Best Vibration Platform Machine to Buy in Australia – Must Read Review

Best Vibration Machine AustraliaGet ready to strengthen those muscles without really trying! Whoever said that there can be no gain without the pain obviously hasn’t encountered a vibration machine yet.

It’s really an odd feeling, like every bit of cell and tissue in your body is trying to break away from their individual attachments. Yet, for some weird reason, it does work especially in improving muscle strength, enhancing metabolism, boosting flexibility, helping with weight loss, among others.

If you want to find out more about these machines, you’re in the right place as I’m bringing to you my own take on some of the best vibration machines you can find in Australia.

Benefits of Vibration Machines

  • Whole-Body Workout

Vibration machines make it so much easier to get a whole-body workout without really sweating it out. It is especially useful to certain individuals who may be limited by their physical condition or advancing age that they simply can no longer perform conventional strength training exercises as efficiently and effectively as they used to.

  • Strengthening the Muscles

Whole-body vibrations can help in strengthening the muscles while also reducing muscle soreness especially after exercise. In many ways it can also help in burning calories, making it a hassle-free way to lose weight and burn some fat. However, for this to be really meaningful, it should always be done in conjunction with sensible eating habits such as cutting back on the calories consumed.

  • Improve Muscle Mass and Bone Density

Certain types of vibration machines have also been shown to help improve muscle mass and bone density. The application of vibrations through the muscles and bones help stimulate bone cells into forming bone matrix. This makes the bone even denser. The implications to the prevention of osteoporosis are, thus immense.

  • Help Reduce Pain

Vibrations delivered through the whole body can also help reduce pain such as back pain and muscle soreness. In many ways, it is like having massage that uses deep tissue stimulation to send impulses to the brain and facilitate the release of natural endorphins. This also makes vibration machines excellent equipment for managing stress levels as it can substantially reduce the circulating levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vibration Machine

If you’re on the prowl for a low-impact exercise machine that can help you improve muscle strength and metabolism, aid in managing joint pain, and enhance the density of bones, then vibration machines are a great choice. And if you’re interested in getting your own vibration platform, here are some factors you have to think about.

  • Type of vibration

Vibration machines typically come in three platform movements. The first one is oscillating or pivotal. The platform upon which the feet rest tilts around a pivot or a central point, more like a see-saw.

The right and left sides of the platform go up and down alternately while the centre of the platform remains fixed. The movement of the platform largely mimics that of walking and experts say oscillating vibration platforms are perfect for burning calories among those who want to lose weight.

The second type is the lineal platform which raises and lowers the entire platform. This means the entire platform, from one end to the other end, raises and lowers as a single unit. It’s like riding an elevator. Lineal platforms are preferred for those who would like to strengthen their muscles as it provides higher impact than oscillating types.

There are newer machines that come with tri-planar movements. These mimic the action of oscillating platforms, but are accomplished in one sweeping motion. It’s like performing little jumps repeatedly, always landing on the same spot.

The downside of these platforms is that they usually provide smaller range of motion. The good news is that they run at blistering speeds. They’re great for building muscle mass and improving bone density.

  • Vibration intensity

The intensity of a vibration plate is directly related to the number of movements it creates per second. This is typically measured in Hertz. Machines used in whole-body vibration training research typically come with 25 to 40 Hz while commercial trainers come with 15 to 60 Hz. It is important to choose one that provides you with your desired intensity.

  • Pre-set programmes

High-end vibration trainers come with training programmes that are designed to target specific body parts such as the upper body, the lower body, the abs and core, and the whole body. The beauty with such features is that you can actually customise your own fitness or workout programme without really making the whole process so confusing.

  • Platform size

Always go for a vibration machine with a platform surface area larger than your feet. Not only does this provide greater stability, it also gives you added versatility in its use. You’ve got to think long-term as the vibration platform can actually become an integral component of your other exercise regimens.

You don’t have to sulk in a corner just because you no longer have the physical strength to perform strength training exercises. By getting one of the best vibration machines available in Australia, you can have all the gains you need for yourself sans the pain.