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Leaps & ReBounds Mini Trampoline Review

4.5out of 5


Rebounding exercises might be the workout routine you need if you want to lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. Many have taken up this regimen due to its benefits. Some are also keen on it because it’s a physical routine that won’t do a number on your joints.

I got into rebounder training because I find the method enjoyable. It might seem like you’re playing but in reality, you are doing exercises that work out your entire body.

If you are a beginner in rebounder training, there are several rebounders and mini trampolines that you can try out. If you find most models on the pricey side, and you’re worried you might not get something that’s friendly on the pocket, rest assured, the Leaps and ReBounds Mini Trampoline might be the model you are looking for.

Check out how it works and see if it’s worth a try through my review.

The Leaps and ReBounds Mini Trampoline: An Overview

This Leaps and ReBounds model features a carbon-steel frame that has reliable, rigid and durable quality. Carbon steel is known to be a very sturdy material thus it can tolerate many years of use.

The mini trampoline makes use of the bungee system. Its latex bungees are quite flexible, translating into topnotch bouncing action. Bungee systems in trampolines also make for quieter use, thus this model may be your pick if you want something that won’t disturb people around the house.

The set-up includes a UV-resistant jumping mat; thus, put this thing outside and its jumping mat won’t succumb to premature wear and tear. The UV-resistant quality adds strength to the assembly for longer years of use.

For added safety, the mini trampoline also features a bungee safety cover. This addition prevents the user’s feet from getting caught or trapped between the frame and the mat.

The mini trampoline comes in a nice range of colors; its decorative trim is available in several hues so you can definitely get one that fits the color scheme of your room or home, or just get the one in your favorite color.

When it comes to price, you’ll be glad to know that this model is more affordable compared to premium fitness trampolines. This is actually a great beginner’s rebounder; it has features like the safety cover so beginners can safely try out rebounder training, hone their routines and finally expand their routines.

Leaps and ReBounds Mini Trampoline: The Features

Measurements and Weight Limit

The Leaps and ReBounds mini trampoline comes in two size models; the smaller 40-inch unit and the 48-inch model. Between the two sizes, I decided to go for the latter since I want to explore more rebounder exercises. I need a mini trampoline with a wider jumping area to do that.

The bungee cords of the trampoline need at least 5 inches of space, and they’re situated between the edge of the frame and the mat. These cords are covered for safer bouncing routines.

The mini trampoline can support up to 250 lbs (approx. 113kg) of weight. If you want to supplement your routine with equipment like dumbbells, make sure that your body weight and the weight of the equipment combined won’t go over the mini trampoline’s weight capacity.

In addition, these rebounders and fitness trampolines are not meant to be shared by two or more individuals. It’s designed to just accommodate one person, regardless of his or her age and weight.

Mini Trampoline Design

This Leaps and ReBounder model has a jumping mat which is crafted from basket-woven, durable polypropylene material that’s resistant against premature stretching and sagging. The mat is also given UV-resistant qualities for extra durability and protection. Mini trampolines are designed to be used outdoors usually so UV-resistant properties will pack lots of punch for the mat’s integrity.

The model uses the bungee system, which is actually safer than mini trampolines that make use of the spring system. Bungee designs prevent users from getting pinched or caught on gaps around the trampoline.

The fitness trampoline also includes three extra bungee cords in the event that it needs replacement. However, due to the amazing quality of the unit’s cords, replacements may take a while. These cords are crafted from smooth, quality latex rubber material which won’t squeak and grate during use.

Working together, the mat and the bungee cords make jumps and bounces effortless, with relatively noiseless operation. It is made to take in the impact of every jump effectively, making this fitness routine the kindest on people’s joints and ligaments. This is just one of the many advantages of the bungee system on fitness trampolines. The softer bounce won’t put too much pressure on the body and lead to unnecessary fatigue and exhaustion.

Carbon-Steel Frame

The mini trampoline features a durable, sturdy but lightweight frame made from quality carbon-steel material. The mini trampoline also comes with 6 carbon-steel legs which are threaded on the opposite end to make putting the entire mini trampoline an easier task.

One advantage of this model’s legs is its screw-in function. This means the mini trampoline will not collapse during use and will remain secure compared to models with foldable legs. Another great thing about this model as I have noticed is it has a lower center of gravity; this means even if I bounced and landed close to the edges of the trampoline, the unit won’t tip over.

You will also appreciate the addition of rubber tips on the bottom of the trampoline’s legs. Since I use the mini trampoline most of the time inside my home gym, I need fitness equipment that won’t leave scuff marks and scratches on the floor. Thankfully, this model has protective rubber tips on the legs. Even with all that regular bouncing and jumping, the unit won’t leave ugly marks on the floor.

Mini Trampoline Assembly

The Leap and ReBounds mini trampoline needs to be set up before use, but it’s a simpler task when done by two people. The whole procedure will only require several minutes and you don’t need to use any tools to do the job.

Some of the components are packaged separately; the cords, mat, frame and legs. Putting the entire thing together may take a bit of elbow grease if you’re doing it solo, but just have someone with you to do the task and all that fastening and pulling will get done in just a few easy minutes.

To make fastening the bungee cords a trouble-free process, alternate the cords between the opposite ends to make pulling the other end a breeze. To get an idea of how to set up the mini trampoline, first you need to fasten the four frame segments of the unit. Get the jumping mat and put it in the center of the frame then begin fastening the bungee cords. Lastly, screw in its legs and it’s finished.

Storage is not a problem with this model, too. Just take away the legs and you can keep it stored inside a bag or case. Then again, disassemble this if you have the whole assembly scheme mastered down pat. If you do not have a mini gym at home, you can perhaps store it under your bed.

Pro and Cons

  • Silent, reliable bungee system
  • UV-resistant, durable jumping mat
  • Strong basket-woven polypropylene material
  • Hardwearing, lightweight carbon-steel frame
  • Includes safety cover
  • Great bouncing action
  • Stylish, nice color selection
  • Requires two people for faster assembly
  • Handlebar sold separately (can be bought from here)


If ever you’re in the market for an affordable fitness trampoline, the Leaps and ReBounds Mini Trampoline may be the item you are searching for. It makes use of the trusty bungee system which makes for low impact, gentle jumps and quieter operation.

Even at a cost-effective price, the unit does not scrimp on quality. It has a durable frame, with excellent construction all over plus its jumping mat is made with prime polypropylene material as well which won’t sag or stretch easily. It is one of the best-selling mini trampolines in the market right now so why not try this one out for size?