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Genki Vibration Machine Review – The Buying Guide

Please note that I was informed this product has been discontinued. I recommend Everfit Vibration Machine as an alternative.  Click here to read the review.

Choosing the right vibration machine can be a real headache especially since they look almost the same. You’ve got to really try one out for yourself to have an idea whether a certain product is good for you or not. Good thing I was given the chance to try out one of the best body vibration machines in Australia.

The Genki “Ultra Slim” Fitness Vibration Platform offers a very interesting way to lose weight, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility while staying comfortably in one’s home. In this review, we’ll try to take a closer look at what makes this vibration plate from GENKI one of the most talked-about vibration exercise machine products in the market today.

Overview of the Genki Vibration Platform

The Genki Ultra Slim Vibration Platform is a friendly-on-the-pocket exercise machine designed to deliver vibratory movements throughout the body using a triplanar mechanism. Unlike typical oscillating vibrations or lineal vibrations, the 3-dimensional nature of the vibration platform of Genki offers more profound effects on muscle strengthening and weight loss efforts.

This is quite an exceptional feat considering most vibration plat machines that employ triplanar mechanisms often range in the thousands of dollars. The Ultra Slim costs only a fraction of that, making it a worthy alternative to expensive 3D body vibration machine units.

Underneath the plate of the Genki vibration exercise machine are two motors that deliver 400 watts of power to its dual drive belt system. This helps provide for the triplanar movements of the plate. And even if a 160-kilogramme user were to step onto the platform, the Genki’s pair of motors will easily transmit precisely-measured vibrations that can be felt straight to the head.

While it is true that the Ultra Slim body vibration machine is not exactly whisper quiet, it is definitely quieter than two people having normal conversation. This is a pleasant surprise since most motors of this wattage typically run in the 60-dB and upwards. The Genki only registers an amazing 50-dB, making it great for folks who may have partners or someone else in their room they shouldn’t disturb in case they want to run on the Genki.

It’s not a treadmill, stationary bike, or even a rowing machine, yet the Ultra Slim comes with 6 pre-set running programmes to give you choices when it comes to deciding the best routine. Having 6 presets may look like a sissy; but if you look at other more expensive vibration platform machines, they can only manage at most 3 pre-sets. When you add the Genki’s 120-level speed settings that’s when you realize that the 6 pre-sets simply give you the versatility and control we all are looking for in an exercise equipment.

It looks lovely, too, with its piano black finish and well-rounded chassis. My only lament is that Genki could have at least made the chassis out of aluminium or steel since the ABS plastic does do justice to its amazing array of features. But then again, that’s just me voicing my opinion.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Genki Vibration Exercise Machine

3D Shake motion technology

Unlike other vibration exercise machines in the market, the Genki Ultra Slim features triplanar movements instead of the more mainstream oscillating or lineal forms. Experts say that triplanar vibration systems are typically more expensive since the movements alone require a technology that incorporates three different mechanisms. Surprisingly, the Genki Ultra Slim doesn’t really cost that much. And as such, you’ll find it to be extremely valuable as I did.

Going back to the 3D Shake motion technology of Genki, it is quite remarkable for a vibration plate of this price range to feature such a mechanism. Triplanar designs offer the best workout especially in terms of muscle toning and strengthening for the simple fact that every square centimetre of your body will be moved or ‘shaken’ in three different directions unlike other systems that will move in a single plane.

This can have tremendous implications in one’s efforts to stay fit even without really trying. But, if you can get off of your bottom and use the Genki’s resistance bands, I can almost personally guarantee that the results will be more profound.

120-level speed settings

Being able to adjust the speed of the vibrations to 90 is already considered remarkable. Jacking it up to 120 is simply phenomenal. That’s what the Genki Ultra Slim brings to the table. The moment you step onto its vibration plate and turn the machine on, you can instantly feel the effects. It’s like having millions of tiny blunt-ended needles poking your insides, stimulating them to contract and burn excess calories.

This is perfect for individuals like me who would like to have better control in the way the vibrations are delivered. For a more intensely rewarding experience, I’d suggest going for the max, although you could just as easily start slow and work your way to the top.

6 running programmes

You wouldn’t really believe that a device that’s designed to make for an effortless exercise and priced so ridiculously low can still pack in 6 different running programmes in addition to the more conventional walking and jogging modes. Now you really don’t have to worry about not getting the right exercise for your specific needs. At the very least you can use the Genki Ultra Slim’s remote controller to make appropriate changes in the pre-set programmes so you can easily adjust the intensity of your exercises on the fly. This is quite unique since not many vibration machine manufacturers include pre-set programmes in their products. As such, this is a plus-point for Genki.

Powerful yet quiet 400-watt dual motor

The Genki Ultra Slim comes with two powerful and surprisingly quiet 400-watt motors that deliver just the right force to its vibration plate. Imagine 400 watts of raw energy delivering movements across three different planes under each foot. And while it is easy to say that 400-watt motors are sufficiently quieter than those with higher wattage, the addition of an Ultra Mute Technology further adds to the Genki’s exceptionally quiet operation. While you will still hear a very audible hum, at least it won’t disturb your deeply-slumbering partner if in case you do decide to take the Ultra Slim for a spin.

Safety features

One of the biggest concerns of some folks about stepping onto a device that causes whole-body vibrations is the danger of electrical leakage. You’d be glad to know that the Ultra Slim comes with both circuit protection and anti-overload safety mechanism. This is in addition to its anti-static features and anti-jamming technology.

The latter is a worthy feature to have since you’ve got drive belts that can get stuck over time. The technology allows you to feel more confident about the continued use of the Genki Ultra Slim. It’s got certification from various agencies and organisations such as ROHS, CE, SAA, EMC, and LVD to further add to your peace of mind.

Durable and sturdy construction

Coming in at about 22 kilogrammes, the Genki body vibration machine is sturdily built of only the finest materials, although its ABS plastic shell surely needs some reinforcement. The piano black finish is a classic, though, making the Ultra Slim a great addition to any interior décor.

It measures 67 centimetres long, 39 centimetres wide, and 14 centimetres high, complete with a sturdy and reliable suction cup that will help keep it in its place. The platform itself is built tough as it can easily hold a fellow who weighs as much as 160 kilogrammes, although I’ve seen some products with way greater load capacities.

Pro and Cons

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  • 3D Shake motion technology allows for optimum benefits especially in muscle strengthening and weight loss
  • 120-level speed settings for optimised workouts and greater control of fine-tuning the required whole body vibrations
  • 6 pre-set running programmes in addition to walking and jogging modes
  • Dual 400-watt motor delivering just the right amounts of power to move the vibration plate even with its maximum load capacity reached
  • 160-kilogramme maximum load capacity helps provide greater versatility since different individuals can use the Ultra Slim anytime
  • 50-dB noise levels may not be whisper-quiet, but it is better than the noise generated by normal conversation at 60-dB
  • Electrical and structural safety features for a more worry-free workout
  • Easy-to-read LCD display featuring the most-needed information
  • Friendly price that will be a burden on the pocket



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”4″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • 400-watt per motor design may not be enough to satisfy the needs of some folks
  • There are no multimedia connections or ports that can allow for more personalised entertainment
  • ABS plastic body may feel cheap; although it looks luxuriously elegant in piano black finish



The Verdict

The Genki Ultra Slim vibration platform deserves the accolades it is currently getting. While there are certainly areas that can still be improved on, its remarkable combination of affordability, safety, durability, and overall functionality gives this body vibration machine the thumbs’ up from many fitness enthusiasts as well as rehabilitation specialists. It’s the kind of exercise equipment you can easily bring home without worries.

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