DUOER Mini Trampoline Review – Accommodates Extreme Weight!

DUOER Mini Trampoline
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Picking the right mini trampoline can be quite challenging. These gizmos are not your typical trampolines that can accommodate a whole gang at the same time. At most, a mini trampoline can accommodate up to 2 or 3 individuals.

The issue, of course, is that they may not be able to enjoy the fun of bouncing on a trampoline. The small jumping surface area plus the weight limitations of the mini rebounder prevent the simultaneous jumping of more than 2 people at a time.

However, I came across a mini trampoline that might accommodate up to three individuals. It has one of the highest weight capacities that I have seen in a mini trampoline so far. Whereas others max out at 180 kilogrammes, the DUOER Mini Trampoline can accommodate an individual weighing 200 kilogrammes.

Of course, you’d have to figure out how you’re going to bounce with your friends. But the point is, with a high weight limit, the DUOER Mini Trampoline offers something that many brands of mini trampolines don’t.

Overview of the DUOER Mini Trampoline

As mentioned, the DUOER Mini Adult Fitness Exercise Trampoline boasts of one of the highest user weight limits on the market. At 200 kilogrammes, it is far better than other systems in the high-end segment. The DUOER features heavy-duty steel construction that’s finished in black powder coating. The jumping mat, while not polypropylene, is durable and strong as it can accommodate up to three individuals at a time. Too bad, the 1.02-metre diameter of the frame means these three individuals will not be able to jump in unison.

A super space saver with robust construction

The DUOER mini trampoline comes with a bungee cord system as a means of generating a bounce. In general, bungee cord systems cannot provide a bounce that is higher than or equivalent to a spring system. However, personal experience shows that the DUOER can provide a rebounding property that is almost similar to a spring-type mechanism.

This mini trampoline features a T-bar, pogo stick-like stability bar instead of the more mainstream guardrail. Nevertheless, the stability bar comes with an easy-to-adjust feature plus padded-handlebars. The height adjustment mechanism is perfect for youngsters who may want to try having fun on the mini trampoline.

One of the best features of the DUOER rebounder is its multi-folding design. Unlike other products that only fold in two, the DUOER rebounder folds into four sections. This gives it a smaller and more compact design for easier storage. The legs also fold into place, eliminating the need for leg removal every time you fold and store the cardio workout jumper.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the DUOER Rebounder

Stable and Robust Frame Construction

With a price tag that is near the range of high-end mini rebounders, anyone can expect that the DUOER will have a high gauge steel frame. And it does. My only issue is that I do not have the actual gauge rating of the steel used in the fabrication of the frame. What I can tell you, however, is that it looks heavy and strong enough.

I am not good in metallurgy but I am good at making inferences. So, how do I know that the metal frame of the DUOER is that tough? Well, the user weight limit on this mini trampoline is 200 kilogrammes. I also read somewhere that it can accommodate up to 250 kilogrammes. If my assumptions are correct, then this mini rebounder is tougher and more robust than some brands in the high-end segment of mini trampolines.

Take the Upper Bounce, for instance. It costs several tens of dollars more than the DUOER, putting it well within the price range of high-end rebounders. Yet, despite its hefty price tag, the Upper Bounce can only manage to accommodate a maximum of 90 kilogrammes. The difference here is more than 100% from the maximum of the Upper Bounce equipment.

Of course, I can still be wrong about my assumptions. However, given that the DUOER product can accommodate up to 3 grown-up individuals (they can’t jump, of course) is a testament to the toughness of the little trampoline’s construction.

Wide and Good Quality Jumping Mat

The Jumping Mat on the DUOER comes with a proprietary jump cloth that the company designed themselves. This material boasts of high elastic properties and tear resistance that can be quite handy when rebounding.

I am trying to figure out the exact composition of the “jump cloth”. It is not canvas or nylon, but it is not polypropylene either. Something tells me that it’s a blend of any of these materials that are often used in the design of rebounders. Like what I said, I can only assume that the material is tough and robust by looking at the other features of the product. Highlighting its 200-250 kilogramme weight capacity, I can say with confidence that this jumping mat is a tough one.

When it comes to its width, the rebounder measures about 102 centimetres. It is not that wide, but at least, you can still fit it in your cramped space. The material also comes with good UV resistance, allowing you to use it outdoors. However, I did not have the time to put the equipment for some rigorous testing under the sun.

Bungee Cord System

Some folks love the spring tension system, while others prefer the bungee cord mechanism. While it is true that it all boils down to personal preference, one has to understand that the choice of the rebounding mechanism can have an impact on two things. First is the maximum height of each bounce. The second is the generation of impact forces on the knees and other joints.

If you require higher bounce, then a spring system is a must. However, you’ve got to be ready with the effects on the knees. If you have trouble with your knees or any other joint in the lower limbs, then a bungee cord system works best. You’d have to make do with the not-so-spectacular bounce, though.

Since the DUOER comes with the bungee system, you know that it’s for those with ailing joints. When it comes to its bounce, I was quite surprised to experience something different. I expected the bounce to be not as high as that in the Upper Bounce. Lo and behold. The DUOER can deliver exceptional bounce.

T-Bar Stability Bar

If there’s one thing I’d like DUOER to redesign, it’s the stability bar. I know why the brand opted for a pogo stick-type of stability bar. This is to make sure that it will not be as intrusive as a full-length stability bar. However, there’s a reason why they call it a stability bar in the first place. This is to help you maintain your balance and stability while you’re busy rebounding on the platform. By reducing the width of the handlebar, you’re also reducing your safety.

But I do recognise that such a feature is still a lot better than not having one at all. This is especially true if you have kids hopping onto the platform. Having said that, there is an adjustment mechanism on the tube of the stability bar. This allows the user to adjust the height.

Foldable and Compact Design

While I did not agree with DUOER’s design of its stability bar, I am a big fan of their folding design. Most folding mini trampolines only fold in two, right down the middle. The DUOER adds two articulation points in between the main fold. This means you get to fold the rebounder into quadrants. The implications of this is that you don’t need a large space to store the rebounder. That makes it a space-saving contraption.

Another neat feature that I adore about the DUOER is its folding legs. The Upper Bounce follows a folding design, too. However, you’d have to remove the legs before you can fold it. The DUOER doesn’t do that. It designed the legs to fold inwards and follow the contour of the frame. As such, it is so easy to fold, lock, and store.

Pro and Cons

  • Comes with Lean Trampoline feature for more fun and more intense workout
  • Reliable design and durable and strong metal frame construction
  • 102-centimetre diameter of jumping mat allows for greater workout surface area
  • Height adjustable T-bar type of stability bar with padded grips
  • Folding design complete with foldable and lockable legs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 kilogrammes is better than others in the market
  • Comes with tough bungee cord system for extra durability and good rebound
  • A bit pricey, almost nearing the price range of high-end rebounders
  • Uses a bungee cord system to connect the mat to the frame; may not offer the kind of bounce that some people may expect
  • There’s no cover for the section between the mat and the frame; can be a safety issue

Should You Buy It?

It is true that the DUOER Mini Adult Fitness Exercise Trampoline has a price that may not be affordable to all. However, it has several features that even those in the high-end segment cannot provide.

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