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Powertrain Multi Station with Speed Ball Home Gym Review

If you’re new to the world of strength training, it’s best to go easy on your goals. It is also best to choose a home gym that can help you target the more important muscle groups.

Now, there are so many multi station home gyms on the Australian market that picking one can be a nightmare. I understand your predicament. That is why I am sharing with you my views and experiences with the Powertrain Home Gym Multi Station.

Overview of the Powertrain Multi Station with Speed Ball Home Gym

The Powertrain Home Gym Multi Station is a compact exercise workstation for absolute strength training beginners. It comes with several exercise platforms that should get newbies all warmed up to the idea of strength training.

One of the best-selling points is its small footprint. Where other home gyms require at least 2 square metres of floor space, the Powertrain home gym requires only 1.5 m2. This is good news for individuals who are pressed for space in their respective homes.

Space-saving, all-rounder home gym for newbies

While this multi-station exercise workstation is compact, it never compromises in its durability. Featuring high-quality carbon steel, expect the Powertrain to keep you fit for many years. The different elements are all made of high-quality materials.

Integrated into the curl bars and other exercise contraptions of the Powertrain are two boxing training accessories. There is a punching bag for aspiring pugilists to increase the power of their punches. There is also a speedball for improving their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

There are several exercise platforms that are missing from the Powertrain. This is as expected since it is not for advanced trainers. This is an exercise equipment that introduces newbies to the world of strength training. As such, you can also expect it to have a friendlier price than other systems.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Powertrain Multi Station with Speed Ball Home Gym

6-in-1 Multi-station Exercise Equipment

The Powertrain Home Gym Multi Station provides 6 different platforms for exercising different muscle groups. There is the station for performing leg curls and extensions. There is also a platform for performing chest and arm rowing as well as for biceps and preacher curls.

It also includes a boxing training platform for those who want to improve their speed and hand-eye coordination. The Powertrain also features a pull-down bar for related exercises.

The weight stack on the Powertrain is sufficient for beginners. At 50 kilogrammes, it is not the best in the world of home gyms. However, like I said, this is perfect for absolute beginners. At the very least, they will not get shocked when they find out that they have to lift 50 kilogrammes of pure steel.

There is no exercise bench or dumbbells included in the Powertrain. What it does have are two boxing contraptions that can make a pugilist out of every beginner. There’s a large punching bag dangling on the left of the gym equipment and a speedball on the right. It’s perfect for augmenting muscle strength and improving one’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Durable Construction and Space-Saving Design

Most of the home gyms I have seen so far are very bulky pieces of exercise equipment. The Powertrain is also bulky. However, it does not take up that much space compared to other home gyms. When assembled, the Powertrain home gym will only utilise less than 1.5 square meters of floor space. This is unlike other systems that require more than 2 square metres.

I am pretty sure that people will also like the idea of a compact home gym.

Not everyone has the luxury of space in their homes. And if the gym equipment will only take up 90 centimetres by 148 centimetres of floor space, then it will be a great gadget.

Powertrain constructed its home gym with premium-quality carbon steel. I am not sure of the exact weight of the product. However, I can assure you that it feels sturdy and solid. You will not hear any component creaking whenever you use any of the exercise platforms. The black powder finish is a nice touch, giving the Powertrain a modern aesthetic.

There is one thing that I do not like about the Powertrain. It comes to you unassembled. And while it comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble the exercise equipment, you will need special tools to get it done. Plus, I read somewhere that this exercise machine will take about 2 to 3 hours to set up.

Comfortable Body Contact Points

What I find remarkable in the design of the Powertrain home gym are its body contact points. Compared to other fitness machines, this home gym comes with thick-padded grips and feet hold.

Most of the equipment I have tried so far come with very thin padding. When I use the machines, I can feel the hardness of the steel underneath. The Powertrain does not give me such a feeling. Instead, it makes every workout more comfortable.

The backrest also comes with ample padding. Here is my complaint, though. It is not as wide as I had hoped it to be. For folks with wide body frame, the narrow back rest can put stress on the back. I would have wished for Powertrain to make the backrest wider, so that you can rest your back squarely on the platform.

Pro and Cons

  • Provides a number of exercises that targets different muscle groups
  • Includes boxing training equipment
  • Will not rust and is very easy to maintain
  • Requires a small amount of floor space
  • Requires substantial amount of time to assemble; about 2 to 3 hours
  • 50-kilogramme weight stack may not be sufficient for power trainers

Should You Buy It?

The Powertrain Home Gym Multi Station is a good exercise platform for people who are only starting out in their strength training. It provides a stable and reliable platform with which to target muscle groups. It’s also perfect for those who wish to integrate boxing training into their fitness regimen. If you’re looking for more robust features, however, you will do better with other home gyms.