If you are looking for a way to start the new year with a fitness plan, I have an excellent idea. Why not try a weight loss trampoline routine? It is easy, fun and, best of all, effective!

With a mini trampoline workout, you’ll get your power-building and cardiovascular fitness needs within a small amount of space.

A rebounder is also the perfect sized equipment for safe and controlled exercises.

Keen to learn more? Here are some trampoline facts and moves that can help with your weight loss goal.

Weight Loss Trampoline Facts

Trampolining has a lot of benefits, even for kids. It strengthens your bone health, increases oxygen circulation, improves your endurance and adds excitement to your fitness routine.

But if you’re aiming to lose weight, these key points explain how trampoline jumping can help:

  • Bouncing targets multiple muscles. Exercising our muscles promotes caloric expenditure. Aside from your leg muscles, you can jump with your arms and core for a full-body workout. Rebounding also improves muscle strength and promotes toning.
  • Trampoline workouts encourage continuity. Unlike other forms of exercise like running, trampoline training is low impact. That means you can work out more and burn calories without the shock load.
  • Trampoline jumping improves cardiovascular health. As you bounce around, you are also firing up your circulatory system and developing a stronger heart. These effects protect people with weight issues from respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.
Weight Loss Trampoline Routine

Weight Loss Trampoline Exercises

A trampoline is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform several types of exercises. Here are a few that help shed the extra pounds.

1. Arm raises

Front and side arm raises are perfect for warming up your shoulders while bouncing with your legs. This upper body exercise targets the abdominal muscles, shoulders and neck.

  • To start, position your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin basic bouncing with soft knees and a tight core.
  • As you bounce, raise one arm to the front and the other to the side. Repeat this movement alternately.
  • Keep switching arms as needed. Once you feel comfortable, hold light weights on both hands and continue doing the exercise.

2. Core twist

Perhaps, everyone’s favourite weight loss trampoline exercises are those that target belly fat. Core rotation is one of them.

I especially like how this move works out your legs and increases your heart rate in one go.

  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, start with a basic bounce to warm up. Then, hold up your arms at chest level to keep your body stable.
  • Next, begin twisting your core from side to side as you bounce. Move your arms to the opposite direction with every twist.
  • For balance, keep your head facing forward. Focus on a stationary object in front of you to keep your head straight throughout this exercise session.
Weight Loss Trampoline Core Twist

3. Ab roll

Here’s another one that aims for the core muscles. What makes this exercise different is you won’t be bouncing at all.

It’s a beginner-friendly alternative to sit-ups as your back is against a flexible trampoline mat, not the floor.

  • Position yourself at the centre of the mini trampoline, then lie on your back. Next, raise your legs with bent knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lift your head slightly off the trampoline, and place both hands behind your neck. Make sure not to apply pressure onto your neck area.
  • With tight abdominal muscles, begin rocking your body back and forth by pulling back with your knees. The motion should draw your belly into the rebounder.
  • Keep your knees at 90 degrees throughout the exercise.

4. Jumping Jack

A weight-loss trampoline routine is not complete without this classic cardiovascular exercise.

I like that it’s simple to do yet very efficient. Jumping Jacks are also your go-to when you want to work out your entire body.

  • Position your feet hip-width apart, then start the basic bounce. Your palms should be facing outwards.
  • Now, jump in and out while raising your arms at shoulder level. Engage your core as you bring your legs together.
  • To add a twist to this workout staple, hold light weights on both hands while jumping. This variation should help shape your arm muscles.
Weight Loss Trampoline High Knees

5. High knees

This exercise involves running in place and puts your endurance to the test. But it will also enhance your cardiac fitness level, body coordination and balance.

For beginners, try this move at a slower pace. Once you gain enough strength, try doing it at shorter bursts for extended periods.

  • With your feet hip-width apart, start jogging in place on your trampoline.
  • After warming up, bring one knee towards your stomach as you jog. Repeat this movement alternately with your left and right knees.
  • When you can, try jogging faster and raising your knees higher to burn more calories. Keep your shoulders straight. Your arms should be pumping up and down or side to side, too.

Ready to start your weight loss trampoline workout? Let’s ring in the new year with a healthier you.

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