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5 Best Massage Mats in Australia to Buy for a Good Stretch (Updated January 2024)

Best Massage Mats in Australia

Massage is among the most popular forms of complementary medicine people use globally.

Researchers Ooi and colleagues (2018) even said that about 20% of the population in Australia visits a massage therapist.

A recent study also noted that consultations with massage therapists are prevalent in Australia, particularly among women (Ladanyi et al., 2022).

Based on these findings, it’s clear that manual massage sessions are more than a wellness trend in the country.

However, if you think about it, spending $55 to $100 per treatment is a bit steep, especially if you need it often.

And some people do not feel comfortable with manual, semi-invasive massages, either.

But thanks to innovation, we now have full-body massage mats, specifically air compression ones, that simulate the effects and body benefits of human massage.

These devices are more cost-efficient than frequent trips to a therapy clinic. And they cost significantly less than massage chairs, too.

But how well can these massage mats work as a masseuse alternative? Are they worth the investment? And if so, which massage mat should you get?

To answer, let’s zoom in on how air compression massage mats work and what benefits they provide.

Our team also tested some of the best massage mats in Australia. We identified their pros and cons and then picked the one we thought was the most outstanding.

Keep scrolling and check out our buying guide and FAQ sections for more details on choosing a massage mat that suits you best.

Top 5 Best Massage Mats Australia (Tried & Tested):

  1. Best Overall: Hydragun StretchPad Massage Mat
  2. Best Budget: Carepeutic Air Compression Mat
  3. Best Portable: Gemibee Back Stretching Mat
  4. Best Compact: Homedics Stretching Mat
  5. Best Yoga Therapy: Baloom Stretching Massager
What Are Full-Body Massage Mats

What is an air compression massage mat?

You’ve probably seen different forms of massage mats. Some generate a vibration effect, while others employ acupressure treatments.

But for this review, our focus is on air compression massage mats.

Like other massage mats, air-compression ones also provide passive massages, where you lay down on the mat and let the automated device knead and stretch your body.

Instead of a flat exterior, air compression mats have these compartments or airbags that inflate and deflate based on your settings.

The inflation-deflation effect makes your body move from side to side, up or down, mimicking traditional hand massages.

Most units have pre-set massage programs and variable intensities to customise your sessions. Others also have a heating function to boost the relaxing effect.

To use one, connect that mat to its power cable, then plug it into a wall outlet. Place the mat on any flat surface like your couch or carpeted floor for safety and optimum results.

Next, align your neck, back, and legs with the air chambers. Your body positioning on the mat depends on where the airbags are.

When ready, turn on the massage mat and select your settings. The massage session is automated from start to finish, so you can safely nap while enjoying your therapy.

Benefits of Using Massage Mats

What are the benefits of massage mats?

Any form of massage makes us feel relaxed and energised. The convenience of having an easy-to-use massage mat makes things even better.

But what do experts say? Here are some science-backed benefits you could gain from the best massage mats in Australia:

  • Stress reduction. Getting a massage is one way to calm your nerves, especially after a tiring day at work. Baek and colleagues (2022) explained that this is because massage can effectively decrease serum cortisol or the stress hormone in the body. Research findings also showed that psychological stress reduction can be optimised by pairing automated massage with infrared heating or thermotherapy (Kim et al. 2016).
  • Sleep improvement. One of the positive effects of stress reduction is better sleep patterns. We know that ample sleep is vital to health, and good thing regular massage mat sessions can help. Previous research found that massage therapy can help treat insomnia among postmenopausal women (Hachul et al. 2014). Researchers Kim and colleagues (2021) also linked electrical automatic massage to muscle relaxation, resulting in improved sleep quality among Alzheimer’s disease patients.
  • Better flexibility. Stretching can improve our range of motion. However, dynamic stretching exercises can be tricky for people with mobility issues. And this is where passive devices like a massage mat become handy. One research even stressed that passive stretching encouraged faster hamstring flexibility improvement than its active counterpart (Nishikawa et al. 2015).
  • Rapid relief and recovery. Fatigue or pain typically follows after exercising or doing sports activities. And this effect hinders workout consistency and overall athletic performance. However, study shows that massage, particularly electric auto-massage therapy, helps overcome exercise fatigue. The researchers linked this conclusion to accelerated metabolite excretion (Xie et al., 2023). Zhong and team (2018) had similar findings after subjecting athletes with exercise-induced back fatigue to mechanical bed massage sessions.
  • Good posture. Sitting or standing for hours can result in neck and back pains, forcing us to slouch to reduce the discomfort. However, it also leads to muscular imbalance and poor posture. Quick air compression massage sessions can stretch these aching muscles to alleviate pain and encourage proper alignment. One study even concluded that regular stretching resulted in postural improvement among student participants (Ruivo et al. 2017).

