centimetre platform of Everfit. It’s because a 500-watt motor is often considered good enough for a platform size of about 60 x 77 centimetres. The 1000-watt rating of Everfit is for both its dual motor, giving each a 500-watt rating.

The good news about the 1000-watt motor is that it is a lot quieter than other machines, since the motor is larger and will not really have to work that hard to accommodate its maximum . I can almost imagine elderly folks sitting comfortably on their couches or loungers with both feet resting on the Everfit and eyes glued straight on the TV screen. There’s still noise, of course. But, given that it’s only 1000 watts, it should be barely noticeable. It allows you to enjoy the things you want to do while receiving whole-body vibrations.

Electrical Safety Features

While the Everfit may not have the power you expect from an exercise machine designed to strengthen the muscles and help you lose weight, it does a good job providing protection against overheating, electrical short-circuits, and voltage stabilisation. This is in addition to its all-around insulation, keeping you safe from any electrical discharge that may leak out of the system.

It also comes with an SAA-approved plug and built-in fuse to protect the powerful motor. The multiple safety features help ensure that the Everfit will last several years making it a good investment.

Simple User Console and Vibration Platform

The Everfit vibration machine comes with a very simple console that provides rudimentary information on your current activity. It comes with 10 pre-set exercise programmes, walk, jog, and run. In addition to the programme button on the platform, the Everfit also comes with three distinct zones.

If you need a walking program the best area to plant your feet is on the centre. Moving outwards and you’ll simulate jogging. Stand near the edge of the Everfit and the dual belt design will give you the sensation and effects of running.

Pro and Cons

  • Advanced oscillating motion technology helps guarantee more efficient calorie-burning effects
  • 150-level speed settings with its accompanying remote control
  • Exceptional electrical safety features
  • 180-kilogramme maximum load capacity
  • Low-noise motor, allowing you to enjoy other things while letting the Everfit do its thing
  • Includes resistance bands for additional strength training
  • Friendly price considering some products can cost as much as $1000 to $2000
  • 1000-watt motor may not be sufficient for some individuals
  • There is no multimedia connectivity for personal entertainment while exercising

Should You Buy It?

The Everfit Vibration Machine is a nifty exercise equipment. It allows you to strengthen your muscles and perhaps even lose weight. I must say that the price is affordable. It makes a great addition to anyone who would like to get many of the benefits of exercise without necessarily having to pump iron, run miles, or swim several laps in the pool.