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Vibroslim Akawa Vibration Machine Review – Is It Worth Buying?

I was given the chance to try the new vibration machine from Vibroslim – the Akawa. The brand says this exercise machine is a significant improvement over one of their bestsellers, the Ultra. Let’s find out if the Akawa can live up to the hype as a better body vibration machine.

Overview of the Vibroslim Akawa Vibration Machine

Vibroslim places the Akawa Vibration Machine as a better version of the Ultra. Its main advantage is the increase in speed settings from a mediocre 20 in the Ultra to 99 in the Akawa. The downside, however, is that the machine still operates on the same frequency setting that maxes at 12 Hertz. On the plus side, the increase in the speed settings allows for better fine-tuning of the intensity of vibrations. This is something that is not easy to do with the Ultra.

Another major improvement is the addition of 6 pre-set programmes from the Ultra’s three. This means you can have better leeway when it comes to the kind of exercise that you want to accomplish. The P1 to P9 modes on the Akawa are easy to run. The loophole is that the Akawa doesn’t have any manual programmes.

Vibroslim Akawa comes with a more powerful motor, too. Yes, it’s the same 200-watt motor like the Ultra. However, there is a substantial increase in its maximum weight capacity from 125 to 150 kilogrammes. This suggests that the motor, while underpowered, can still deliver more forceful vibrations.

Because of these “improvements”, Vibroslim tags the Akawa with a heftier price. At any rate, the Vibroslim Akawa still makes for a decent machine. It can help you lose weight if that is your primary concern. It can also be a worthy aid to your strength training regimen, especially if you’re still a beginner.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Vibroslim Akawa Body Vibration Machine

Improved Oscillating Technology

The Vibroslim Akawa Vibration machine promises to be an improved version of its best-seller. It operates on a maximum frequency of 12 Hz, combined with a maximum amplitude rating of 12 millimetres. This can be quite confusing for those who are not familiar with how a vibration exercise machine works.

There are different types of vibration movements. Some move the vibration plate like a see-saw, with the centre of the platform connected to a pivot. There are also those that move like an elevator.

When you stand on an oscillating platform, the right section moves downward while the left section moves upward, and vice versa. It’s like a see-saw movement but very fast. If we take a look at the maximum frequency of the Akawa, it means it is capable of producing 720 vibrations per minute or 12 vibrations per second. This is fast. Try flapping your fingers as fast as you can in 10 seconds before dividing that by 10. You will still end up with less than 12 per second.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, as the feet get “shaken”, the vibrations get transmitted to the upper structures. From the feet, the vibrations travel to the legs, the thighs, the torso, and also the arms. That is why many consider a body vibration machine a hassle-free way to lose weight.

You may be sitting on your couch reading a book yet these vibrations are triggering the different muscles of the body. Each muscle contraction results in energy expenditure. The more muscles which contract, the more energy that these muscles use. Since the body requires more energy, it will have to get this energy from somewhere. And you guessed it right! It gets it from stored fat.

Now, the second part of the oscillating technology feature of the Akawa is its 12 mm maximum amplitude. This is the maximum height of the movement of the plate. Professional grade vibration platforms often put the ideal amplitude rating at 10 to 15 mm. This puts the Akawa well within the range.

The height of the plate movement is what helps in the generation of the vibration. It’s like moving your hands up and down in water. The higher the movements, the bigger the ripples that you create. It’s the same thing. When you combine the two – amplitude and frequency – you get more forceful vibrations.

Modest Speed Settings

The Akawa Vibration Plate machine comes with 99 different speed settings. This is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Vibroslim Ultra body vibration machine. The Ultra comes with only 20 speed settings, so there is not much to work with. On the other hand, the Akawa’s 99 give you complete freedom with how you want to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

I mentioned above that the Akawa comes with a maximum frequency of 12 vibrations per second. Would it not make sense that the maximum speed setting should also be 12? It’s important to understand that the speed ratings of such a device often relates to its cycle-per-minute rating. As such, the maximum frequency of the Akawa is 720 vibrations per minute.

When you apply the 99 speed settings, you are getting increments of 7 to 8 vibrations per minute with each level. For example, putting it at level 50 will give you about 363 to 364 vibrations per minute. If you crank it to 75, then you’re getting 545 to 546 vibrations per minute. Now that’s cool!

Improved Programmes

The Akawa comes with 9 pre-set exercise programmes from P1 to P9. Again, it’s a significant increase from the Ultra’s 3 pre-set programmes. P1 is perfect for those who are new to this kind of machine. It helps them get acclimatised to the sensation of the vibrations. Keep in mind, however, that it may not produce the same kind of effect you can get from the P9 setting.

Here’s the problem. For advanced users like me, I am no longer satisfied with the P9 mode. The P9 is a rapid-fire programme that can improve muscle contraction and increase heart rate. It should be a great option for those who are already working out in the gym. Hence, this machine is good for supplemental muscle trigger.

Too bad there are no manual programming modes on the Akawa. I would have fallen in love with it if it did have this feature.

Modest Power with Silent Operation

This is something I wish Vibroslim will improve on. The vibration platform boasts of a 200-watt power module. I am not sure if it delivers the same horsepower as the Ultra or not. My guess is that it has more horses than its predecessor.

How did I come up with this assumption? Well, given that the Ultras comes with the same 200-watt unit, it’s surprising to note that the maximum weight capacity of the Akawa is 150 kilogrammes. The Ultra can only accommodate people who top the weighing scale at 125 kilogrammes. As such, the additional 25 kilogramme-capacity of the Akawa can only come from more horsepower.

Not everything is bad in the power department, however. Lower wattage means lower electric bills. Moreover, the motor purrs like a kitten. It has a decibel rating of only 45 which is just a bit noisier than the library. You’ll love the fact that it will never disturb your partner in his or her slumber.

Portable and Compact Design

Nothing’s changed in the physical composition of the Vibroslim Akawa. It retains the compact and portable nature of the Ultra. It measures 55 x 31.5 x 12.5 centimetres and tips the scale at 12 kilogrammes. The only visible difference is the boxy appearance of the Akawa. The Ultra features a more streamlined body, making it more appealing.

Regardless, it still makes for one good vibration machine to bring home.

Pros and Cons

  • Frequency and amplitude ratings on par with other vibration machines
  • 99 different speed level settings for better fine-tuning of exercise needs
  • 9 pre-set programmes that are good for hassle-free fitness
  • Friendlier noise levels; will never disturb anyone else
  • Comes with exercise DVD, remote control, manual, and yoga mat
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • 150-kilogramme weight capacity
  • 200-watt energy-saving motor
  • Boxy design
  • 200-watt motor is often not sufficient for more robust vibrations
  • A bit more expensive than the Ultra version

Final Words

The Vibroslim Akawa Vibration Machine considers itself as a significant improvement over the Ultra. This may be the case in certain aspects but given its price tag, it’s more towards the expensive side of vibration plate exercise machines on the market.