Comparison & Reviews of the Top 5 Massage Mats:

Here’s a table summarising the vital product features of the air compression massage mats we tested. Scroll down for the in-depth reviews.

Image Model Massage Settings Heat Function Unfolded Size (LxW) Price
StretchPad by Hydragun 7 modes/3 intensities Yes (55C) 130 x 65 cm
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Massage Mat by Carepeutic 4 modes/3 intensities No 165 x 61 cm
Gemibee Massage Mat 4 modes/3 intensities Yes (45C) 117 x 60 cm
6 modes/3 intensities Yes 106 x 52 cm
Baloom Massage Mat 7 modes/3 intensities Yes 120 x 60 cm
Image StretchPad by Hydragun
Massage Settings 7 modes/3 intensities
Heat Function Yes (55C)
Unfolded Size (LxW) 130 x 65 cm
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Image Massage Mat by Carepeutic
Massage Settings 4 modes/3 intensities
Heat Function No
Unfolded Size (LxW) 165 x 61 cm
Image Gemibee Massage Mat
Massage Settings 4 modes/3 intensities
Heat Function Yes (45C)
Unfolded Size (LxW) 117 x 60 cm
Massage Settings 6 modes/3 intensities
Heat Function Yes
Unfolded Size (LxW) 106 x 52 cm
Image Baloom Massage Mat
Massage Settings 7 modes/3 intensities
Heat Function Yes
Unfolded Size (LxW) 120 x 60 cm

1. Best Overall: Hydragun StretchPad Massage Mat

StretchPad by Hydragun

The Hydragun StretchPad is one of the best massage mats in Australia because of its balanced features, from construction to performance. Its ultra-smooth vegan leather feels good to the touch and on the skin. Plus, it has multiple massage modes for full-body and targeted sessions.


Like the other Hydragun products we’ve tested, the StretchPad is one impressive wellness device.

Compared with similar massage mats, the StretchPad is considerably heavier. However, it is because of the durable vegan leather exterior.

While it adds to the weight, it also ensures years of relaxing massage sessions and easy clean-up. With the soft leather material, all it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to get it clean and ready for your next therapy day.

This construction also makes the mat withstand constant folding and unfolding, especially for frequent users. And thanks to the built-in handle, the StretchPad is easy to pull out or carry anywhere.

It doesn’t take up storage space, either. With a folded size of 65 x 38 x 20 cm, this mat should fit into your closet or the space under your bed.

The best parts for us are the adjustable massage modes and the heating function of the StretchPad. It has four full-body programs and three targeted protocols, so you got every problem spot covered.

Our favourite would be the Twist option with the heat mode on. And you can also adjust your massage duration (10, 20, 30 minutes) and the intensity up to level 3.

Setting up the StretchPad is easy, too. Just lay the mat on any flat surface, plug it in, and lie down, positioning your neck and back area close to the air chambers.

Then, use the remote control to set the full-body or targeted program, choose a session length, and select the intensity.

