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ProForm 8.0 Exercise Bike Review

4.5out of 5


ProForm 8.0 is no longer available but you can get a very similar one for the same price, which is the

NordicTrack® GX4.5 Pro Bike

Cycling outdoors is an excellent way to boost cardio health and burn calories. But doing this daily can be challenging. In that case, getting an indoor bike like the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike is your best alternative.

This budget-friendly upright bike comes with all the essentials for a good workout, including 25 resistance levels, 30 onboard programs and an 8-kg flywheel.

With a quality stationary bike like this in your living space, you can cycle safely at any time!

Let’s learn more about this Proform exercise machine and why you should own one at home.

Overview of the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike

The reasonable price of the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike is probably its most appealing feature. However, you’ll be surprised that its construction and performance are like no other budget machine.

With an 8-kg flywheel and 25 resistance levels, this bike guarantees good cardio training. On top of its minimalist appeal, the Proform 8.0 comes with an extra cushioned seat, an adjustable console and extra-wide pedals.

It also includes a 5-inch backlit display, quick control buttons, heart rate monitor grips, audio speakers, a tablet holder and a cooling fan for superior comfort and convenience.

And when it comes to exercise variety, you’ll never run out of programs to try with its 30 onboard workouts and iFit compatibility.

Even with this quick rundown, it is easy to see why this Proform bike is an excellent addition to any home gym.

Best Features of the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike

Here are some great things about the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike that make it a worthy fitness investment.

Compact Design

Indoor bikes are best known for being space-saving machines. And the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike is an excellent example of this feature.

It is only 110 cm long, 57 cm wide, and 156 cm high. The machine is not foldable, but with this footprint, you can position it practically anywhere in an apartment space.

Also, its 54-kg boxed weight and two front transport wheels make it easy to move around.

Despite its compact size, the Proform 8.0 has a user weight limit of 135 kg, which is above average for a budget exercise bike.

Design-wise, this indoor equipment looks sleek and well-made. The black and grey body plus red accents are attractive and should complement any home interior.

8 kg Flywheel and 25 Resistance Levels

The performance of an exercise bike depends on its flywheel weight and resistance range. And if you’re after good cardio workouts or light strength training, then the 8-kg flywheel of the Proform 8.0 Ex is perfect.

Its flywheel also works with the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. That way, you can ride at higher intensities without the noise. With 25 resistance levels, it should be effortless to do progressive or interval training, too.

Multifunctional Console

Like most budget exercise bikes, the Proform 8.0 Ex doesn’t include a large touchscreen. However, it does have a 5-inch backlit display and several buttons below it for easy program selection.

The console is also adjustable to get your ideal viewing angle.

Here, you can control iFit and the volume or choose your preferred onboard workout based on incline, calorie, intensity or speed. The console also has buttons for quick resistance adjustment.

There’s an auxiliary port on the lower right side for connecting gadgets, like your headphone. And on top is a tablet holder, so you can stream iFit workouts, check your social media feeds or watch movies while cycling.

30 Built-In Workout Programs

The Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike allows you to design your daily workouts and bike in manual mode. However, for beginners or those willing to try a different program every day, you can use the 30 pre-set workouts of the machine.

These expertly designed built-in programs help manage weight and enhance athletic abilities. They are also accessible even without an Internet connection.

Once you select an onboard workout, the console will show its profile, separated into 1-minute segments. Each segment has a designated speed and resistance.

The console display also prompts you when to pedal faster or slower, depending on the workout design. It’s an excellent feature to stay challenged throughout your routine.

iFit Coach Ready

It’s easy to get unlimited workout ideas from the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike when you pair it with iFit. For this feature, you need your tablet to install the app, then place your gadget on the holder above the console.

The bike also comes with a 30-day iFit membership, so you can explore this brilliant fitness app and try its features for free!

The best iFit feature, aside from the on-demand studio classes, would have to be its library of global workouts. Play one of these, and you’ll be transported to a scenic biking trail and work out with a celebrity personal trainer.

Global workouts also have automated functionality where your partner trainer can auto-adjust the bike resistance for you.

