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FIT Bounce Pro II Mini Trampoline Review – A Worthy Buy

4.7out of 5


Trampolines are a fun way to kill time and bond with family and friends. What was once designed to be a toy and a novelty has now been taken up by fitness experts the world over.

There are lots of fitness enthusiasts today who are espousing the benefits of rebounding exercises, done with the help of a quality trampoline. I like the idea of jumping up and down coupled with fitting exercises to lose weight so I went ahead and looked for relevant mini trampolines to give the rebounding regimen a shot.

I came across the FIT Bounce Pro II mini trampoline model and would love to give you a breakdown of its workings. Here is what I have to say about this rebounding device.

The FIT Bounce Pro II Mini Trampoline: An Overview

The MaXimus Life research team sought to create and patent a gym rebounder which features silent operation while at the same time, is high in quality and durable for longer use. The FIT Bounce Pro II model is 40 inches in diameter and features a distinctive bungee system which is capable of stretching more compared to metal springs for effortless bouncing.

The mini trampoline’s 30 sturdy elastic cords store energy which is taken in over the course of the landing and brings it back when the user accelerates or jumps upwards. This system in turn produces a smooth, more straightforward and softer bounce.

The whole system does not come with sharp metal springs thus you can use it with grip socks or plain bare feet. The trampoline also includes six durable spring-loaded legs for easier assembly and storage. You can take this mini trampoline anywhere you go.

The set-up comes with a Plus Rebound workout DVD with a free video membership. That way, you won’t be bored with your rebounding routines. Learn more about the many exercises you can take using this nifty device.

FIT Bounce PRO II Mini Trampoline Features: A Closer Look

Consistent Mat and Bungee System

The quality of the mat and bungee cord system of this mini trampoline is worth the money. Its mat is stretched effectively and has enough firmness on it for good workouts. It feels safe due to its reliable elastic cords. These cords guarantee sufficient tension to the mat for a quality bounce.

As mentioned previously, the trampoline does not have sharp metal strings. The design prioritizes safety and I commend the brand for recognizing this essential factor. In addition, the distinctive bounce center of this model is highly beneficial and a great plus to the whole assembly.

This model uses the bungee system and like the spring system, it provides steady resistance levels. In my experience though, I have found out that the bungee system is better for serious fitness routines. It is safer as well since you wouldn’t have to contend with getting pinched by metal parts or deal with trapped toes or feet once you land on the trampoline.

I can say that the bungee system in mini trampolines or rebounders make for more effective workouts since a more rigid surface leads to better rebounding effects. The model comes with patented, highly secure bungee connectors that provide effective bounce yet low-impact, gentle ones.

As such, would not cause a discomfort to your bones and joints. Currently, the FIT Bounce Pro II has the biggest number of connectors for mini trampolines with a bungee system that’s sold in the market today.

The steel frame of this trampoline set-up is high in quality, wide at 40 inches with 28 inches of bouncing area. This may be a mini trampoline but it can accommodate up to 330 lbs. It is a heavy-duty piece and it works hard.

Spring rebounders can be noisy, so if noise is an important factor in your search for a good mini trampoline or rebounder, you may have stumbled on the model you would love to invest in. The FIT Bounce Pro II’s design makes for virtually silent jumps and bounces.

The bounce it gives is just the thing I need – not overly rigid and not too slack. This is a worthy buy if you are really serious about your rebounding game.

Rubber Feet for your Flooring’s Protection

Another advantage of this model is its non-marking rubber feet. The rubber tips of the FIT Bounce Pro II on the bottom of its legs help safeguard your floor from unsightly scuff marks and abrasions. These scratches can be a bother to remove and at times, very difficult to take away completely. Bouncing can be hard on the floor due to the impact. Therefore, always look for a mini trampoline or rebounder that has protective rubber feet.


The mini trampoline features six strong spring-loaded legs which were a breeze to set up. This kind of design also makes for more feasible storage methods compared to models with screw-in legs or unwieldy leg designs. To put the trampoline together, all you need to do is unfold the device, pop and then click on the legs.

However, there is a slight drawback. Folding and closing the whole assembly may take some elbow grease in the beginning. You will breeze through it in time though.

The mini trampoline also includes a convenient fabric storage bag to maintain the surface and components of the device. The handy storage bag also makes traveling with the item a breeze. You can take this unit anywhere you go. If you are a frequent traveler but don’t want to scrimp on your exercise routine, this mini trampoline may be your answer.


This model from MaXimus Life has interesting additions included in the set-up; an instructional DVD and a bounce counter. I have also mentioned earlier that the set-up has a Plus Rebound workout DVD with an accompanying free video membership.

While the majority of DVD rebounding workout programs target beginners, there are also exercises included in such videos which are on the advanced side. That way, once amateur users get the hang out of the device, they can finally level up and take advantage of more advanced motions, thereby expanding their routine.

People are typically motivated by the action they witness on fitness DVDs, so the inclusion of this DVD to this product further encourages you to get off of that couch and move. The DVD rebounding workouts also make creating my own routine easier specifically if you’re pressed for time. I can just follow the exercises on the DVD instead of making moves on my own.

Before beginning with a program though, make sure that the routine suits your fitness level or goals. Assess the workout’s intensity first; if you only want to stay in shape, you can opt for something that has lower intensity. For those who want to lose pounds or are just starting out, a workout with higher intensity might accommodate your needs.

The Plus Rebound workouts from FIT Bounce Pro II are for beginners and it’s an enjoyable video since it shows appropriate toning exercises and rebounding methods which facilitate users to jump-start their routines. If you want to expand your workout, you can also choose to join the company’s online video membership which gives more workouts that members can pick from, stream and incorporate in their routines.

Another interesting addition to the set-up is the bounce counter. You can use this to measure the number of bounces you can complete in every workout. This is especially handy if you are serious with your routine and want to expand your rebounding exercises later on.

The only thing that I missed from this model though is the addition of a handlebar. The handlebar, also known as the stability bar, is a type of guardrail which is usually attached to the side of the mini trampoline or the rebounder. This is a component where users can hold on to whenever they jump on the trampoline. It prevents unintentional falls which can lead to injury.

Since this setup comes with a DVD focuses on beginners, including a handlebar may help them get the hang out of using a rebounder, safely.

Pro and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy, high-quality materials
  • Has convenient foldable design
  • Simple setup
  • Can accommodate up to 330 lbs.
  • Strong, durable model with 60 elastic connectors
  • Gives low-impact, safer landings
  • Virtually silent operations
  • Includes canvas storage bag
  • Takes a bit of time to fold up and close
  • Handlebar sold separately (can be bought from here)


Need a different approach in your workout routine? Try rebounding exercises. Do them with the FIT Bounce Pro II Mini Trampoline.

The exceptional engineering and low-impact quality of this unit, together with its dependable, sturdy construction and robust bungee system, makes this a great buy. It can also support up to 330 lbs. (approx. 150kg), which is quite sizable for a mini trampoline.