While it may cost a bit more than other massage mats, our team agrees that the StretchPad is an excellent investment, especially if you love having regular treatments at home.

Plus, as it can support weights up to 110 kg and heights up to 188 cm, virtually anyone can relax with this Hydragun creation.


The Hydragun StretchPad ticks all the right boxes. It boasts high-quality construction, easy assembly and storage, and a relaxing massage experience.

It’s perfect for individuals after a more practical wellness alternative to manual therapies or massage chairs.

Also, Hydragun is known for its responsive 24/7 customer service. It also has a worry-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give the StretchPad a go.

  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Simulates kneading, rolling, and pulsing massage action
  • Has 22 precision-controlled air chambers
  • With 7 pre-set massage options for full-body and targeted massages
  • Adjustable massage time and intensity
  • With an infrared heating function
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Supports up to 110 kg and 188 cm
  • Not for people with certain health conditions
  • Intensity levels do not have significant differences
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2. Best Budget: Carepeutic Air Compression Mat

If you are an occasional massage mat user, you probably prefer a budget-friendly device. In that case, the Carepeutic Yoga-Dynamic Air Compression Mat is your match. This option may lack some of the advanced features of the other best massage mats in Australia. But it surely has yogi-approved massage modes for a pain-free shoulder, back, and butt.


Mindful meditation, like yoga exercises, is a fitness trend with a steadily increasing number of followers.

More people are now into exercises that contribute to mental wellness, cognitive function, and recovery. They also value meditative workouts for enhanced flexibility and strength, too.

But did you know that you can also get the same benefits without moving your body?

All you need is to lay down on the Carepeutic Yoga-Dynamic Mat and let its six air traction bags simulate those relaxing yoga exercises.

This massage mat has four yoga-inspired traction moves, focusing on your shoulders, back, and buttocks.

These modes include Energize for spinal pain, Twist for the shoulder and butt, Flow for lumbar pain, and Stretch for the lower back.

We especially liked how each mode moves the air chambers to generate a relaxing side-to-side swaying motion. The session would have been better with an optional heating function, though.

Still, you can adjust the massage intensity to low, medium, or high based on your preference and tolerance.

The Carepeutic Yoga-Dynamic Mat does not have air chambers for the neck, either. But it does have a detachable headrest pillow and extension mat for maximum comfort during treatment.

It also has a 20-minute default setting and auto shut-off function.

Construction-wise, we love how comfortable and breathable suede material is. It feels soft on the body and smooth to the touch. It also makes the mat light and easy to fold for storage.

But store the mat in a bag or enclosed cabinet to keep the light-coloured exterior clean. Also, clean and freshen up first if you plan to use it post-workout.


The Carepeutic Yoga-Dynamic Mat is ideal for users looking for an affordable and non-invasive device for relieving muscle soreness and body pain.

It is also perfect for those not ready to invest in a premium or high-end wellness device.

People who experience frequent tension around the shoulders, back, or butt area will surely like having regular sessions with this air compression mat.

With a lightweight and portable device like this, it’s easy to enjoy your treatment practically anywhere.

  • Easy to set up and store after use
  • Generates a relaxing side-to-side swaying motion
  • Has 6 smart-controlled air chambers within three reflex zones
  • With 4 yoga-inspired massage options that target the shoulders, back, and butt
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Lightweight, portable, and more affordable than similar mats
  • Has a 20-minute auto shut-off function
  • Does not work the neck
  • Lacks adjustable massage duration and heating function
  • Suede exterior can be tricky to keep clean

3. Best Portable: Gemibee Back Stretching Mat

Gemibee Massage Mat

Do you enjoy getting massages while on vacation? Therapy sessions in hotels or spas can be expensive, though. But with the light and portable Gemibee Air Compression Mat, you get the same benefits of a relaxing massage no matter your travel itinerary.


If your best massage mat in Australia is affordable and travel-friendly, consider giving the Gemibee Air Compression Back Stretching Mat a second look.

