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Proflex Vibration Machine Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Please note that I was informed this product has been discontinued. You can check the other recommended models here.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks of individuals wanting to lose weight is the relative difficulty of sustaining their level of physical exercises to complement calorie-reduction measures in their diets. Believe me it’s never really that easy. One has to have mental toughness to persevere as relaxing even one bit on one’s exercise regimen can have significant impact on one’s weight loss efforts. Good thing there are exercise machines that do the work for you even without really actively flexing your muscles.

One of these is the Proflex VB400 Vibration Platform that promises to simplify your weight loss efforts without really trying too hard. Join me in reviewing the Proflex VB400 and check whether it has what it takes to become an excellent vibration machine for those wanting to shed some kilogrammes off of their body weight.

Overview of the Proflex Vibration Exercise Machine

The Proflex VB400 vibration machine delivers a commendable 50 Hertz and 12-millimetre amplitude courtesy of its powerful 3500-watt motor. The specs alone put the VB400 well at par with most commercial-grade vibration platforms.

Featuring a state-of-the-art oscillating vibration technology, the VB400 body vibration machine is especially geared for individuals who require an easier way for losing weight while also giving them the opportunity to strengthen and tone their muscles, among others.

Unfortunately, with many commercial vibration exercise machine platforms now opting for either 3D or 4D mechanisms, giving users greater versatility when it comes to the effects of whole body vibrations, it begs to wonder whether Proflex has taken this into careful consideration. This is especially true when one considers its price as there are products in the market that utilise the same technology, but cost a bit less.

The 180-level speed settings also encourages users to get out of their respective comfort zones, allowing them to make very fine adjustments in both the frequency and intensity of the vibrations received by the body. However, there is an almost negligible increase in the intensity of vibrations felt. It is as if the intensity ‘felt’ from the VB400 has somehow plateaued upon reaching the 100th level. Its 180-kilogramme weight limit is a huge bonus, nonetheless.

The 3 pre-set programmes for walking, running, and jogging have become the standard in a vibration plate that it is surprising Proflex didn’t bother adding some more considering its price point. The programmes can be set to run for a maximum of 10 minutes, nonetheless, with its minimum at 1. When this is combined with its 180-level vibration speed, one gets the idea that the body vibration machine is one neat machine that works.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the Proflex VB400 is the integration of a Bluetooth module allowing users to seamless connect with their Bluetooth music playing devices. Smartphones, tablets, MP3s, and a whole lot more can play music through the built-in speaker on the VB400. Don’t expect exceptional audio quality, though as the bass and trebles can be sometimes off. Still, it’s remarkable that the company decided to include a rudimentary form of personalised entertainment in its vibration machine.

The Proflex VB400 delivers what it promises, although with a few hiccups. Its slim design makes it ideal for folks with very few storage solutions, although the width of the platform is unusually narrower than competition. It does provide some form of stabilisation, nevertheless.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Proflex Body Vibration Machine

Oscillating vibration technology

The VB400 integrates an oscillating vibration platform that has its central section pivoting in a see-saw manner. This creates ripples of vibrations that get amplified as they move farther away from the source. As we already know by now, oscillators are well-regarded for their ability to stimulate more frequent muscle contractions compared to a lineal type of vibration plate.

Literature says that the VB400 comes with state-of-the-art oscillating mechanism. Sadly, there really is no way to confirm this since it does feel relatively the same with other oscillating body vibration machine platforms that I have already tried so far. The good news is that you do get to lose weight; but be sure to augment it with significant reductions in your calorie intake. Otherwise, you won’t really get the results that you’re hoping for.

My only observation is that the VB400 comes with a mechanism that is now considered outdated, what with the predisposition of higher-end models to use triplanar systems or even 4D mechanisms. Of course, these are more expensive. But, that’s besides the point. Given that there are products that also come with the same technology, but are priced lower, I’d definitely go for those. But that’s just me, of course.

180 Levels of vibration

One of the things you’ll admire about the VB400 is the humongous number of speed levels of its oscillating vibrations at 180. This is quite remarkable since most of the products that I have tested typically come in the 80 to 100 range with some even coming with 20 or so. The point is that these 180 levels of vibration should give you the kind of fine-tuning that you need. When you’re ready to get outside your comfort zone, simply pump it up. Or so it seems.

Honestly, I don’t feel like there’s any significant change in the intensity or even speed of the vibrations delivered by the VB400 beyond 100. I clearly don’t see any noticeable difference when dialling the VB400 from 101 to 180 since the vibrations will be very fast that they would seem like one continuous stream. Too bad I wasn’t able to try the VB400 for very long.

Its 50-Hz frequency is on the upper end of most commercial-grade body vibration machine platforms, however. This should be a very interesting feature since some of the machines that I’ve tried came with less than 20 Hz.

Powerful motor

The Proflex VB400 comes with a 3500-watt motor which effectively puts it at par with the Yescom. My only concern is that I’m trying to determine whether it also comes with a single belt drive or not. The 3500-watt motor lends the vibration machine the power to create vibrations even though the user may weigh 180 kilogrammes. The downside, of course, is the amount of electricity that it actually requires to operate. This easily translates to substantially higher electric costs. If this is not an issue, then the VB400 should sit perfectly in your home.

Pre-set programmes

Coming with a full manual, the VB400 vibration exercise machine also comes with 3 programmes to help simulate walking, jogging, and running. Each programme can be set to run from 1 to 10 minutes while allowing you to set the speed level of its oscillating vibrations. The levels of oscillations can also be set with a 60-second interval.

The programming of the VB400 may not really be that robust, but it sure can provide the right kind of vibration plate technology to get your muscles well-toned and strengthen while improving your body’s ability to burn more calories than merely sitting.

Personal entertainment

This is one feature that folks love about the Proflex VB400. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to easily pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Listening to music while getting a much-needed whole body vibration is made super-easy and very convenient without the dangling wires to annoy you. It also comes with a built-in speaker that should help you play your favourite tunes without annoying earphones.

Personally, I prefer having earphones, though. The speakers in the Proflex aren’t exactly the kind that you’d want blasting audio across your room, although some folks would.

Pro and Cons

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  • Oscillating vibration technology ideal for weight loss purposes
  • 180-speed level settings allow for increased control of fine-tuning requirements
  • 50 Hertz frequency is well within the upper limit of commercial-grade vibration machines
  • 180-kilogramme maximum weight capacity ensures greater versatility in terms of who can use the platform
  • Automatic programmes ensures seamless performance of exercise regimen
  • Thin profile at only 13.5 centimetres makes it easy to store under furniture with a vertical clearance of at least 14 centimetres



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”4″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Oscillating vibration mechanism not really comparable to triplanar or 4D designs
  • Narrower (46 centimetres) vibration plate than competitors
  • 3500-watt motor usually means higher electric consumption
  • Slightly heavier than other vibration exercise machines at 16 kilogrammes
  • No indication whether the belt drive mechanism is single or dual
  • Automatic training programmes may not be sufficient for advanced users
  • Built-in speakers but not really of good quality audio



Should You Buy It

The Proflex VB400 body vibration machine offers a bevy of features that is seldom seen in products of this price. The Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speaker are a big plus for those who want personalised entertainment while on the vibration plate of the VB400.

Unfortunately, the 180-level speed settings don’t offer much noticeable difference once level 100 has been reached. The 3500-watt motor, while definitely powerful, can also have substantial implications on electric consumption. Overall, however, the Proflex VB400 vibration exercise machine should be a great choice for folks in need of a fast and safe way to lose some weight.

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