If you like, you can also pair your iFit with Google Maps and draw your route for the day.

With the iFit, you’ll never run out of programs to try, plus you get to travel around the world from the comfort of your home!

Accessories for Comfort

When biking for weight loss, comfort is still key to an effective and consistent workout. And good thing the creators of Proform 8.0 incorporated helpful add-ons for comfortable indoor cycling.

For instance, its adjustable seat has extra padding to support your bottom. The red knob underneath also lets you move the saddle vertically or horizontally.

Its seat post is also adjustable to match your height, too. These components for customisation are essential in preventing a sore butt during cycling.

The bike pedals are also extra-wide to suit most foot sizes. Each has an adjustable strap, which you can pull up or down, so your feet get that secure grip when cycling at high speeds.

There are also pads below the handlebars where you can rest your elbows if you want to cycle while leaning your upper body forward.

The Proform 8.0 has a two-speed cooling fan and a water bottle holder below the console to keep you cool during workouts.

In terms of technological amenities, this exercise bike also has handlebars with dual EKG pulse grips. Alternatively, you can connect to Bluetooth and use a wireless heart rate chest strap.

And aside from the auxiliary port on the console, the bike also has 2-inch stereo speakers that you can sync with your preferred music source.

Product Test Drive and Personal Experience

Proform Australia lent me a Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike to test and review. It’s a budget exercise bike that sounds promising, so I was raring to give it a go and see how it performs.

I assessed the bike in detail, from its delivery to assembly to actual testing. But for an overview, here’s a table summarising the pros and cons I observed during my first-hand experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Sturdy and stable with no flimsy parts
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight and easy to wheel around
  • Appealing minimalist design
  • User-friendly console
  • Easy-to-read display screen
  • Fast syncing with the iFit app, tablet and pulse monitor
  • Quiet operation
  • Comfortable bike seat and extra-wide pedals
  • Reasonable price point
  • Easy-to-navigate Proform Australia website
  • Efficient delivery and customer services
  • Slightly low user weight limit
  • No on/off button
  • Not for intense training

It is compact and light.

Once assembled, I immediately noticed its sturdy build. It is slightly taller than I expected. But this bike has a small footprint. So, tiny home dwellers won’t have issues keeping it indoors.

It is not that heavy, yet there are no flimsy parts. And when I started using it, the machine didn’t rock or creak.

It has a boxed weight of 54 kg based on the product information from the Proform website, which is another good thing. If I want to clean my workout area, I can easily wheel the machine to another room using the transport wheels.

The lightweight machine further explains why it can only support up to 135 kg of user weight. Though it can cover most user types, a higher user capacity could have made it better.

Design-wise, I like its minimalist look a lot. Specifically, the neutral black and grey with pops of red blended with my apartment interior well.

However, one thing to note is that this exercise bike has no on/off button. So, you need to plug and unplug each time you use it.

It’s not a big deal, and I take it as a safety feature. But it will probably affect how you’ll position this machine at home, and you’ll have to place it near an outlet.

It is responsive and syncs up fast.

If you’re a cycling beginner or like straightforward exercise machines, you’ll love the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike.

Operating this bike is very easy. After assembly, you can jump on it and start riding. The console helps in making this machine user-friendly for sure. The screen, while small, is also easy to read.

I tried connecting the machine with the iFit app, and it was effortless, too. I used my 12.4-inch Samsung Galaxy S7+ tablet for this, and I had no problems fitting it into the tablet holder. By the way, you can also adjust its angle, aside from the console height.

Then, I started cycling a little with the iFit, and the app and bike instantly synced, displaying the same workout metrics.

The pulse monitor on the handlebars is as responsive, too. The screen started displaying my heart rate immediately when I wrapped my hands around the handles.

Cycling session is quiet and comfortable.

Operation is quiet throughout my trial cycling session with the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike. It didn’t make loud noises even when biking at higher speeds.

It’s perfect for apartment dwellers like me. Compared with the other spin bikes I’ve tried, this upright bike has a noticeably wider adjustable seat, which makes the whole ride very comfortable.

