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Marcy Mini Trampoline Review – Perfect Mid-Ranger

There are always instances when you want to bump up your cardiovascular workouts without hitting the gym or running outdoors. With the emergence of mini trampolines as a favourite among many Australians (including myself), it makes perfect sense why you may also want to bring one home.

Unfortunately, the market can be very unforgiving to those who don’t know how to shop or how to spot a good buy from a mediocre one. That is why I am bringing to you this review of one of the more popular low impact mini rebounders in Australia today, the Marcy Mini Trampoline.

Now, I am not promising that you will like this rebounder nor am I urging you to agree with what I say. I am reviewing this product to help others make the decision for themselves. Reading this is a lot better than buying a mini rebounder without any knowledge of how it will perform in real life. At least, you’ll have an idea whether the Marcy Mini Trampoline is for you or not.

Overview of the Marcy Rebounder

A mid-priced mini trampoline, the Marcy Foldable Trampoline is a low-impact exercise equipment that one can bring into the home. Being a midrange rebounder, one can expect moderate levels of quality in almost all aspects of the mini rebounder’s design and construction. From the frame to the jumping material and the mechanism that attaches the mat to the frame. It is what one can expect from a middle-of-the-pack product.

The frame comes with good quality steel, although there is no specific information as to the gauge of the steel. It feels solid and sturdy enough to accommodate a 113-kilogramme individual. In this regard, the Marcy pales in comparison to the weight capacity of the low-end, under-A$100 Smart Healthcare Mini Trampoline. Regardless, it is possible that the company only wants its product to last longer than others. Lowering the weight capacity of the mini trampoline can help in such aims.

High-end looking product with mid-range price

The material is not the best but it’s good enough for a once-in-a-while low-impact cardio workout. It has a good bounce, but not as good as those mini trampolines with polypropylene or some other more advanced jumping mats. Also, the tension mechanism on the Marcy is that of a rebounding band. It resembles more of a bungee cord, giving you a softer and safer bounce.

The Marcy features a removable stability bar that is easy enough to mount back into the equipment. The handlebar comes with enough padding for a more comfortable grip. And since it runs the width of the mini trampoline, one can feel a lot more secure during workouts. Covering the spaces between the mat and the frame is courtesy of a canvas type material. It goes around the perimeter of the frame to protect the jumper from accidental falls through the gaps.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Marcy Mini Trampoline

Good Quality and Stable Steel Frame Construction

A Marcy Mini Trampoline fresh from the store comes with a price tag of about A$350 or so. This puts the rebounder in the midrange category of mini trampolines. What this also means is that you get middle-of-the-field frame construction. It may not be as tough and heavy duty as those in high-end rebounders, but it sure is more durable than those in the economy segment.

My issue with the Marcy, like other mini rebounders, is that it doesn’t come with concrete and verifiable information about its frame construction. I looked for the gauge rating of its steel and I couldn’t find any. From the images of the brand’s marketing materials, the rebounder’s frame looks thin and flimsy. I can only make educated guesses as to the quality of Marcy’s steel frame.

First, the diameter of the tubular steel is about an inch. I have seen others with a larger diameter system, while others are smaller than what Marcy has. Second, the thickness of the steel itself is about two millimetres. Again, there are products that can have steel that’s thicker or thinner than this. This puts Marcy’s physical characteristics to be somewhere in the middle.

Unfortunately, this does not reassure me one bit. The reason for this is simple. The price tag of the Marcy may be in the midrange of rebounders but it belongs in the upper quartile of the range. This means it is well within striking range of the lower price point of high-end products.

There is another reason why I am not convinced of Marcy’s price positioning. The published weight limit is 250 lbs, which translates to 112 to 113 kilogrammes. The Smart Healthcare Mini Trampoline is a budget-friendly rebounder, yet it can accommodate individuals up to 180 kilogrammes. There’s also the DUOER Mini Trampoline, which is in the price range as the Marcy. Yet the DUOER can manage 200 kilogrammes.

Nevertheless, if the weight rating is not a big deal to you, then the Marcy is a good buy. The steel frame construction is good enough to accommodate individuals that weigh up to 112 kilogrammes.

Four-Way Folding Design

While I have misgivings about Marcy’s frame construction, I do admire the brand’s four-section folding design. Unlike other rebounders that only fold in half, the Marcy Mini Trampoline allows for easier storage. You can fold it into a smaller size so you optimise the small space that you may have for it.

My only lament is that you will still have to remove the 6 legs before you can enjoy the space-saving design of the Marcy. There are other platforms out there that also come with multi-folding mechanisms and they also allow the legs to fold along the frame. This minimises the work that goes into the folding and unfolding of the rebounder.

Good Quality, Wide Bouncing Platform

Like the other mini trampolines I have tried, I am also at a loss as to the kind of material that Marcy uses in its jumping mat. It doesn’t look like polypropylene or anything that high-end products use. Of course, it is not a mediocre quality material, either. All I can say is that it is good enough to accommodate a 112-kilogrmame user.

Having said that, it should be good enough for those individuals who weigh well within this limit. I just wish the company would provide such information about their product so that people can make the decision for themselves. With the mini trampoline’s 1-metre diameter, it has enough surface area to provide a good low-impact cardio workout.

Good Tension Mechanism

The Marcy Foldable Trampoline features strong rebound bands that resemble bungee cords. These bands run around the circular frame of the mini trampoline to give it a good and even bounce. However, do not expect the bounce to be as high as what you can get from a standard trampoline or a rebounder that comes with a spring mechanism.

On the plus side of things, not having metal springs in the rebounder should be good news for people with problems in their knees. Non-spring tension systems tend to be softer on the joints. As such, this is one aspect that Marcy can be sure of.

Safety Cover Trim and Stability Bar

Some mini trampolines do not cover the space between the frame and the jumping mat. Well, Marcy does. It comes with a canvas trim that serves as a cover around the perimeter of the frame. It covers the gaps that the rebounding bands, the jumping mat, and the frame create. At least, there will be no issue of a user slipping his or her toes through these spaces.

The stability bar takes on a more traditional design that runs the width of the Marcy Foldable Trampoline. This element is easy enough to mount on two of the rebounder’s legs via a locking knob mechanism. Unfortunately, the height adjustment of the Marcy is a bit limited. The handlebar itself is padded, however. And since it runs across the rebounder, you’ll feel more secure every time you go bouncing on the mini trampoline.

Pro and Cons

  • Good quality construction, utilizing good quality steel frame
  • Tear-resistant jumping mat for a good bounce
  • Durable and strong rebound bands, arranged in a continuous manner
  • Guardrail type of stability bar for greater security and safety
  • Trim cover between frame and rebounding mat
  • Folds in 4 sections, allowing for easy management, storage, and carriage
  • Modest user weight capacity of 112 to 113 kilogrammes
  • Mid-ranged price, making affordable
  • The rebounder comes folded, which can make it quite risky to open because of the tension on the rebound bands
  • 113-kilogramme user weight limit may not be ideal for some users
  • Some customer complaints about the integrity and reliability of the frame construction
  • Some issues with the jumping mat not as robust as advertised
  • Stability bar may not be as durable as other brands

Should You Buy It?

A mid-priced mini trampoline, the Marcy is a hard sell. There are a few niggles that I cannot shake off in an instant. However, it still makes a good buy for those who want a high-end-looking rebounder without the hefty price tag.