Kids like to play and be active. And what better way to spend all that excess energy than with a trampoline? With ample adult supervision and safety measures in place, your little ones will have loads of fun jumping around this springy equipment.

But aside from the fun element, trampoline jumping for kids has plenty of physical and mental benefits. So, get ready to put the joy in exercise and reap these rewards!

1. Happiness Overload

We know that a good workout releases happy hormones called endorphins, which boost our good mood. Trampolining exercise has the same effect. But what makes it better for kids is that it’s not complicated to do. There are no buttons to press and rules or time restrictions to follow. If you have a kids’ trampoline at home, they can even use it indoors, no matter the weather.

Jumping up and down is also a simple physical activity that most kids can do (and love doing!). That alone makes this form of exercise fun and stress-free. Kids will get the hang of it in seconds.

The relaxed concentration in rebounding is a great way to wind down after a busy school day, too. Since anyone can jump, a trampoline is also the perfect tool for kids to exercise with others and enjoy it.

Trampolining benefits kids with autism and special needs as well. Jumping 50 times on a trampoline, for example, is one of the best ways to keep them calm during feelings of anxiety.

2. Safe and Creative Play

Kids’ trampoline units nowadays have safety features so children can play without worries. Most no longer come with hazardous springs, holes or frames either. You can even put a trampoline enclosure or a shock-absorbent mat underneath to be sure.

At-home trampoline jumping for kids also means they do not have to head out to the trampoline park or play centre.

And who says trampolining is just bouncing repeatedly? You can do all sorts of fun games while jumping up and down. Having a dance party, pillow fight or crack the egg game on the trampoline is sure to bring lots of laughter and lessen screen time.

Safe Trampoline Jumping for Kids

3. Health Benefits

Perhaps, one of the best benefits of trampoline jumping for kids is gaining a healthier and stronger body. They get to learn a lot of motor and sensory skills, too. Here are some crucial gains:

  • Vitamin D exposure. Having a backyard trampoline lets them enjoy the sun to increase their vitamin D levels. In turn, they get to enhance their immunity, bone health, muscle tone and brain development.
  • Immune system boost. Aside from increased vitamin D, kids get to boost their immunity by bouncing. Such fun activity encourages internal organ stimulation and lymphatic circulation to remove toxins and take in nutrients. The combined effects of stress relief, exercise and sunshine address sleep issues in kids, too. A good night’s rest is a great way to recharge their bodies and successfully drive infections away!
  • Healthy body weight and better fitness. A NASA report shows that trampolining exercise is more efficient than running. It’s good news for kids as they can be fit and healthy even with a low-impact activity. Bouncing increases the heart rate as well, which improves cardiovascular fitness. As oxygen rushes into their bodies while jumping around, kids get high energy levels to be alert and productive, too.
  • Motor skill development. Trampoline jumping for kids needs balance and focus as the centre of gravity constantly shifts. This exercise then develops their body strength, muscle control and coordination in the process. It’s also an excellent solution to help kids struggling with body movement or clumsiness.
  • Good posture. Trampolining involves the spine, legs and core muscles, resulting in improved posture. Your child must develop this early on to ensure proper body alignment plus better movement and productivity.

4. Academic Success

Doing well in academics is the product of all these trampolining benefits for kids. You see, when children are physically strong, they stay alert in class and are eager to participate in school activities. Being healthy internally also improves their mental skills, which helps them ace exams, follow directions or learn new lessons.

The best part is success in school makes them more confident. Believing in oneself and not backing out from challenges will surely make them excellent grown-ups.

Advantages of Trampoline Jumping for Kids


The exercise in disguise is perhaps the perfect way to describe trampoline jumping for kids. It’s fun and exhilarating, and at the same time, it has all the benefits of a workout routine. It’s undoubtedly better than jumping in bed!

With a trampoline, you get to encourage kids to stay active even without asking. Even adults can join in the fun, too. How? Check out my list of top mini trampolines!