York T700 Treadmill Review – Seriously?

York T700
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There are some of us who do not really have the luxury of space in our homes that even if we would like to get the most expensive, the most state-of-the-art, and the most versatile treadmill for our fitness needs, it simply is not possible, unless we sacrifice some of our precious living space.

I have found a treadmill that is simply perfect for those who may be in the same predicament: more than willing to embark on a journey of fitness but is severely hampered by space requirements at home.

However, the York Fitness T700 doesn’t only come with a very compact footprint, it also comes fully embedded with technological features that you would otherwise not expect from a product within this price range.

And for a price that is considered to be a real steal, I’d say the York T700 is worth checking out. Fortunately, I happen to have the chance to give this treadmill a real workout.

Overview of the York T700 Treadmill

The York Fitness T700 treadmill is currently being marketed in Australia as a premium quality entry-level treadmill that features a modestly powerful 2.0 CHP motor with peak power output at 4.0 HP to propel its durable 130 centimetre by 42 centimetre running deck up to speeds of 16 kilometres per hour.

It comes complete with an integrated music system and a folding design plus a host of preset programs too, making the York T700 an excellent choice for those who would like to venture into the world of physical fitness.

Personally, running on the York Fitness T700 was quite fun especially going through all the 12 program presets plus an additional manual setting. This was indeed a pleasant surprise since the T700 hardly resembles a formidable gym equipment that you could expect to be used in professional circuits.

Compared to other treadmills that are priced substantially higher yet only come with at most 10 program presets, the T700’s 13 programs are admirable to say the least.

The programs are set on a console that is adorned by a 5-inch display with the usual blue LED backlight. Speaking of the display, while it is bright, its size is sure is wanting. I would have preferred a screen of at least 7 inches because, honestly, my smartphone’s screen is even a lot bigger than that of the York T700.

However, I do recognise that it is a rather small inconvenience and one that should not really be a big issue for those with no visual perception problems.

The console comes with all the necessary keys to manage your fitness session including adjustments for the incline of the track for up to 15 degrees as well as the speed of the rollers, powered by the 2.0 CHP motor. On the right side of the T700’s console is a set of buttons that allows for greater control of the integrated MP3 music player.

It does come with a USB charging port, however. My other lament is that the volume and track buttons could have been given separate buttons, although I do realise that doing so will only make the layout of the console a bit cluttered. The other side of the panel consists of buttons that control the program presets, equipment incline, and the speed of the belt.

The T700 comes with a 2.0 HP continuous motor with the possibility of revving it up to a max of 4.0 HP. I guess wishing for a much higher continuous power output for this price range is totally out of the question.

It also comes with bottle holders which can serve as temporary storage for other items. Integrated into the handrails are contact sensors that help monitor your heart rate. I would have preferred an accompanying chest strap, however.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the York T700

Durable construction

Providing the backbone to the York T700 is premium quality, heavy duty steel. This gives it durability that will make you keep on using it for many years. However, I find the overall design of the T700 to be somewhat slightly unstable since the ratio of its height to its width is rather large, meaning it is exceptionally taller than it is wide.

When laid out flat on the floor, it only measures about 68.5 centimetres from the outer edge of one side of the York T700 to the other side.

Considering that this is the outside dimension, its running track width is a lot smaller at only 42 centimetres. Definitely this is a treadmill that is not good for rather stout individuals. Unfortunately, this also defeats the purpose of wanting to lose weight.

Modestly powerful motor

As I have already mentioned, the T700 comes with a 2.0 CHP DC motor that gives it the capability to run the treadmill up to speeds of 16 kilometres per hour. I can understand the use of a 2.0 HP motor since it is earmarked specifically as an entry-level equipment.

What I found quite intriguing is that the motor actually feels more powerful than it truly is. My friend, who did the machine test with me, was actually well beyond the 110-kilogram weight limit of the machine, yet we did not hear the equipment whine endlessly because of the increased work it had to perform.

13 fitness programs

Most of the treadmills I have evaluated come in at most 10 program presets; the T700 comes in at 13. The fact that it is considered an entry level machine makes it even more astounding.

It comes with 11 presets plus one each for a Body Fat burning mode and the Manual mode. Now this should be a very interesting treadmill not only for beginners but also for the more advanced fitness buffs.

User-friendly interface

Despite having a rather small 5-inch display, the console of the T700 is arranged in a way that everything can be accessed with a touch of a button.

And if this is not your type, then you may be able to fully utilise the integrated quick control keys on the handle bar itself. One controls the speed of the track while the other allows you to easily adjust the angle of the incline.

Compact and lightweight folding design

The T700 measures a full 163 centimetres long, 66 centimetres wide, and 133 centimetres high giving you a footprint of about 2.1 square meters. It is still substantially large.

However, given that it has a rather narrow width, it is not really a problem putting on one side of the bedroom. I actually tried squeezing it on a rather tight space and it fit beautifully.

The T700 also comes in at just 63 kilograms. It is quite heavy but the integration of wheels at the base makes it quite easy to move about. Storage is also made easy as the deck can be folded upright. The only downside is that you’d have to pick up the front edge of the deck to pull it upwards with both hands.

I have seen some models that will only require the use of one hand. So, while the York Fitness T700 has a convenient folding design, it somehow limits it by not providing some form of assistive technology.

Integrated music entertainment system

I tried playing my favourite songs through the integrated MP3 player of the T700. It is not one of the best in quality acoustics but it sure is enough to make treadmill running or even walking a lot more engaging.

I am not sure how many drivers are present in the speaker system but it does need some amplification since its loudness tends to wane.

Perhaps my hearing has just grown accustomed to the kind of music output generated by the T700’s speakers. Nevertheless, it still is a good addition to the features package of the York Fitness treadmill.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and compact design at just 63 kilograms and a footprint of about 2 square metres
  • Overall durable and sturdy construction
  • Modestly powerful 2.0 CHP DC motor
  • 13 different fitness programs including a Body Fat mode
  • Integrated contact sensors on the handle bars for heart rate monitoring
  • Integrated speed and incline quick control keys on the handle bars
  • Integrated USB charging port on the console for compatible USB mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Very narrow running surface area which might be an issue for individuals with wider girths than others; overall treadmill stability may also be a concern
  • 5-inch screen may not offer great visual feedback compared to other models
  • The handlebars are relatively shorter, although most runners will typically dismiss this as insignificant


The York Fitness T700 should not be classified as an entry level treadmill since it comes with a few features that are found mostly in another treadmill classification.

Limited only by a rather narrow width and a small screen, the T700 can actually become an advanced beginner’s new best friend when it comes to staying fit.

The 13 programs plus the folding design, albeit without any assistive technologies involved, further add to the overall appeal of this particular treadmill.

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