Fitness Trends That You Should Look Out For

When it comes to fitness programs, trends come and go, as people want to try new things to change up their exercise. Moreover, newer regimens might suit different people better, or simply meet their goals. Nowadays, most people do not work out simply for bodybuilding or weight loss reasons any more, but also to stay healthy or build strength.

Personalised is also a big word that is crossing over to fitness. With the popularity of wearable technology, everyone can take a deeper look at their lifestyle, analyse how much calories are burned with every activity, as well as track your calorie intake. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all regimens that everyone will follow.

The advantage of this is that people can now choose what is fun and exciting for them. Back then, everyone was simply using exercise machines, which is boring for some people. Because of this, many people start with a lot of excitement and motivation, normally at the start of the year as part of their

New Year resolutions, but eventually lose the interest. Nowadays, you can choose an activity that you enjoy, and might at the same time be a sort of exercise for you.

The following are just a few of these trends that are taking the world by storm, to give you an idea of how fitness is transforming this year. Some of these are taken from the annual worldwide survey done by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) of fitness trends, as well as inputs from actual fitness professionals:


These rowing machines in the gym are becoming overworked recently, with more and more people trying this out. High intensity but at the same time low impact, it provides you with a safe way to work out your entire body. In fact, it will engage around 85% of your muscles when you are doing it correctly.

Moreover, it is an activity for everyone, without any need for a specific training or capability. Within one session, most people will get the hang of it immediately. Some gyms mix it up with other strength exercises to provide a complete workout.


Talk about combining fun and fitness in one activity. Trampolining is not only just for your kids to enjoy but has now crossed over to be one of the year’s newest fitness trends. Indoor trampolining is done in venues where trampolines are interconnected. You can bounce away as part of specially designed fitness classes.

Not only is it gentle on your joints, it engages core muscles of your body. It is also very good for your heart and cholesterol levels, helping you burn the same number of calories as a 30-minute run.


This trend marries two unlikely activities, ballet, and boxing. While it seems like they are quite the opposite of each other, because one is graceful and the other very aggressive, putting them together makes up for the whole fitness package. The training starts with quick boxing movements with the goal of increasing your heart rate and toning your body.

Afterward, you will move on to the barre for exercises designed to build flexibility and strength. Moreover, the routine makes you more agile, more powerful and better coordinated. You can also improve your core strength and endurance through this fitness regimen.

4.Small Group Training

While personalized workouts are on the rise, the cost of hiring your own trainer has not necessarily reduced to make it more affordable to everyone.

Instead, what some people are doing is small group training, which allows participants to be in a class environment but still receive one-on-one coaching to monitor progress and avoid the risk of injury. By doing so, you can expect to achieve optimum results for a lot less than paying for your own trainer.

Some examples of small group training programs include Ladies that Lift, which is a training class specifically for women and Group Fit, which is a resistance program for both men and women.

These classes are led by two trainers and are limited to just 8 participants so that they can still receive personalized support that will help them train more effectively and independently outside of the class.


This new trend follows the main concept of HIIT or high-intensity interval training. This means, it uses short but intense bursts of movement capable of burning a lot of calories quickly. Floatfit adds an element of complexity by doing it on water.

Participants have to balance on an inflatable board in a pool and do various exercises like lunges, push-ups, burpees, or squats. Because of the instability of the floating board, your muscles end up working harder to keep your balance.

It adds to the effect of the exercise, so that even if you only work out for 30 minutes, you achieve the same results of regimens that are 2 or 3x longer. It is challenging at first, expect to fall into the water a few times until you get the hang of it.

These are some of the programs that you can expect to see in your neighbourhood gym, offering you more classes and options to enjoy your exercise. Finally, you can find something that is tailor fit for you and your interests!

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