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ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym Equipment Review

One of my friends asked me one time if I know of a home gym that is not too expensive yet can give her the workouts that she needs. I asked from my gym buddies what home gym they would recommend that would meet my friend’s criteria.

They all told me the same thing: the ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym. I was curious at first. After having the chance to try the M9000, I know now why my gym buddies recommended this exercise equipment. Let’s look at my review below.

Overview of the ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym Equipment

proflex gym

The ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym is a compact and lightweight workstation. It has a number of features that you can expect from a conventional multi gym. These features are enough to make the platform the equipment of choice among fitness beginners and advanced trainers.

Requiring only an astonishing 1.5 square metre of floor space, the M9000 is unusually compact. This underscores its ingenious and thoughtful design. It did away with additional exercise contraptions that can undermine its small footprint. Instead, this home gym focused more on improving the things that it already has.

Super compact equipment that is great for beginners

The exercise elements in this home gym come with high-quality craftsmanship. The frame is high-carbon steel with black powder finish. The body contact points feature high-density cushioning and waterproofing. They are also comfortable to hold and get in contact with.

The triple pulley system allows for the more effortless lifting of the weights. The only issue here is that the 53-kilogramme load may not be sufficient for advanced trainers. The good news is that newbie fitness practitioners will find it a lot easier to accomplish their goals.

The ProFlex M9000 also comes with a speedball and a punching bag. These contraptions can aid in muscle strengthening, while also improving hand-eye coordination.

Overall, the ProFlex M9000 will never disappoint anyone who is new to the world of fitness. For everyone else, the machine can fall short in some respects.

A Closer Look at the Features of the ProFlex M9000

Multiple Exercise Platforms

The ProFlex M9000 carries enough punch to let you target multiple muscle groups using only one exercise equipment. There are several stations on the M9000 that can help you exercise the muscles of your chest, arms, back, legs, and shoulders. It is a complete gym right in your home.

This home gym also comes with two mainstay training equipment in boxing; these are the punching bag and the speedball. Personally, I love hitting the speedball as it helps me improve my reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

The punching bag is perfect for letting off steam after getting into an argument with the boss. What I mean is that it is a good way to de-stress as you are able to channel your anxieties and frustrations in a less destructive way.

It’s unfortunate that the M9000 does not come with an incline bench or a sit-up bench. If it did, the ProFlex M9000 can easily best the other home gym equipment on the market. It is not a very big deal for me. However, some individuals may look for such a contraption.

There is one thing that I find disheartening in the M9000. Its weight plates only come with a cumulative weight of 53 kilogrammes. This is good enough for beginners. Advanced trainers like me often want something heavier. Not to brag but I can lift weights plates of up to 80 kilogrammes.

Lightweight yet Durable and Sturdy Construction

You would expect the ProFlex M9000 to be a heavy-weight home gym; it is not. Compared to other systems I have tried, this one only comes at a surprising 116 kilogrammes.

This may raise serious concerns about the stability of the gym equipment. I can tell you right now that you shouldn’t have any issues at all. The M9000 is well-built and stable enough to support you as well as one or two other individuals exercising at the same time.

The M9000 does not require plenty of space either. On average, you only need about 1.5 square metres of floor space to accommodate the ProFlex M9000. Compare this to other exercise machines and you can see how ingenious the design of the M9000 is.

Adding to the stability of the home gym is a pair of non-slip rubberised feet. This helps secure the exercise equipment on your floor. There was never a single incident when I was trying out the M9000 that it budged from the floor. It is that stable and sturdy.

Comfortable and Thoughtful Design

One of the things I love about the M9000 is the quality of its materials. The body contact points come with ample padding like any other home gym. What is special in the ProFlex M9000 is their use of waterproof materials.

You can bet that the machine will not get drenched in your sweat. This is important because I do not want the material to absorb my sweat during my workouts. If it did, then it will lead to nasty odours.

The leg and foot holds also come with ample padding. And so does the arm hold. The grip handles are made of soft materials, although not ergonomic. Regardless, they are comfortable enough to hold. At the very least, I do not have to worry about having sore arm, hands, feet, and legs afterwards.

The positioning of the different exercise elements also gives the M9000 its unparalleled comfort. There is never a position in the home gym that will make you feel sore. This way, you can keep your concentration on your workout.

Pro and Cons

  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable construction
  • Adequate comfortable padding on contact points
  • Multiple exercise platforms for whole body workout
  • Some issues with the quality of construction
  • The weighted plates only have a cumulative weight of 53 kilogrammes

Should You Buy Proflex Home Gym?

I understand why my gym buddies recommended the ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym for my friend. It has a good combination of affordability and functionality that makes it a very attractive gym equipment. There are obvious drawbacks to the machine.

Nevertheless, it remains a great choice for those who want a good exercise machine without going broke.