Running is one of the easiest, practical, and equally effective ways to stay fit. While running can provide a lot of benefits to one’s cardiovascular endurance, leg muscle strength, and, to a certain degree, flexibility, it is often quite difficult to sustain the momentum.

After a feverish start, many newbies eventually lose steam. Why? They simply haven’t learned the secret to enjoying a good run. You see, you only need to learn how to enjoy running so you’ll also reap all the benefits that this activity provides. Here are 7 tips on how to enjoy running.

1. Forget whatever notions you may have about running. 

Most people have this idea that running is all about speed and reducing drag. Forget every bit of notion that you may already have about running. Forget about the coach who tried to push you beyond your limits when you were still young.

Try to look at running as something very new to you. This should help you forge a mindset that is more geared towards establishing the idea that running is a very fun activity.

2. Set a more realistic goal. 

Did you know that if you set a goal, no matter how simple it may be, can help provide a sense of accomplishment and thus, an improvement in your sense of self-worth? For example, you can have a goal of ‘not walking’ for about 15 minutes.

This is a very simple goal that can also be easily achieved. All you have to do is to shuffle your feet a bit faster than your walking pace for only 15 minutes and you’re done.

At least, you have accomplished something. Once you’re done with that, then you can start modifying your goal a little bit. Say, your next goal is to ‘not walk for 30 minutes’.

3. Make it a point to warm up even before you start to run. 

A lot of people start running the moment they get their running shoes on. This greatly increases the chance of muscle injuries as the muscle tissues haven’t had the chance to warm up first. As such, even before hitting the dirt, try engaging in some stretching activities to loosen up those rather tight muscles.

This way you’re also improving the flow of blood to these tissues, making you feel more relaxed and be fully energised when you start to run.

4. Run at your own pace. 

Just because everyone is running at about 10 to 15 miles per hour doesn’t mean you have to keep up. Unless this is your goal, too, you should always run at your own pace.

What this implies is that you should also listen to what your body is telling you. Make sure that you run at a level that is appropriate to your physical fitness. This also helps minimize injuries or discomforts that can make you want to quite running altogether.

5. Run with friends. 

There’s nothing more enjoyable than running with your friends. And if they are not available, you can always look for a buddy to run along with you.

You can even call a high school friend whom you haven’t seen for a while and turn this into an opportunity for catching up on things. Why not invite your crush to run with you? At any rate, the idea of going for a jog with someone you admire will simply make the activity even more fun.

6. Think outside the tracks. 

Running doesn’t always have to be on the tracks. You can run even around your neighborhood, through the woods, at the beach, or anywhere else where your feet will take you. One tip, though: try to run in a place where it’s beautiful and scenic and where you can be reminded of the many wonderful things that have occurred in your life.

7. Play games that involve some running. 

Just as you don’t need tracks to run, you also don’t need plain, flat-out running to enjoy this activity. Think of childhood games that you truly enjoy but only those that will involve some form of running.

Now gather up your friends or even enlist your family and relive the memorable days of your childhood. You are now running while also having fun.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy running. It is crucial to discard any pre-existing notions about the activity so you will have a brand new viewpoint on what running is all about.

Also, if you prefer to run indoor, you can try running on a treadmill. Check out these top treadmills you can find in Australia so you can start training at home.

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