Have you ever thought about how to move your elliptical? The elliptical trainer is one of the most effective home workout and exercise devices we know. However, they are quite bulky and difficult to move. Whether you are moving the elliptical across rooms or to another place entirely, you can count on this article to help you do so safely.

How Can You Move the Elliptical Safely?

You can move the elliptical safely by simply rolling it on its transport wheels. However, that is only practical if you are moving it across a short distance. You may have to disassemble the device, move it, and couple it again if you are moving it to another house or another floor in your home.

These might sound simple but they are not as easy as they seem. For instance, you may scratch your wall and hardwood floors when you are moving the elliptical with its transport wheels.

As you read on, we will show you how to avoid damaging your home or injuring yourself while moving your elliptical.

How to Move Your Elliptical Safely Within The Same House

You can use the transport wheels to move your elliptical if its new destination is in the same house. Start by mapping out the path you will wheel the elliptical through.

Get rid of any obstacles along the way, including furniture, appliances, and so on. Then, get extra hands to join you because you cannot move the elliptical alone.

Finally, use furniture blankets and dollies to protect your walls and hardwood floor. After doing all of these, you can start wheeling your elliptical to its new spot.

This method is good because it involves only a few steps. It is also not as messy as when you have to disassemble the device.

What’s more, you do not need any special skills or expertise. But then, it is a very tricky process because you must be conscious of protecting the foot pedals and arms while moving the elliptical.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to move your elliptical safely with its transport wheels:

1. Map Out the Path

First, figure out where the elliptical will pass through from its present spot to the new destination. Be sure that you have a wide enough space to roll the elliptical through. Also, check for possible obstacles and clear them out. You may need to remove furniture, appliances, carpets, and so on.

Are there any sharp turns along the path? Are there tight spaces to beware of? You must check for all of these before you do any other thing.

Remember that the elliptical is a very bulky device, so you must prepare well before you attempt to move it. Otherwise, you may damage the device, injure yourself, or damage your home in the process.

2. Call for Extra Hands

You need at least three people to move your elliptical safely. That is you plus two other people to help you. This is especially necessary if you are moving the elliptical to another floor in your home. Two people will hold the elliptical from the back while one person will hold it in front.

You can get just one person to help you if the elliptical is staying on the same floor. While one person pushes the elliptical from behind, the other person will pull it carefully from the front.

3. Get all the Supplies You need

Make sure that all the supplies you need are right by you before you start moving the elliptical. Otherwise, you may have to run up and down during the entire moving process. Getting all supplies ready will make the process less messy and less complicated:

The supplies you would need include:

  • Furniture blankets
  • Furniture dolly

4. Secure Your Elliptical Foot Pedals and Arms

The elliptical foot pedals and arms can constitute a problem for you. Remember that these are moving parts, so they can break or put holes in the walls. Worse still, they can injure someone if you are not careful.

To prevent these problems, secure and tie these moving parts down carefully. You can use a ratchet tie or tie-down strap for this. Slide the tie-down strap under the elliptical and hold its legs in place with the ratchet tie.

Take note not to tie the arms too tightly so that you don’t damage them in the process.

5. Put the Furniture Dolly in Place

The transport wheels of your elliptical are not designed for major movements. They are so small and cannot bear the weight of the elliptical over a long distance. They are designed for small movements while the elliptical is in its place.

You will damage your hardwood floor if you attempt to move your elliptical on the bare transport wheels. The wheels will dig into your hardwood floor and leave a permanent dent on it. That is where the furniture dolly comes in.

For the safety of your floor, lay the furniture dolly on the floor and load the elliptical on it. Raise the elliptical in front and roll the elliptical on it. Protect your floor with the furniture dolly all along the path.

6. Use Furniture Blankets to Protect the Walls

One more thing before you start moving the elliptical. Cover it with furniture blankets to prevent its hard parts from scratching your walls or poking holes in them. The furniture blanket will also protect your elliptical from getting dented or scratched.

How to Move Your Elliptical to Another Location

You may have to disassemble your elliptical if you are moving it to an entirely new location. The device’s massive size makes it impossible to move it to another location while it’s still intact. What’s more, some people prefer to disassemble the elliptical even if they are moving it within the same house.

This method removes the challenge that sharp turns, doorways, and hallways may pose. However, it is a messier process and requires some form of skillfulness. You need to disassemble the foot pedals and arms as one entity. Then, the seat and frame will stand as another entity.

Taking the NordicTrack 9.9 Elliptical for example. Since it is quite a huge machine that weights 93kg and stands about 174cm high when assembled, transporting the equipment to and from any space in the house can be a quite a job. However, moving the machine to any desired point is still possible with the right careful handling.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to disassemble and move your elliptical:

1. Refer to the instructions manual.

Your first point of call if you are disassembling the elliptical is to refer to the manual. The instructions manual will show you how to safely disassemble your elliptical. Check for instructions about the pegs, cogs, and nails so that you will not misplace or lose anything.

2. Take photos of the elliptical from all angles.

It is always safer to take detailed pictures of the elliptical before you disassemble it. That way, you can always consult the pictures if you get confused while assembling the device again.

3. Disassemble the elliptical.

Use the appropriate tools and the right sizes to lose the foot pedals and handles. Otherwise, you may ruin the pegs and nails. What’s more, take extra caution while loosening the arms because they are heavy and long. If care is not taken, the arms may fall on you and cause injuries.

4. Gather all the small parts.

After loosening the different parts of the elliptical, make sure you gather all the pegs and nails in a ziplock bag. Place the ziplock bag in a safe place where children and pets cannot reach it.

You may also divide these small parts into groups based on where you took them out from. That way, you will find the process of assembly easier.

5. Move the parts to the new location.

Start by moving the troublesome pedals and arms to the new destination. Then, load the frame on a furniture dolly for safe movement. You can put the frame in a van for transport to a distant location. Don’t forget to use a furniture dolly while moving the elliptical to its new home.

Furthermore, cover the frame with a furniture blanket to protect your walls. The chances of damaging or scratching your walls are lower when the pedals and arms are out. However, you still have to be careful.

6. Assemble the elliptical again.

The final step in this process is to couple the elliptical in its new location. Make use of the instructions from the manual, the pictures you took, and your labelled ziplock bags. Leave no stone unturned in the reassembly process.

Moreover, make sure you are certain that the device is all good before you get on it for your next workout. At this point, you have successfully moved your elliptical safely.


Home remodelling or moving into a new home is usually for the better. However, the thought of moving delicate items, like the elliptical, can be a bottleneck in the process of remodelling or moving.

Not to worry though, we have covered the nitty-gritty of how to make the process safe, easy, and stress-free in this post. Follow our step-by-step guide and you will protect yourself, your friends, the hardwood floor, and your walls from injury or damage.

What’s more, this guide will help you protect your elliptical and keep it fully functional despite the move.

1. How Do You Transfer Your Elliptical to the Other Room By Yourself?

Firstly, do not just tilt and push the machine to the next room as this might create scratches, especially on hardwood floors. Simply cushion the edges with a thick soft cloth and make sure these are tied. Then, push or slide the elliptical to your desired spot in the other room safely.

2. How to Transport Your Elliptical Upstairs?

The safest way to transport the equipment to another floor is by dissembling every component starting from the largest to the smallest. Transport every component that you can carry then assemble every part correctly using the manual guide. Note that this method applies when you are unable to seek a mover or some helping hands.