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Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline Review – It is Foldable!

Running is still one of the best ways to improve one’s cardiovascular health. However, there are some of us who may not be able to run that much because of issues in the joints of the lower limbs. Jumping in place is also often a big no-no among such individuals.

Well, I’ve found an exercise tool that can help in the burning of calories without causing too much strain on the joints. Designed for low impact aerobic exercises, mini trampolines or rebounders are great tools.

Unfortunately, picking the right rebounder can be tedious. I have seen folks who buy rebounders only to become frustrated because of an issue or two. It’s either the equipment broke much earlier than it should, or it is not delivering on its promise of a smooth bounce.

You’d be glad to know that I came across a mini trampoline that can provide people with such benefits. The only issue will be its rather prohibitive price tag. Also, I reckon that not everyone will agree with my review. Nevertheless, here’s a first-hand look at what the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline can offer.

Overview of the Upper Bounce Rebounder

The Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder is a serious-looking mini trampoline that’s built for optimum durability. It has the right combination of robust features to give it strength and exceptional quality.

First, there’s the heavy-duty, thick gauge steel frame that provides the skeleton for the mini trampoline. There are no indications as to the actual gauge of the steel, but it does look strong enough.

Second, the jumping mat boasts of an ultra-tough polypropylene material and embedded with a unique mesh technology for amazing bounce. Heavy-gauge premium steel springs connect the polypropylene mat to the steel frame, creating a structure that is as strong as any other high-end mini trampoline.

Made of premium materials, designed for versatility

Despite these robust structural elements, however, the Upper Bounce only comes with a weight limit of 200 lbs or 90 kilogrammes. Other systems, like the Smart Healthcare, come with a whopping 180-kilogramme weight limit. This is quite odd, considering that Upper Bounce boasts of many features that speak of great craftsmanship, strength, and durability.

Covering the junction between the mat and the frame is an elastic canvas trim. It is like a sleeve that covers the gaps created by the springs. This helps improve the safety and security of the trampoline. Speaking of safety, the Upper Bounce also comes with a padded stability bar that runs one section of the circular frame. This stability bar comes with an easy-to-operate height adjustment knob.

The 6 legs of the mini rebounder come tipped with anti-skid rubber materials. They’re perfect for safeguarding the rebounder on any floor surface. The frame, stability bar, and mat come with good weather- and UV- resistance. Hence, this is a mini trampoline that you can use indoors or outdoors.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline

Heavy Duty and Durable Frame Construction

Being a high-end mini trampoline, you can expect the Upper Bounce to have a robust frame construction. While I cannot find the specific information as to the gauge rating of the steel frame, I can say that it is thick.

The Upper Bounce comes with thick and heavy-duty, heavy-gauge premium steel frame that’s coated with an elegant powder finish. Unlike mediocre products, the steel frame construction of the Upper Bounce is something that you can depend on to hold your weight.

Speaking of weight, this is one of my greatest peeves about the Upper Bounce. Regardless of the model you choose, you’d still end up with a weight limit of 90 kilogrammes or 200 lbs. I find this very intriguing. If the frame construction is that good and this rebounder comes with a price that’s within the high end of the market, I’d expect it to handle at least 150 kilogrammes.

By comparison, the under-$100 Smart Healthcare Mini Trampoline can accommodate a person tipping the scale at 180 kilogrammes. I am not sure why Upper Bounce has such a low user weight rating when it’s supposed to feature more durable frame construction.

High-Quality Jumping Mat

The answer to the issue about a low user weight rating may be found in the construction of the Upper Bounce’s jumping mat. Unfortunately, the more I use the rebounder, the more I am puzzled since I feel the mat is quite sturdy.

I would like to point out, regardless, the unique design of the jumping mat on the Upper Bounce. The brand uses an 8-row stitching mesh design on its rebounding surface to make sure that it can accommodate the recommended weight of the gadget.

With a 90-kilogramme limit, this should not be a problem. A closer inspection of the system reveals that it uses polypropylene as its mat material. It’s a thermoplastic polymer that is well-known for its rigid and tough characteristics.

With such a description, the more that I am baffled by the low user weight rating of the Upper Bounce. With a combination of high gauge steel frame, super-tough polypropylene mat, and heavy-gauge springs, I find it very unusual as to why Upper Bounce had to limit its user weight to only 90 kilogrammes.

Regardless, this rebounder also comes with a safety spring elastic trimming that helps cover the spring system. It also serves as protection to help prevent the feet from slipping through the gaps between the mat and the frame.

Premium, Heavy Duty Spring System

I heard that a spring system is not good for the knees and ankles. It is way too stiff that the vibrations can reverberate through the joint capsules of these parts of the body. Imagine my surprise when I did not feel any stress on my joints as I bounced on the Upper Bounce for a good 30 minutes or so. It felt like jumping on a trampoline that features bungee cords. The flex was good while the effects on my knees were very minimal.

I couldn’t say that it was because of the design of the mini trampoline, however. I have to disclose that I am in perfect shape. I don’t have any issues with my joints as well as any other part of my body. It could be because of this that I do not feel any negative effects on my joint capsules. People with existing joint problems may have a different experience altogether.

Regardless of my experience, it is important to point out that Upper Bounce uses only 8.9-centimetre long galvanised steel springs. They connect to the circular frame of the mini trampoline in an equidistant manner. One end of each spring inserts through a hole on the steel frame. The other end connects to a triangle-shaped ring attached to the jumping mat.

It is a simple spring tension design, but one that guarantees better bounce and more fun.

Adjustable, Comfortable Stability Bar

It may be an option for most folks, but I do find the stability bar on the Upper Bounce to my liking. Unlike other contraptions that come with flimsy adjustment mechanisms, this rebounder comes with 5 height adjustment points.

Of course, if you have a 7-footer hopping in, I doubt that the maximum height of the stability bar will be any use. Moreover, the device will not be able to support the weight of such an individual.

Adjusting the height of the stability bar is easy enough with the inclusion of a knob. On a personal note, I wish the company would come up with a much simpler way to adjust the height of the bar. Nevertheless, the handlebar itself features padding that is quite comfortable to hold. It’s not as luxurious as some other high-end products I’ve tried, but it will do.

Pro and Cons

  • High-gauge premium quality steel construction for enhanced strength and durability
  • Powder finish for a more elegant look and more refined quality
  • Super secure, premium-quality bouncing mat with safety padding
  • More robust galvanised spring tension mechanism than trampolines that feature cords
  • Available in 102-centimetre and 122-centimetre width variants
  • Height adjustable stability bar with foam-padded grips
  • Very easy to assemble, requires only the basic hand tools to connect the legs
  • Folds in half for easier storage and more portable carriage
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant design allows for outdoor use
  • A bit expensive; may not be ideal for average folks
  • Some customer complaints about product reliability and durability
  • Folding design requires the manual removal of the “legs”
  • User weight limit is well below what you’d expect for this price range

Should You Buy It?

With a hefty price, you’d expect the Upper Bounce Mini Rebounder to give you all the best. After the tinkering and extensive use of the mini trampoline, I still haven’t figured out why the brand decided to limit the weight rating to 90 kilogrammes. Having said that, if you weigh below this limit, then the Upper Bounce is a great device. Unfortunately, most of the folks I know who want to use a mini trampoline weigh more than a hundred kilogrammes. Nevertheless, it is still a great mini trampoline to buy for your personal use.