Women are natural multitaskers. They can tackle chores, run errands, take care of the kids, beat a work deadline like a pro, and repeat. These tasks eat up time and energy, though. Before you know it, you have nothing left for healthy eating, exercise, and self-love.

You feel tired faster than usual. Worse, weight issues can add to the mix.

The solution? A healthy meal replacement product like The Lady Shake. It’s delicious and takes no time to prepare. Just scoop the powder into your glass, add water, and then mix.

You can enjoy it on the go as a main meal or a snack. The best part is it provides the nutrients you need for your busy day.

To see if it works, I tested The Lady Shake for 14 days and noted significant changes. Before we get into the details of my review, here’s my quick verdict.

Quick Verdict on The Lady Shake
Quick Verdict on The Lady Shake
Quick Verdict on The Lady Shake

Not sure if The Lady Shake is worth it? This short list of what I like and don’t like about it might help:

What I Liked

  • It has a pleasant taste and texture.
  • It is more affordable than other meal shakes.
  • It is easy to buy and available in several flavours.
  • It includes a meal plan booklet for tracking weight loss progress.
  • It helped me lose 600 grams in 7 days.

What I Did Not Like

  • It may cause flavour or taste fatigue.
  • It may cause flatulence for some.

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What is The Lady Shake?

The Lady Shake is a powdered supplement drink with a 5-star Health Rating. You can take it as a replacement for a main meal or snack.

It’s also an Australian-made meal shake product, making it a popular local consumer choice. Its package even says it contains at least 39% of Australian ingredients.

Belinda MacDougall, maker of The Lady Shake, said the product is for women aiming to feel healthier and more energetic.

The product also promotes itself as a healthy and safe solution to lose weight. Rather than skip meals, you can drink The Lady Shake to control your food intake and induce weight loss.

The Lady Shake Nutritional Profile

Nutritional Information of The Lady Shake package

The Lady Shake has 25 vitamins and minerals to help meet your daily requirements.

It can be tricky to understand nutrient values in plain numbers, though. So, I like how The Lady Shake packaging simplified them for its users.

Here’s what is inside a bag of Lady Shake and their specific food equivalent:

  • Protein equal to 70 eggs
  • Calcium equal to 15 glasses of skim milk
  • Fibre equal to 48 slices of wholemeal bread
  • Vitamin B6 equal to 66 carrots
  • Magnesium equal to 74 oranges
  • Iron equal to 84 cups of spinach
  • Vitamin B12 equal to 12 chicken breasts
  • Phosphorous equal to 138 bananas

It’s remarkable how nutrient-packed this product is! No wonder I felt so full after drinking it.

Moreover, it is gluten-free and has no artificial colourings, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Another thing I would like to highlight is The Lady Shake’s protein and fibre content. If you’ve read my PhenQ Meal Shake review, I mentioned that it contains 16 g of whey protein concentrate.

The Lady Shake also has whey protein, only in a larger amount (28 g). This product also has more fibre (6 g).

Both ingredients are crucial in controlling the appetite and promoting satiety. These also explain how The Lady Shake is good for weight loss. It gives you fewer calories without making you feel hungry right away.

Fibre adds bulk to your diet. It slows down food transit time, reducing hunger.

Whey protein also keeps you full longer. Also, it is a high-quality protein that boosts metabolism.

How to Use The Lady Shake

Preparing The Lady Shake is easy. Just:

  1. Scoop. Add 2 scoops of powder to 350 ml of water in a shaker bottle or portable blender.
  2. Shake or blend. Give the bottle a good shake, or turn on your blender to mix, then enjoy!

Storing The Lady Shake is also easy. Just reseal, then place in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Each bag contains 840 g of powder, which gives you 15 servings (good for 1 week). The manufacturer says you can take up to 2 servings daily.

If you plan to use The Lady Shake for weight loss, there are two ways to do it:

  • Sustainable weight loss plan. Drink Lady Shake for breakfast and afternoon snack, then enjoy a healthy lunch and dinner. This option gives slower but long-term results.
  • Rapid weight loss plan. Drink Lady Shake for breakfast and lunch, then enjoy low-calorie snacks and dinner. This option provides faster results.

Note that The Lady Shake contains milk and soy products and is not for children under 3 years old. The brand also recommends using the product in conjunction with exercise.

Based on its product info, it is easy to see why The Lady Shake is an excellent meal replacement choice. But the best way to tell is to give it a go.

Here’s how my trial went.

Lady Shake Review: My 14-Day Experience

I started my 14-day Lady Shake trial on 19th March up to 8th April 2024. I should mention that I did not take the meal shake on weekends to enjoy my usual meals. I also skipped Good Friday.

Since I am used to having only 2 meals daily, I did not follow the recommended 2 shakes + 2 meals per day. Instead, I replaced 1 meal (breakfast or dinner) with the shake.

The 800-gram Lady Shake packet I got comes with a booklet. It has tips and meal plan suggestions for regular and rapid weight loss. I chose chocolate, by the way, to compare its taste with the other meal shakes I’ve tested.

I like the booklet, especially the food diary section. The other meal shakes I tried didn’t have it. I find it very handy, and people who closely monitor their food intake will like this, too.

If there’s one thing to improve, I think it’s the column with the days of the week. It’s better to leave it empty and let users write Day 1, Day 2, and so on.