The pedal straps are easy to adjust, too, and very comfy. They are not hybrid pedals with clips for cycling shoes, though. However, it’s a non-issue as I prefer using regular trainers when exercising.

The water bottle holder is also conveniently below the console. It’s easy to access without getting in the way. But keep in mind that if you have a tall water bottle like mine, it stays in place but tends to lean to the side a bit.

It has a reasonable price point.

After testing the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike, I can say that it performs better than expected, considering its affordable price.

Its maximum user weight capacity is not that high, and the flywheel may not be heavy enough for intense training. However, I think a 135-kg capacity and an 8-kg flywheel are sufficient for general home users.

More importantly, the bike was stable throughout my test ride, suggesting quality construction and durability.

The Proform 8.0 Ex also lacks a touchscreen that most advanced bikes have, and some might consider this a letdown.

However, I do find this a good thing. Without it, you can opt for an iFit subscription or use the preset workouts instead.

It gives users more flexibility on how they want to use or optimise the bike, depending on their preferences. And you can do this without spending a lot on an exercise machine.

Where to Buy Online

The Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike is available on the Proform Australia website. Here, you can also view and buy other exercise machines like treadmills, rowers and ellipticals.

Click on the Exercise Bikes option above to find the model that you like. You’ll then see the product page with the essential details about the unit.

If you like to pair your exercise bike with extras like a heart rate monitor or a mat, you can also click on the Accessories page.

When ready to order, add it to your cart and follow the checkout instructions.

Image is taken from ProForm Australia website.

Customer Support

Below each product page is an online Request Free Consultation form. You can fill out and send this if you have other questions about Proform exercise bikes or other equipment.

One of the Proform staff should email or call you after forwarding the consultation form. But for quicker replies, I suggest using their LiveChat box.

An agent will be there to provide immediate assistance. You can also leave a message there if no one is online.

Shipping, Delivery and Installation

I have checked online reviews about Proform equipment and read reports about delivery and customer service issues.

However, I didn’t encounter any problems with their website or staff. Things went smoothly in my case, and the whole process was quick and easy, from ordering to assembly.

It was even raining when the staff delivered the exercise bike to my apartment. One of the staff also called to inform me that the assembly personnel were on the way.

Proform Australia lent me three pieces of equipment, and they were delivered and assembled that same day.

I think it’s best to buy direct from the manufacturer or a reliable supplier to avoid ordering or shipping issues.

Also, find time to check customer review ratings and feedback.

About the Delivery and Installation

Proform Australia works with Winning Services for equipment delivery and assembly. They were also the same service company that delivered the NordicTrack machines I reviewed before.

On delivery day, two gentlemen delivered and assembled all three Proform machines in my apartment.

They were polite and efficient. I was surprised that it only took them 30 minutes to set up the exercise bike.

About the Winning Services Staff

During assembly, both men from Winning Services were meticulous. They also laid a mat on the floor before removing the parts from the box.

They made sure each bike component was correctly aligned and attached. Afterwards, they cleaned up and put all the packaging materials into their truck.

The Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike has a boxed weight of 54 kg. It was also the smallest box among other Proform machines assembled that day.

The instruction manual included with the product is easy to follow, too. So, assembly time shouldn’t take long if you wish to do it yourself.

However, I believe it’s easier to have someone help you or let the installation pros take care of it. It should save you time and help prevent accidents, too.

Final Thoughts

Seasoned cyclists and athletes may prefer a more advanced exercise bike with a larger screen, incline feature, hybrid pedals and heavier flywheel.

However, I find the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike a good deal for a home user like me. It has features that are not common in affordable exercise bikes, too.

Moreover, it is compact, light and quiet. These qualities alone are perfect for tiny homes, apartments and shared spaces.

And then, of course, I like having the option to stick to using its onboard workouts or syncing my tablet with the machine to access iFit. Either choice gives me a reliable bike to use for my cycling routine!

How about you? Do you think the Proform 8.0 Exercise Bike is worth adding to your fitness arsenal? You can click below to check its current price.