This mat has 16 inflatable airbags to give your body gentle yet effective massages. The air chambers are strategically positioned to the neck, shoulder, back, and hip areas for full-body relief.

It’s comparable to the massage strength of the Hydragun StretchPad.

However, the Gemibee unit only has four pre-set modes. These include Energize for powerful strokes on the back; Flow for yoga simulation; Stretch for lifting the neck, shoulders, and back; and Twist for easing muscle tension.

You can also set the intensity to Soft, Medium, or Strong. There’s also a foot mat, so your feet stay warm and comfy, especially when having your sessions on the floor.

Compared with the StretchPad, the Gemibee mat has a lower heat temperature but better coverage, which includes the back and butt areas.

However, the heated pad can get pretty warm, so you might want to lay an extra layer here, like a towel or thin blanket.

But don’t worry about safety. The Gemibee Air Compression Mat has a 20-minute default timer that turns the mat off automatically. That means you can nap and relax during your session.

This massage mat is also well-made, with a leathery exterior and breathable mesh centre. It’s easy to wipe clean, too.

One of the best product features of this device is its weight. Since it is not entirely leather, the massage mat is lighter and easy to carry or travel with.

Compared with other massage mats we tested, the Gemibee unit is noticeably smaller, which also contributes to it being a lightweight device.

However, shorter mats like this may be a problem with taller users, so check and test it first if possible.

Gemibee is a Hong Kong-based brand, after all, and this explains why the mat design leaned towards Asian or small body frames.

The manual itself has very minimal English instructions. But the product assembly and use are straightforward and shouldn’t be hard to figure out.


We like the Gemibee Air Compression Back Stretching Mat for its excellent features at a more affordable price.

Massage enthusiasts who travel often will not have issues bringing this massage mat anywhere. This mat also suits people who work in different locations and need a good massage occasionally.

  • Straightforward operation and storage
  • Has 16 airbags that target the neck, back, hips, and butt
  • With four massage options
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Lightweight, portable, and more affordable than similar mats
  • Has a 20-minute auto shut-off function
  • With an infrared heating function
  • Lacks adjustable massage duration
  • Mat size may not suit taller users

4. Best Compact: Homedics Stretching Mat

Leather massage mats, while durable, tend to be too bulky or heavy for some users. So, if you’re looking for the best compact massage mats in Australia, this Homedics Body Flex is for you. It’s the perfect option for those living in smaller homes or apartments.


While testing different air compression mats, we noticed that the folded Homedics Body Flex is considerably slimmer than the rest.

Instead of a rolled-up mat that looks like an oversized gym bag, the Homedic unit looks neat and compact. With a folded size of 62 x 43 x 18 cm, this mat could easily fit narrow spaces.

And we thought it’s the best choice for those who want at-home back massages but don’t have storage space for a bulky mat.

A compact device is also ideal for seniors or users who cannot roll and fold a heavy leather mat.

The Homedics Body Flex fabric exterior contributes to its space-saving and lightweight attributes. And compared with the Carepeutic Yoga-Dynamic Mat, the Homedic unit is more comfortable.

It feels softer and thicker, similar to a travel cot. And its matching memory foam pillow makes the whole set-up even more relaxing.

Underneath the fabric-lined exterior is a rubber-coated bottom, which makes the mat non-slip and safe on any floor surface.

But what about its performance? The Homedics Body Flex has six pre-set massage modes for an optimum stretching experience.

There’s the Twist mode for relieving tense shoulders, hips, and back, and the Flow mode for stretching the spine with a gentle wave-like motion.

The Unwind mode is a twist-and-stretch combo to destress the body. Our favourite was the Energize mode to uplift and open the core and boost energy, which we thought was similar to a morning stretch.

You can also select the Stretch mode to relieve your spine after sitting for hours. Or choose the Recover mode after a busy day to energise the body with a side-to-side, up-and-down tempo program.

