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SereneLife Mini Trampoline Review – Great for Beginners

4.4out of 5


Mini trampolines can be a great and fun way for some people to lose weight. For most, it is like reliving fond memories of childhood. I also have friends who purchase rebounders, not for the purpose of fitness but for helping their children stay focused. Regardless of what your reason may be, a mini trampoline can provide a number of benefits that you may never have imagined.

Picking the right mini trampoline is another matter, however. I had a friend who spent days trying to decide on which rebounder she should buy. In the end, she bought a device that costs $500+. That rebounder is now in her garage, collecting dust. Why? Because it broke after only a couple of months’ use.

Sometimes, price is not a guarantee that you’re getting the best. Take note, I said “sometimes”. That is why I am quite excited with the SereneLife Mini Trampoline. It isn’t much but it has one of the friendliest prices on the market. It also comes with a few features that I have seen in high-end products. Join me in learning more about the SereneLife rebounder.

Overview of the SereneLife Mini Trampoline

The SereneLife Mini Trampoline is one of the best mini trampolines Australia can ever provide for its growing population of fitness-conscious folks. It has a space-saving and budget-friendly design that many Australians will love; but mostly those who are only beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle. It has a few elements that one cannot expect from a mini trampoline in this price range. This gives the impression that the SereneLife is a high-end rebounder.

A value for money product

Forming the jumping mat is a good-quality polypropylene that’s mated to a powder coated steel frame. The mat is typical of high-end products but not among products in the lower segment of the market. Spring coils connect the mat to the frame, allowing for greater bounce. However, it is a lot stiffer than traditional bungee cord-laced systems.

While the mat and the spring coils are laudable, the frame is a different matter. It does look flimsy, yet good enough to accommodate a 100-kilogramme individual. It is not as robust as other brands but it is good enough.

A stability bar, frame cover, and anti-skid feet are all standards on this mini trampoline.

A Closer Look at the Features of the SereneLife Rebounder

Heavy Duty Polypropylene Jumping Mat

One of the things you will love about the SereneLife rebounder is its jumping mat. After all, this is the very same element that will propel you through the air. Without it, it would be impossible for you to rebound. Of course, the elastic or recoil system connecting the pad to the frame is also important. But given that the jumping mat is where you “jump” and “bounce”, then it is the most crucial element in a trampoline system.

SereneLife is available for a little over A$100. But since the product will come from outside Australia, the delivery charges are quite higher than the price of the product. Regardless, combining the price of the product and the delivery charges still puts the cost of the SereneLife below A$250. This is still very affordable.

The reason I had to emphasise this is because of the material used in the fabrication of the SereneLife jumping mat. Most systems in this price range do not use polypropylene. Such a material is best reserved for products in the high-end segment of the market. These can cost you upwards of A$400.

Since SereneLife is about a quarter of the price of a high-end mini trampoline, it is very surprising to see polypropylene in the construction of its jumping mat. This material is well-known for its remarkable strength and durability. It is a material that should not and will never give up on you.

Unfortunately, this is also what bothers me a bit. If SereneLife uses polypropylene as its mat material, then how come it limits the user weight capacity to only 100 kilogrammes or 220 lbs? I mean, it is obvious the system has one of the best materials in town. And if this is a durable and heavy-duty material, then it should be able to accommodate more than 100 kilogrammes.

Good Quality Steel Frame Construction

The SereneLife has decent-quality steel frame construction. There are a few niggles in the way some of the bolts align with their respective holes. But they are minor issues that you can address with a good manoeuvre of the arms. The bigger issue is the steel frame itself.

Don’t get me wrong. The SereneLife comes with a sturdy steel frame construction. But, being in the low-end segment of the mini trampoline market, don’t expect the steel to be as strong as those in the segment for premium-quality rebounders. Like most rebounders in the market, SereneLife doesn’t come with information as to the gauge of its steel.

What I can tell you, however, is that it is heavier than the likes of Marcy Mini Trampoline. Marcy costs about $200+ more than SereneLife, yet it looks flimsier than this baby. Come to think of it, the design of the SereneLife is almost the same as that of the Marcy.

I think this is the reason why SereneLife has to limit its weight capacity to only 100 kilogrammes. While it does boast of a robust jumping platform, it will still be useless if the frame that supports the jumping mat is not that tough.

For its price, I’d say the SereneLife provides great value. It may not have the strongest steel frame in town, but it sure can support a 100-kilogramme individual. It has a greater weight capacity than the high-end, A$400+ Upper Bounce Adjustable Mini Trampoline with a user weight rating of only 90 kilogrammes.

Good Quality Coil Spring System

This is another element that I find intriguing about the SereneLife. As usual, most low-end mini trampolines put flimsy or unreliable tension mechanisms that connect the mat to the frame. Some use bungee cords while others put an unnamed elastic resistance material in their system. SereneLife uses good quality steel spring coils to provide you with that amazing rebound you’ve always wanted in a trampoline.

On a side note, this may not be ideal for individuals with serious joint problems. Spring coils are much stiffer than bungee cords or other tension mechanisms. You may feel the forces in your joints as you bounce off the surface of the trampoline. But if you’re looking for an exceptional bounce, then this system is great.

Secure and Safe Frame Cover

It may not be a real deal-breaker but having a frame cover sure helps improve the safety of using the mini trampoline. I’ve seen other systems employing the same feature. However, SereneLife goes a bit further by adding padding to the frame cover.

It is like extending the comfortable feel of the jumping mat well into the frame. The inner rim of the frame cover comes with an elastic material. It secures the cover on the frame. This improves the overall safety of the product.

Padded, Removable, and Adjustable Stability Bar

The frame cover is not the only element in the SereneLife that has ample padding. The handlebar on the stability bar also gets ample cushion. There is no need to complain about painful or uncomfortable hands for holding onto the handlebar.

The stability bar does feel wobbly at first but I am sure it is all a matter of tightening the bolts that secure the bar to two of the 6 legs of the contraption. If this doesn’t work, then fastening the knobs on the height adjusting mechanism should do the trick.

Folding and Space-Saving Design

I have seen products that can fold only once. Such devices are not real space-savers. The SereneLife is. It comes with a thoughtful four-way folding design that makes it super easy to stow under the bed or slip into your bag. The issue, of course, is that you’d also have to remove the legs before you can fold it.

Pro and Cons

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene mat for exceptional bounce and durability
  • Heavy-duty, high-tension coil spring mechanism ensures higher rebounds
  • Sturdy steel frame with powder coated finish
  • 4-way folding design for ease of transport and storage
  • Padded trim cover for improved safety while jumping or bouncing
  • Height adjustable stability bar with padded handlebar
  • Very friendly price for exceptional value
  • Very easy to assemble and maintain
  • 100-kilogramme weight capacity can limit its use
  • Folding the mini trampoline may require the assistance of another individual
  • Not ideal for serious fitness buffs or those who are already in their advanced stages of fitness
  • Some users complain of durability issues

Should You Buy It?

While the SereneLife Mini Trampoline offers exceptional value, it is not a system that seasoned athletes and fitness buffs can and should use. The jumping mat may be that of a high-end mini trampoline but its frame may not withstand highly intense workouts. It is a great equipment for beginners as well as people who don’t see a need for making bouncing on a trampoline a major activity in their lives.