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Powertrain Multistation Home Gym with Fitness Weights 100 Lbs Review

There are people who only want to achieve general fitness, while also defining their body form. If you are like these individuals, then you may want to bring home the Powertrain Multistation Home Gym Exercise Machine.

This is a modest exercise workstation that can provide you with the kind of exercise that beginning and “occasional” trainers need. If you are wondering what kind of exercise machine the Powertrain Multistation is, then let me share with you my views about this equipment.

Overview of the Powertrain Multistation Home Gym

The Powertrain Multistation Home Gym is a good beginner’s exercise equipment. It comes with a few neat features that will make it a lot easier for newbie trainers to enjoy working out in their homes.

It is also a good alternative to more expensive multi-gym machines. Given its price tag, however, it is best to lower your expectations when it comes to the number of exercises that you can perform on this machine.

Most folks will think that the Powertrain has mediocre build quality, owing to its low price. However, the engineers at Powertrain still managed to make the frame of this exercise equipment as durable and strong as possible. The only thing that they did to lower its production cost is the number of exercise platforms that this home gym has.

Suitable for those who does occasional training

It comes with a pull down bar, pec decs, preacher curls platform, leg exercisers, and biceps exercisers. There is also a 45-kilogramme weight stack that comes covered in heavy-duty mesh material. There are ten weight plates on the stack, each one weighing about 4.5 kilogrammes. The cable and pulleys are strong enough to allow the smooth lifting of the weight stack.

Because of the low number of exercise stations on the Powertrain, it comes with a smaller footprint. When assembled, the device will only take up 1.8 square metres of space.

The Powertrain Multistation Home Gym provides enough exercises for the newbie and occasional trainer. You would want to keep this in mind if ever you are entertaining on getting this home gym.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym

Basic Exercise Stations for Beginners

There aren’t many exercise platforms on the Powertrain. You will not find a punching bag nor a speedball. This would be great for individuals who would like to train in boxing or to enhance their muscle strength.

This Powertrain home gym does not come with an incline bench, either. Performing sit ups and other exercises would be a lot easier with this exercise accessory. Powertrain does not also include any dumbbells. These should offer you enough resistance exercises to make your workout more meaningful.

This does not mean that the Powertrain Multistation Home Gym is useless. Like I said in the beginning, this is a machine that caters more to individuals who exercise on an occasional basis. There is no pressing need for them to go into serious bodybuilding workouts. It is enough that they can sweat it out and enhance the form of their bodies without getting too bulky.

The Powertrain Multistation comes with platforms for performing preacher curls, leg extensions and curls, pat pull-downs, and pec decs. It also provides a mechanism for chest and arm rowing while also allowing for triceps pressdowns.

This home gym also comes with ten 4.5-kilogramme weight plates for a total of 45 kilogrammes for the entire weight stack. It is not enough for advanced trainers. However, for absolute beginners, the setup is already sufficient.

Durable Steel Construction

Featuring a tubular steel frame, the Powertrain is durable enough to last a few decades of continuous use. I can say that its construction is sturdy. The black powder finish that Powertrain included in the design of the frame is also noteworthy. At least, this is a machine that you will be proud to showcase in your home.

The weight stack tower comes with a mesh cover. It helps protect the weight stack against dust and debris. It also helps keep the weight stack in its compartment. This is a design element that I find interesting in the Powertrain Multistation Home Gym. Most similar exercise machines will not even consider covering their weight stack.

Comfortable Padded Body Contact Surfaces

I can only imagine how newbie trainers will feel if Powertrain came with mediocre quality padding. They will feel the hardness of the steel on their body. Instead of enjoying a workout session on this machine, they will end up going to the gym instead.

The good news is that Powertrain designed its body contact surfaces with ample padding. The materials are not of premium quality, although this is quite understandable given its price point. The padding still feels good on the back and the buttocks, nevertheless. And the grips are comfortable to hold.

Pro and Cons

  • Reliable construction that will last many years of continuous use
  • Good for individuals with modest exercise needs
  • Comfortable grips, seat, backrest, and feet holds
  • Affordable
  • Not for advanced trainers
  • Requires about 2 to 3 hours to assemble

Should You Buy It?

The Powertrain Multistation Home Gym is a decent exercise machine for folks who work out on an occasional basis. It is also ideal for people on a budget as well as newbies to the world of fitness and strength training. If you want a more serious exercise machine, however, the Powertrain Multistation is not for you.