All yoga-style stretches are even better when you turn on the heat option. This mode warms the centre of the mat, which feels good on the back.

The Homedics Body Flex has three adjustable intensity levels, too. You cannot choose a specific massage duration, though.

However, each mode has a pre-set time setting listed in the manual. And the duration is longer for higher massage intensities.

One thing to note is that the Homedics Body Flex is narrower and shorter than most massage mats.

So, try it out first to see if it suits your body size. Also, you might want to lay it on the bed or carpeted floor so your hands and arms stay comfortable.


The easy fold-away design of the Homedics Body Flex Back Stretching Mat is a perfect match for minimalists.

We think it’s also the ideal product for people who needs daily massages as it is easy to set up and store after use.

First-time users and seniors will surely appreciate its fully automated, no-fuss operation.

  • User-friendly operation and storage
  • Has air chambers that simulate yoga-style stretches
  • With 6 massage options that work the neck, shoulders, hip, and back
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Lightweight, portable, and space-saving
  • Shuts off automatically after each timed program
  • With an infrared heating function
  • Has a non-slip rubber-lined bottom
  • Lacks adjustable massage duration
  • Mat size may not suit taller users

5. Best Yoga Therapy: Baloom Stretching Massager

Challenging yoga moves and poses give the body a good stretch. But performing them can be hard without equipment like yoga wheels. Until we tested one of the best massage mats in Australia – the Baloom Back Stretching Massager.


Yoga is a great way to enhance mobility, relieve sore spots, or add some sense of calm to your life. The problem is people who are not as active or have existing mobility issues may be unable to flex and stretch their bodies well.

Performing yoga poses without proper training and practice may lead to injury, too. However, we discovered that even non-yogis can safely have yoga sessions at home with the Baloom Back Stretching Massager.

Like the Hydragun StretchPad, this massage mat has 22 air chambers that are powerful enough to lift and twist your body. This mat can even support up to 120 kg.

We were impressed by how this device can give our backs a good stretch with the least effort.

Yoga workouts sometimes require you to hold poses to stretch or elongate the muscles. And we like how Baloom was able to recreate those brief pauses as well.

The Baloom Back Stretching Massager has limited movement, so there is zero chance for me to overstretch or push my body too far.

And we think this more controlled performance of the Baloom mat makes it an excellent alternative to yoga and other stretching exercises. It’s powerful and gentle at the same time.

On top of excellent yoga therapy, the Baloom Back Stretching Massager also offers a range of massage options.

You can choose Energize to relieve fatigue, Stretch to soothe aching muscles, Twist to treat stiffness, and Flow to realign your spine.

We liked the Flow mode and its sequential stretching motion best. It also has a part where the air chambers will move your neck from side to side, similar to how a therapist would do it.

The Flow program is also ideal for students or workers who sit for hours and people who slouch and need posture correction.

In addition, the Baloom Back Stretching Massager has area-specific modes that target the neck and shoulders (P1), back and waist (P2), and pelvis and hips (P3).

And to make the whole experience ten times better, you can also turn on the heat option to warm the centre of the mat. There’s also an option to set your massages to 10, 20, or 30 minutes and to adjust their intensity.

Like the other massage mats we tested, the Baloom Back Stretching Massager has a convenient foldable design with a zipper closure and a built-in handle. So, daily assembly and storage should not be an issue.

The only problem is this mat is a bit short, so neck alignment may not work for taller users. Also, similar to the Hydragun StretchPad, the Baloom has no cushion or pillow for the head.

It can be a bit uncomfortable for users with neck issues. But it should be okay once the neck area fills with air.


The Baloom Back Stretching Massager is the perfect all-around mat, especially if you love having yoga, massages, and heat therapy in one go.

This mat has the options for tackling nearly any type of upper-body ache. Daily wellness routine should not be a problem with its fold-away design, easy-to-clean exterior, and user-friendly operations.

