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Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Machine Review – Stylish Yet Powerful

Choosing the right vibration exercise machine can be pretty daunting. There are so many products in the market and all promise to do the same thing – help you lose weight without trying. While some of these products are of mediocre quality, there are still those that remain true to the philosophy of the exercise equipment brand.

One such vibration platform that I got the chance to try is the Vibrofit Pro-X Multi-Directional Vibration Fitness Machine. This is a neat device that promises to help you build muscles and lose weight. Let’s find out more about this vibration machine.

Overview of the Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Machine

The Vibrofit Pro-X enters the market as a mid-range product with features that are good enough to merit closer attention. From the outside, there’s nothing spectacular about the Pro-X except for its silver casing. There’s a black version that I believe looks more stylish and elegant.

The main selling point of the Pro-X is its published maximum effective frequency and amplitude settings. Most products do not provide such information. On a more personal level, I believe that these pieces of information are important considerations in buying a body vibration machine.

With a maximum frequency of 8 Hertz and an amplitude of 16 millimetres, the Pro-X provides better delivery of vibration energies to deeper body organs. There is only one minor glitch. If you set the Pro-X to its lower speed settings, the so-called “multi-directional” movements are almost non-existent.

What you may feel are the side-to-side movements of the plate. It is not very comforting; not one bit. The moment you speed things up, that’s when the full functionality of the device is felt. When you do crank it up, the vibrations are almost similar to professional-grade devices.

Under the compact casing of the Pro-X is a 300-watt motor. It delivers enough power to send the vibration plate in different directions to give a more robust effect. There’s another benefit to the modest size of its power unit. You’ll never have to worry about any sudden spikes in your electric bill. This is good news for those who would want to exercise without causing a jump in their energy expenditures.

The Vibrofit Pro-X also comes with 99 speed settings. When combined with the frequency and amplitude of its vibration plate, this can translate into more effective vibration transmission. It also allows for the more efficient fine-tuning of the strength of vibrations that the body receives.

Compact and Powerful

Vibrofit is also throwing a resistance strap in the package. At the very least, you will no longer have to purchase a separate gadget. It’s a great solution for those who are trying the device for the first time. At least, they can perform a variety of exercises with the aid of the resistance strap.

My personal take on the matter is that it would have been best if Vibrofit also included some exercises to start with. At any rate, given the abundance of fitness videos online, it shouldn’t be that too difficult to find the perfect exercise for you.

This vibration device also boasts of integrated roller wheels and carrying handle. At only 12 kilogrammes, both the wheels and the handle are not necessary. However, they can come in handy in situations where the individual may not have the strength to move the device from one location to another.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Machine

Superb Oscillation Technology

At the core of the Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Machine is an oscillation technology that the company says they lifted from the same technology used by professional athletes and NASA. Compared to other types of vibration machines that I have tried, the Pro-X does provide more remarkable benefits.

 It is easy to feel the vibrations as they travel from the feet all the way to the upper body. There’s one bit of a hiccup. At lower speeds, all I feel are side-to-side movements. There’s none of the so-called “multi-directional” movements.

A closer look at the oscillation technology of Pro-X reveals that it comes with a maximum effective amplitude of 16 millimetres. This means that the vertical movements of the vibration plate can reach as high as 16 mm.

You may think this is small but if you also consider the number of vibrations that occur every second, then this is more than substantial. The Pro-X operates at a frequency of 3 to 8 Hertz. In theory, this means that you’re looking at 3 to 8 oscillations per second.

On a more personal note, the combination of amplitude and frequency helps guarantee the transmission of vibratory forces to deeper organs like muscles and bones. I can already imagine the implications of this vibration exercise machine for those who would like to lose weight or those who want to build muscles.

Powerful yet Quiet Motor

The powertrain on the Pro-X vibration platform is a 300-watt motor. There is this notion that the higher the wattage of a vibration machine, the more effective it is in generating vibratory forces. I often find this to be a hit-or-miss thing.

I’ve seen vibration machines with more powerful 500- to 800-watt motors. However, their vibration effects cannot come close to those provided by the Vibrofit Pro-X.

Again, one should keep in mind that a better indicator of vibration performance is the frequency and amplitude of vibrations. The device may have 1,000 watts of power, but if it can only provide less than 10 mm of amplitude, then you’re not going to expect much.

Since the Pro-X comes with a modest-sized motor, it is not as noisy as others on the market. It is true that there is an audible hum, but this is very easy to work with. I find listening to music can help drown out the audible buzz. Still, the device is as quiet as any normal conversation.

Exercise Programmes

For a body vibration machine this portable, it is quite surprising to find that it comes with 10 preset programmes. One can always cycle through the different exercise programmes with a simple touch of a control button.

The only downside, as far as I’m concerned, is that the device only comes with a single manual programming mode. There are no customisable buttons to store your frequently-used training programmes. That would be a great addition to this vibration machine if ever the manufacturer thinks about it.

Nevertheless, being able to control the speed settings up to 99 is something that is already expected from a device such as the Pro-X. However, I do have to say that I’ve seen some machines that have higher speed settings.

Compact, Thoughtful, and Durable Design

Measuring a mere 12 x 37 x 67 centimetres, the Pro-X is one of the most compact vibration machines on the market. It is quite hefty, too, with a weight of about 12 kilogrammes. This is perfect for providing stability during operation, while still light enough to be carried around.

Speaking of transport, the Pro-X features rolling wheels to help in its relocation. There’s also an upright handle, allowing for easier manoeuvrability. I don’t think this is necessary, but it’s still a great feature for those who don’t want to bend every time they take the Pro-X from under their bed.

The Vibrofit also features Bluetooth connectivity. At the very least, you can pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to this machine and get ready with a more personalised exercise regimen.

The LCD display is not the largest, but it should suffice. However, if the individual has problems with his or her vision, then reading the dark blue digital display may be difficult. It would have been a lot better if Vibrofit used high-contrast colours in the LCD instead. The white colour should make the display more readable.

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful oscillating technology with 16 mm maximum effective amplitude and frequency between 3 and 8 Hertz
  • Modestly-sized motor that delivers powerful vibrations
  • 10 preset exercise programmes plus one manual mode for greater exercise versatility
  • Fully-adjustable speed settings up to a maximum of 99
  • Bluetooth connectivity for more personalised use
  • 120-kg maximum weight capacity
  • Quiet operation to help avoid distractions
  • Very easy to use control panel with large digital display
  • Portable and compact design for ease of transportation
  • The “multi-directional” movements are only perceivable in higher speed settings
  • A bit pricier than other vibration exercise machines
  • Not-so-large LCD display with a low-contrast readout

Should You Buy It?

The Vibrofit Pro-X Multi-Directional Vibration Fitness Plate is a great choice for those who want to lose weight. It’s also good for those who only want to maintain the integrity of their muscles.