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Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym with Boxing Punching Bag Review

Home gyms are fast becoming a major feature in many Australian homes. While I do not own one, I can tell you with all honesty that such exercise machines are very helpful in the achievement of one’s fitness goals. And one of the best home gyms that I have tried so far is the Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym.

This is an exercise equipment that I often see in many professional gyms in Australia. And there are good reasons why you should get this home gym, too.

Overview of the Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym Exercise Equipment

The Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym is one of the exercise machines that many gyms and fitness centres have. It offers a good balance between price and function to allow people to achieve their fitness goals.

With a reliable construction, the Powertrain comes out as a beefy and solid workstation. Featuring a solid steel frame, the Powertrain comes with a number of exercise platforms. From curls to presses and everything in between, this workstation can be a great tool for anyone who wants to target different muscle groups.

A solid multi-user equipment for the hardcore

In addition to the exercise equipment on the Powertrain, there is an additional punching bag. It is perfect for those who wish to feel the rush of being able to hit something as hard as you can. There is an incline bench, too, that works well with the pair of dumbbells Powertrain includes in the package.

The only downside to the Powertrain is its footprint. If you do not have ample space at home, then this home gym is not for you. The good news about such a size is that gives the platform excellent stability. You can invite your friends to your house and exercise on the different platforms of the Powertrain at the same time. This way, you will feel greater motivation in accomplishing your fitness goals.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym

Solid and Sturdy Construction

The first thing I noticed about the Powertrain is that it is a huge workstation. When assembled, it measures some 2.3 metres long and 1.8 metres wide. It is also tall, requiring a vertical clearance of at least 2.2 metres.

This dimension does not take into account the incline bench that the package already includes. That is why it is important to add about a metre or so of floor space on either side. That brings the width of the Powertrain to about 2.8 metres. At the very least, you will need a room that has a floor area of at least 6.5 square metres.

There is one good thing about the solid steel construction of the Powertrain. Since it is tall, you would want it to have a good base. This will help keep it from tipping over. The home gym itself weighs about 183 kilogrammes.

This is not including the 75-kilogramme weights that Powertrain includes in the package. There is also the pair of dumbbells that weigh 1.5 kilogrammes each. And then there is the weight from the punching bag that you can fill with sand.

The sheer size of the Powertrain alone can already tell you a lot of things about the quality of its construction. This is a home gym that can handle multiple users at the same time.

Multiple Exercise Platforms

If I am going to enumerate the different exercises that you can do with the Powertrain, I’d run out of pages. You can perform arm and chest rowing exercises on the Powertrain as well as different kinds of curls. Doing the abdominal crunches, pushups, leg raises, and triceps dips are also easy with the Powertrain.

The weights on the Powertrain come stacked, giving you up to 75 kilogrammes of resistance. If you wish to lighten the load, then it is as easy as removing one of the weight plates. There is also a pair of dumbbells to help you add difficulty to your strength training routine.

My favourite part is the punching bag. I am not a pugilist but I find hitting the hard surface of the punching bag to be very rewarding in reducing my levels of stress. My only gripe is that Powertrain doesn’t come with a speedball. I would have loved to train my reflexes and speed in hitting this particular boxing training material.

My only wish is that the Powertrain could also give me something for improving my cardiovascular endurance. Most of the exercise elements on this home gym are designed for strength training. I found the punching bag to be a good tool for combining cardio and strength training.

Comfortable Elements

The different contact points of the Powertrain come with ample padding. For example, the dip bar and leg raise station feature a thick cushion so that my arms will not hurt as I try to perform leg raises and dips. The handle grips are not ergonomic. They are comfortable, nonetheless.

The same is true with the incline bench. It comes with a padding material that is firm enough to support my back but soft enough to give me some level of comfort. The preacher curl bench also comes with ample padding, allowing me to press my back straight against the platform.

The pull-down bar and pec decks also feature cushioning. My only lament is that the design of their grips is very straightforward. They are unlike the grips of some systems that follow the contours of my hand.

Pro and Cons

  • Reliable and durable construction for multiple users
  • Multiple exercise platform for greater range of strength training workouts
  • Additional exercise equipment for added fitness
  • Requires ample floor space
  • Greater focus on strength training exercises

Should You Buy It?

Its reliable construction and multi-exercise platform features make the Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym a popular choice among fitness centres and gyms. And with its friendly price, I am sure you would also want this home gym for yourself. Keep in mind, however, that it requires a substantial amount of floor space.