  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Simulates yoga stretches and pauses
  • Has 22 precision-controlled air chambers
  • With 7 massage programs for full-body and area-specific massages
  • Adjustable massage time and intensity
  • With an infrared heating function
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Supports up to 120 kg
  • Mat size may not suit taller users
  • Deflated neck chambers may cause head discomfort

The Winner – StretchPad by Hydragun

Number 1 Massage Mat in Australia - StretchPad by Hydragun

It was our first time seeing and testing some of the best massage mats in Australia. And trying out all those modes and intensities was a treat for sure!

We were impressed with how each has distinct features that meet individual needs, preferences, and budgets.

But in the end, we all agreed that the Hydragun StretchPad is the best one. We liked its top-notch construction, from the soft vegan leather to the user-friendly remote control.

This mat also has the right components (easy-to-clean exterior, zipper closure, and carry handle) for effortless and smooth-saily daily massage sessions.

We also appreciate how Hydragun designed this massage mat to suit different users.

Compared with other massage mats we tested, the StretchPad has the ideal length and width that fit most body types. It also has the best massage options for a more personalised experience.

Hydragun is also an established wellness brand. The company has a Victoria-based office and is known for its flawless customer service. More importantly, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

All these features convinced us that the Hydragun StretchPad is a worthy investment and an excellent alternative to traditional massages.

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Full Review Here

Air Compression Massage Mats vs Hand Massage

Air Compression Massage Mats vs Hand Massage

We know that massages are beneficial for the physical body and health. But with massage coming in various forms, which type should you invest in?

Are automated massage devices, like air compression mats, better than traditional hand massage?

Let’s compare the two using the following factors to see which suits your needs.

Massage Strength

The intensity of manual or hand massages relies on the therapist’s strength. And in this case, it is tricky to get and maintain a consistent massage strength.

Individuals with lower pressure tolerance may also experience discomfort or pain from traditional hand massages.

With air compression mats, the movement of the air chambers is more predictable and consistent. You can get the same relaxing experience by setting your preferred massage mode.

Also, it is easier to lower the intensity of the massage if you find higher settings slightly uncomfortable.

Muscle Penetration

Some body parts need deeper massage penetration to loosen and relieve the muscles. Getting that balance between force and pressure can be challenging with traditional hand massages, though.

And it’s because a deeper, more forceful hand massage increases the risk of injury. A therapist uses his weight to produce massage pressure, which can only graze the top surface of the muscles.

On the other hand, an air compression mat uses kneading and pulsing actions to generate this wave-like motion.

Waves and mechanical vibrations can travel deeper into the muscles to relieve the innermost sources of tension.

More importantly, an automated massage mat can penetrate deep into the muscles without causing pain or injury.

Access and Convenience

A therapist’s trained hands are essential to get the benefits of a manual massage. However, you can enjoy unlimited therapy at home with an air compression massage mat.

And access to regular massages is particularly beneficial for people with certain health conditions.

For instance, researchers observed that people with chronic neck pain benefit more from multiple 60-minute massage treatments for four weeks (Sherman et al. 2014).

Another study also noted that regular 30-minute deep-tissue massages help patients manage their low back pain (Majchrzycki et al. 2014).


Automated sessions with an air compression massage mat are safer and more consistent than traditional hand massages.

With its adjustable modes and intensity levels, you can easily select the massage strength and penetration your aching muscles need.

Getting an air compression massage mat is even more beneficial when you have conditions that need frequent or regular treatments.

