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Lifespan Fitness GS6 Multi-Station Home Gym Review

4.8out of 5


Please note that there is a newer model of the Lifespan Fitness Home Gym Station. 
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If you are like me, you would not mind paying a hefty sum of money. As long as you can guarantee that the product you are buying more than meets your expectations, then price is irrelevant. This is what you will feel if you do decide to get the Lifespan Fitness GS6 Multi-Station Home Gym.

It is one of the best in Australia. And if its price tag does not bother you, then you’re better off with this machine in your home.

Overview of the Lifespan Fitness GS6 Home Gym

cortex gs6

The Lifespan Fitness GS6 is a studio-quality and commercial-grade home gym. It is ideal for people who would like to embark on a more serious strength training regimen right in their very homes.

While the GS6 comes with a price tag that is higher than most, the quality of its construction and the thoughtfulness of its features more than justify its price tag. The centrepiece of the GS6 is its Power Tower, a solid structure made of high-grade steel.

A versatile, premium quality piece of equipment

Attached to the Power Tower are a series of exercise elements or stations that can give you a total body workout. There are three attachment points plus a 78-kilogramme weight stack. High-tensile strength cables provide support to the various exercise components.

The seat, handles, and limb holds all come with ample padding. The design of the cover and the stitching are also noteworthy. This home gym from Lifespan Fitness also comes with an ab bench that is very easy to fold and store.

Everything about the GS6 is thoughtfully designed to give you an exercise machine that is worth every dollar you spend.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Lifespan Fitness GS6 Multi-Station Home Gym

Commercial-Inspired Solid Construction

The Lifespan Fitness GS6 is taller than the Powertrain by about 10 centimetres, yet narrower by about 17 centimetres at only 1.63 metres. The GS6 is also shorter by about 19 centimetres than the Powertrain, measuring only 2.11 centimetres.

However, it is definitely heavier by as much as 26 kilogrammes. This makes the Lifespan GS6 more compact than the Powertrain, yet heavier and sturdier.

What makes the GS6 heavy is the integration of the Power Tower. In my opinion, this is the heart of the machine. It holds everything together so you get a fitness equipment that you can rely on.

Lifespan Fitness utilised only premium-quality steel in the creation of the frame, which the brand says it drew inspiration from commercial exercise equipment.

Included in the GS6 is a foldable ab bench, which is a lot similar to the Powertrain’s incline bench. There are also several aircraft-grade cables to come with a 2,000-lb tensile strength.

This is equivalent to about 909 kilogrammes. These cables make sure that the different exercise attachments will never give in to repeated use. This is a workstation that will never give up on you or your dreams of achieving total fitness.

Multi-station Versatility

cortex home gym

Unlike other home gyms that I have tested so far, Lifespan is never ashamed to put a figure to the number of exercises that you can do with its machine. The GS6 can allow you to perform at least 38 different exercises.

This allows you to exercise the different groups of muscles in your body. I find the design to be perfect to my liking. I only miss the punching bag and speedball that I love to use whenever I am in the gym. This is only me talking, of course.

The GS6 features a number of exercise stations that allow for upper and lower body exercises. There are different attachment points on the machine to help you hook up your fitness accessories. A strong power tower anchors these attachment points so you will feel a lot more confident performing the different exercises. I know I do.

This home gym comes with a sit-up bench, which is similar to the Powertrain’s incline bench. There is a lateral pulldown bar, a preacher pad, and chest flys and press. It also comes with a 78-kilogramme weight stack.

This is 7 kilogrammes heavier than the weight stack of the Powertrain. I also learned that you can also purchase an additional 25-kilogramme weight stack from Lifespan to bring the total to 103 kilogrammes. Now that is something I definitely would like to have.

There is one thing I miss in the GS6: the boxing paraphernalia. It does not come with a punching bag nor a speedball. I guess Lifespan thought that the exercise elements integrated into the GS6 are more than enough to give you a whole-body workout.

Ergonomic Design

While the Lifespan GS6 is tough, it is gentle on the body. It comes with a few neat features that will make each workout as comfortable as possible. It incorporates a height-adjustable seat so anyone can use the GS6.

The preacher pad’s height is also adjustable. There is no individual who cannot use the machine simply because he or she cannot reach the preacher pad.

The space between the seat and the upper pulley is sufficient to allow for more efficient lateral pull-downs. The foot plate is also rotatable. This is perfect for executing seated low rowing manoeuvres.

The contact points on the GS6 feature a good amount of padding. They feature a carbon fibre pattern to give it a more elegant look. The seams are double-stitched so you will not have to worry about the padding bursting.

I love the lumbar support that Lifespan included. Not only is it padded; it is also contoured. It hugs the back like a Koala hugging a branch.

Pro and Cons

  • Offers optimum whole-body workout
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Comfortable user contact points
  • Versatile exercise machine regardless of one’s fitness level
  • Requires substantial amount of floor space

Should You Buy It?

The Lifespan GS6 Multi-Station Home Gym is one of the best home gym equipment in Australia. It comes with excellent, commercial-grade features. The only issue is that not everyone may not be able to afford its price. Beyond that, the GS6 is a great exercise equipment to have in the home.