I had to add date corrections to my food diary (as shown in the picture) since I started my trial on a Tuesday. It’s not a big deal, but it can make the booklet more user-friendly.

Ease of Preparation

The Lady Shake packet includes a scoop, so you won’t have to measure anything. Just add two scoops of powder to 350 ml of water.

The only problem I had was finding the scoop inside the bag. I had to dig it out with a spoon because the powder was so soft.

Again, it’s not a big deal. Nonetheless, I think having the scoop outside the packet is better.

I used my handy portable blender to blend the shake. I also hand-mixed the powder in a glass of water for testing purposes. The mixture was okay, though not as smooth as the one from a blender.

So, for smoother shakes, use a blender if you have it. If not, you can still make The Lady Shake in a cup or glass without problems.

Taste and Texture

Taste-wise, I love it. It has a velvety texture with a rich chocolate flavour. I have only tried with plain water so far, yet it is very filling.

There were no gritty bits, and I love that each serve contains 28 g of protein. It kept me full for at least half a day and helped with my daily protein intake. Taking it at around 8.30 am will leave me hungry at around 2 pm.

However, even though I enjoyed its taste and texture, I felt bored of consuming it when Friday came. Maybe the experience would be better if I took different flavours over the week.

Luckily, The Lady Shake offers a variety of flavours. They have a variety pack with 14 servings of their most popular flavours. Another option is their Lady Shake bundles with your preferred flavour combinations.

Health and Weight Changes

Did The Lady Shake help me lose weight? Yes, it did.

Even if I only had the shake once a day, I noticed I was losing 200 grams daily consistently. However, once I stopped drinking it during weekends, I also regained 400 grams.

My lowest weight was 55.9 kg. But as soon as the weekend comes and goes, my weight goes back up to 56.5 kg. I expected this yo-yo result as I went overboard with food, especially during the Easter break.

Also, I did not work out on the weekends or make significant diet changes. Still, I am impressed with the turnout. I would have lost more weight or kept it off if I had the shake continuously for 2 weeks.

One thing is clear, though. The Lady Shake can adjust your calorie intake to help you start losing weight. However, observing a consistent healthy diet and active lifestyle is also essential. I am aware that The Lady Shake made me full and not crave large portions of meals as much as when I ate normally.

Another thing I noticed when I stopped taking The Lady Shake was the absence of gas in my abdomen. I farted a lot throughout the whole day when I had The Lady Shake. Then, it stops when I skip it during the weekends.

I researched about it, and it is most likely because I am lactose intolerant. A medical news article also said that supplements with whey may contain lactose, causing flatulence.

I can tolerate a small amount of lactose each day, though. I did not get an adverse effect like when I drank full-cream milk, so it’s not a problem. If you have severe lactose intolerance, I recommend asking your doctor before taking The Lady Shake.

My weight went down when I had The Lady Shake. It went back up when I stopped in the weekends as I felt hungrier than when I had The Lady Shake for breakfast.


Most meal replacement shakes are costly. So, I like that The Lady Shake is more affordable. At the time of writing, one bag of The Lady Shake costs $49.95. That makes 1 serving $3.33.  

It’s a good deal, considering it tastes good and can keep me full for half a day. With its reasonable price, you can stock up or try other flavours.

It is also easy to buy and replenish directly from their website or in Woolworths, Coles, and Priceline.

Pros and Cons of Using PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

  • Protein and fibre-rich
  • Promotes satiety to control appetite
  • Available in several flavours
  • Can induce weight loss
  • Easy to use and mix with water
  • Gluten-free
  • More affordable than other meal shakes
  • Australian-made
  • Easy to buy online or in leading supermarkets
  • May cause flavour or taste fatigue
  • May cause flatulence
  • Food diary booklet could be improved

Final Thoughts About The Lady Shake

There’s so much to like about The Lady Shake. It’s delicious, Australian-made, and accessible.

Because of its affordable price, there’s no need to feel hesitant to give it a go. On the other hand, fans of The Lady Shake can stock up or try other flavours whenever needed.

After my 14-day product test, I can say that The Lady Shake can help with appetite control and weight loss. I lost 200 grams daily in the first week without exerting much effort.

If you follow a consistent Lady Shake regimen, meal plan, and exercise schedule, you will likely observe better results than I had.

The Lady Shake is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet. It fits you if you want to stay healthy or slim down.

Sticking to your meal shake habit should be easy with a delicious and easy-to-prepare product like The Lady Shake.

FAQS About The Lady Shake

What is the best time to drink The Lady Shake?

The Lady Shake has the nutrients to power through your day, so it’s best to have your first serving for breakfast. You can take the second serving as a snack or dinner.

Where can I buy The Lady Shake?

You can buy The Lady Shake and other products from its official website. They are also available in Coles, Woolworths, and Priceline.

Can The Lady Shake help me lose weight?

The Lady Shake can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. It’s rich in protein and fibre to reduce hunger pangs and boost metabolism. It is also low in sugar. Do not take the meal shake alone to slim down faster, though. Instead, incorporate the shake into a healthy meal plan and stay active.

Is The Lady Shake worth it?

The Lady Shake is worth it if you want to control your food intake or improve your eating habits. Because it is easy to prepare and consume, the meal shake is also ideal for busy women. It’s also an excellent meal addition to kickstart your weight loss journey.

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