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Vibroslim Ultra Vibration Machine Review – The Buying Guide

A vibration machine is always a great choice for individuals who may not have ready access to a gym or are severely restricted in their movements. It is also ideal among the elderly who may not really have the strength and stamina to complete a regular strength training programme as well as those who are especially vulnerable to injuries.

While the market can be sometimes be unforgiving to folks who are not really well-versed with the technicalities of such an exercise equipment, you can always count on honest reviews to provide you with a somewhat in-depth assessment of the merits of these machines. One of the vibration machines that I’ve been fortunate enough to try and evaluate is the VibroSlim Ultra, dubbed by some as one of the best in the industry. We’ll see if it really measures up.

Overview of the VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Exercise Machine

The VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Exercise Machine is a modestly-powered vibration platform in Australia that utilises oscillating movements to produce vibrations throughout the body. Oscillating machines are well-regarded for their ability to induce minute yet equally forceful muscle contractions allowing the user to burn more calories.

It is for this reason that the VibroSlim Ultra has always been regarded as largely beneficial for individuals who want to shed some kilogrammes without having to do all of the intense workouts. Just 30 minutes or so a day should be perfect for losing weight. However, this should always be done in conjunction with sensible dietary patterns. It simply makes no sense if you’re using a supposedly fat-burning machine, yet won’t do anything to cut back on your calorie consumption.

The vibration machine comes with a 200-watt motor delivering 0.272 horsepower. When compared to mainstream vibration platform designs, the VibroSlim is substantially underpowered. But, given the fact that its load capacity is only 125 kilogrammes max, it should be perfectly fine.

What most of us in the fitness circle find a little bit intriguing is the fact that VibroSlim comes with a hefty price tag. It’s still well below the thousand dollar-level though. However, given that it only comes with a 200-watt motor plus a 12 Hz maximum frequency, 3 pre-set programmes, and 20 speed level settings, we definitely expected more.

For instance, we’ve seen products that cost half the price of VibroSlim yet comes with more powerful motors, typically in the 400s and upwards. The pre-set programmes are more numerous, too. Additionally, the speed level settings are within the 100 range. One cannot say that it is because of its exceptional quality of construction, too, since we’ve seen products that are US-made yet come with a much friendlier price tag. So what gives?

Beginner-Friendly Machine to Help Losing Weight

As it turns out, this body vibration machine from VibroSlim is for more beginner-friendly in the world of fitness as well as individuals who clearly don’t have a need for highly-intense frequency and speed settings. It’s also ideal for those wishing to lose weight and perhaps resolve some other health problems such as back pain.

 But then again, there are less expensive alternatives that can provide for such needs and perhaps even more. If any, the straightforward design of its vibration platform gives it an edge against other products in the market. It’s more compact and more stable than others I have tried. This should be enough reason for some folks to consider getting the VibroSlim Ultra.

 A Closer Look at the Features of the VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Platform

Oscillating vibration technology

At the core of the VibroSlim Ultra vibration exercise machine is an oscillating or pivoting mechanism. The vibration platform is hinged in the centre so that only the sides actually move up and down. Product literature says that the VibroSlim Ultra is fully capable of producing up to 3.5Gs of force which should be enough to get the different muscle groups in the body to contract and relax many times in a single second.

Exercise machines that operate on oscillating vibration platform are generally regarded as exceptional when it comes to burning more calories. The minute yet ultra-fast up-and-down motion of the ends of the vibration plate produces a wave-like motion that is transmitted through the rest of the body. It’s like creating a pulse that is guaranteed to get the muscles all worked up. As we already know, the contraction of muscles requires the expenditure of energy or calories. The more forceful and more frequent the micro-contractions of the muscles, the more energy that is spent.

The body generally uses glucose as its principal fuel. However, when glucose is not available, the muscles mobilise fat molecules as energy sources. That being said, the oscillating movements of the body vibration machine help guarantee greater mobilisation of stored fat. When combined with sensible dieting, this should readily translate to weight loss.

Unfortunately, I find the integration of the oscillating vibration mechanism on the VibroSlim to be somewhat ‘inappropriate’ for its price. I’ve seen triplanar and even 4D machines that are only half the price of the VibroSlim. 3D and 4D systems employ a variety of movements along different planes of motion, making them quite expensive. As such, I cannot help but wonder how VibroSlim managed to command such a price using only a single-plane motion.

Speed settings – 20 Levels

VibroSlim Ultra boasts itself of having 1-20 speed level settings. This is directly related to the number of times that the vibration platform is able to produce one complete movement. The 20-level speed should be great for beginners as well as for individuals who may have serious injuries that may not bid well with high-frequency, high-speed platforms.

To give you an idea of how the VibroSlim Ultra stacks up, whole-body vibration machines that are used in fitness research and other similar scholastic activities typically run on 25 to 40 Hz. Commercial-grade vibration exercise machines, on the other hand come in at a minimum of 15 Hz, often maxing out at 60 Hz. The VibroSlim Ultra only comes in at 12 Hz, tops.

This is not to say that the VibroSlim Ultra is mediocre. It should still be useful for fitness newbies and folks with reduced muscle strength or are currently recuperating from an illness. But for more advanced users or fitness buffs, I’m not really sure if this vibration exercise machine is good enough especially considering its price tag.

Of course it will still work. As promised, I tried the VibroSlim myself and I could instantly sense the contractions on my muscles. However, if you’re pressed for time like I do, 10 to 20 minutes on the VibroSlim won’t get you the results that you need. Owing to its lower speed and intensity settings, you’d definitely have to use the VibroSlim for at least 30 minutes to get noticeable effects. Like I said, it works, but not as efficient as other exercise machines.

Pre-set exercise programmes

Coming in with 3 exercise programmes is thoughtful enough of VibroSlim. At least, there’s no way you’ll be having issues with your exercise regimen. My only concern is that, considering its price (again) you’d expect to get more than just 3 pre-set programmes. Sadly, there are others who feel exactly the same way.

Silent vibration

The VibroSlim body vibration machine comes with a 200-watt motor delivering 0.272 horsepower. It purrs like a kitten making it great for small shared spaces as it won’t disturb your partner deep in his or her slumber. I find the motor to be more on the low side since most exercise machines that deliver vibrations to the body are within 400 to 600 watts. I guess this explains its 125-kilogramme weight limit. Anyone heavier will definitely put a strain on its motor.

Pro and Cons

  • Oscillating vibration movements are efficient for weight loss activities
  • 20-speed level settings are just right for newbies and advanced beginners as well as a few other types of individuals who may not really benefit from high-speed, high-intensity machines
  • 3 pre-set programmes make for effortless selection of exercise regimen
  • 125-kilogramme weight limit offers versatility of use
  • Compact design allows for easier storage
  • Stable and secure vibration platform
  • Comes with remote control, resistance bands, and instructional DVD
  • Set of features doesn’t measure up to its hefty price tag; other less expensive systems often come with more features
  • 20-level speed settings and maximum 12 Hz capabilities may be insufficient for intense workouts
  • 200-watt motor is way lower than most conventional vibration exercise machines
  • Oscillating vibration mechanism pales in comparison to triplanar or 4D designs
  • 125-kilogramme maximum load capacity may not be sufficient

Should You Buy This?

The VibroSlim Ultra vibration machine is a compact and well-designed vibration exercise machine that is primarily intended for fitness newbies, individuals undergoing physical rehabilitation, and folks who may not really require intensive exercises.

I would expect it to come with more features like triplanar movements, higher speed and intensity settings, and more robust programming. You’d still get the same results provided by other machines, but you’d have to use the VibroSlim Ultra for longer periods of time.