How to Choose an Air Compression Massage Mat

Key Factors in Choosing a Massage Mat

Finding the best massage mat in Australia means being familiar with its features and specs. Here are the things to consider when buying one:

  • Size and weight. Air compression massage mats come in different shapes and designs. The best one should suit your body size and requirements. Also, if you plan to take your massager with you when travelling, choose a lightweight, foldable, and compact unit with a carry handle.
  • Material. Remember that your body will be in direct contact with the mat. And some units have a heating function, which may cause sweating. So, look for an air compression massage mat with an easy-to-clean exterior. Polyester and vegan leather are the usual materials, but some units use fabric and memory foam for added thickness and comfort.
  • Timer. Massage mat manufacturers typically recommend limiting your sessions to 10-30 minutes. This time limit should be enough to reap massage benefits and ensure you do not over-treat your muscles. Getting a mat with pre-set time settings or an auto-shut-off is also good, especially if you like to nap during treatment.
  • Remote control and cables. A massage mat needs to be on a flat surface when in use. But the area also has to be somewhere close to a power outlet. It should also let you reach for the remote control for program adjustments. So, check the cables or cords to see if they are long enough for a comfortable massage setup.
  • Heat function. Some massage mats do not have this feature. But getting a unit with one for a more relaxing experience will be good. Usually, the heat function only works on a small portion of the mat. Also, the temperature setting may not be adjustable. Test it first before buying, if possible, to ensure the heat level suits your preference.
  • Air chambers. The number of airbags in massage mats varies. But generally, the more air chambers, the better, as these ensure better massage precision. The positioning of the air chambers should also match your body length, so check this as well.
  • Massage modes. Some air compression massage mats have four massage options, while others may have as many as seven. Of course, getting a massage mat with more programs is better. However, the choice also depends on how well a massage mat can tackle your specific problem spots.
  • Price. The massage mats we tested for this review ranged from $250 to $700. Higher-end devices naturally have more features and better specifications. Ideally, match the cost with your actual needs and budget. For example, choose a budget massage mat if you only need it for occasional therapies. Or go for a premium option if you have a chronic condition that requires regular treatments.

What Are Our Evaluation Criteria?

As for this full-body massage mat review, we evaluated and picked the best massage mats according to four factors we think are the most important for all types of users.

Quality. We focused on how the brands design and create their products, particularly the materials used and their testing procedures or certifications.

Price. Full-body automated massage mats can be pricey. So, we want to feature options for different budget categories and highlight what makes each mat a good buy.

Massage Modes. Stretching massage mats comes in many different modes. We want to feature options that have the most useful modes for users.

Test. We weighed the pros and cons of each test massage mat based on our overall experience. We wanted to see how easy they were to use, store, and clean. Most importantly, we assessed how comfortable the stretching and massage sessions were.

FAQs on Air Compression Massage Mats

Are Air Compression Massage Mats Safe?

Massage mats are generally safe for healthy individuals. Also, most models have a timer or auto-shut-off function to avoid over-massaging. Children should not use massage mats, though, as their bodies would not align with the airbags. Also, pregnant women would have to consult their doctors before getting any form of massage. Health professionals generally counsel against massages, particularly during the first trimester, due to high miscarriage risk.

Can People with Heart Conditions Use a Massage Mat?

According to the British Heart Foundation, a massage can damage your health if you have heart or circulatory conditions. It’s because the pressure from the massage moves the fluids within the body, which can affect patients with blood pressure or clotting problems. Automated massages may also be more challenging to control to suit patients with implants or those who can only tolerate highly specialised massages. So, always check with your heart specialist before getting any form of massage.

Is a Massage Mat Better than Seeing a Therapist or Buying a Massage Chair?

Buying a massage mat is more cost-efficient, not to mention more convenient, than visiting a therapist several times. Deep-tissue massages from an air compression mat are also safer and less painful. It is also less expensive and more space-saving than a bulky massage chair. Also, an air compression mat is easier to store, pack, and carry anywhere.

Who Should Buy an Air Compression Massage Mat?

All healthy individuals can use a massage mat to reap all sorts of benefits, like better sleep and lower stress. It is even more worth it for people who are less active or have limited time for stretching and exercise. A massage mat can also relieve the body aches of workers who stand and sit for hours or perform intense manual labour. Seniors and those with mobility issues or rehab needs will also benefit from a massage mat session.