Have you been working out to reduce the flab on your arms and waist? Doing HIIT treadmill workouts for fat loss is one way to achieve this.

Compared with steady-state cardio, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can boost your heart rate faster. In turn, you increase your oxygen level needs and burn more calories. And pairing your HIIT treadmill workout with a healthy diet supports efficient fat loss.

But how does HIIT work exactly? And how can you do it on a treadmill? Keep reading to learn more about this fat-burning exercise.

How Effective are HIIT Treadmill Workouts for Fat Loss?

Fats are excess calories we get from the food we eat.

The more calories we ingest, the more fats we store. And these fats stay in the body if we don’t use them for energy.

That means we need to control our food intake and do more physical activities to burn calories and fats.

Exercise boosts our heart rate and oxygen consumption. Both reactions signal the body to start metabolism or use stored calories.

However, the quality of exercise we do, in terms of duration and intensity, affects how many calories we burn.

Doing the same treadmill exercise makes your body less efficient in burning calories.

Eventually, you’ll stop losing weight and reach a fitness plateau.

And this is where HIIT treadmill workouts become ideal for fat loss.

HIIT involves short, intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest.

With faster pace intervals, you’ll keep your heart rate up, optimise oxygen utilisation and encourage higher caloric burn.

And since HIIT workouts use varying exercise speeds and duration, you can avoid plateaus and continue losing weight and fat.

How can HIIT Treadmill Workouts Benefit Me?

HIIT on the treadmill can boost caloric burn and fat loss.

But there are other reasons why you should step up to the challenge and try this exercise.

Here are some of its benefits.

HIIT Treadmill Benefits

They are customisable.

HIIT is challenging but not impossible for beginners to do.

If you’re a first-timer, you can start with extended recovery periods, then gradually shorten them when ready.

On the other hand, seasoned runners can experiment with various interval training routines to keep their bodies challenged.

HIIT treadmill workouts for fat loss are easy to customise, and you can continue doing them, from newbie to master level.

They are time-efficient.

HIIT lets you burn more calories within a shorter period.

That means 30-minute HIIT treadmill sessions burn about the same calories as a 1-hour steady-state exercise.

It’s an excellent way to squeeze exercise time into your busy schedule.

Also, you can achieve fat loss results without exercising for hours.

They keep you focused and motivated.

HIIT requires quick changes in treadmill settings, keeping your concentration up throughout.

Also, it breaks exercise monotony and boredom.

Intense workouts are difficult, so completing a HIIT session is fulfilling, too.

And this satisfactory feeling is an excellent factor to keep you exercising.

How Should HIIT Treadmill Workouts Be Done?

If you’re willing to take the challenge and give HIIT a go, here’s how you should do it on a treadmill.

HIIT Treadmill Workout Duration

Note that you are trading long exercise time for intensity with HIIT. That means you don’t have to exercise long when doing interval training.

And the time range can be from 4 to 30 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

Choose a time duration that you can tolerate before feeling muscle fatigue.

It’s best to introduce HIIT to your body slowly, then adjust and extend your workout when ready.

HIIT Treadmill Workout Frequency

Compared with steady-state cardio, HIIT treadmill workouts for fat loss are more physically demanding.

So, you cannot do HIIT as often as regular exercises, and you have to give your body enough time to recover.

One to two HIIT sessions per week are ideal if you’re a first-timer or aiming for weight maintenance.

You can increase it to three sessions if you think your body can handle it.

Make sure not to overdo it, and do lighter exercises when recovering.

HIIT Treadmill Workout Optimisation

With HIIT, time is essential as you only have a few minutes to complete each session.

So, make the most of it by applying these tips:

  • Add variety to your HIIT plan. Don’t hesitate to increase your treadmill speed or incline your interval training session. Push yourself hard enough to avoid plateaus and slow progress.
  • Try a different HIIT program each time. Keep your body challenged, and don’t do the same HIIT program. Research and compile HIIT workouts that match your fitness capacity. It’s an excellent tip to keep you motivated.
  • Allocate time for rest. Ideally, do HIIT workouts with 24 to 48 hours of rest periods after every session. Giving your body enough time to recover ensures you’re at your best with each HIIT workout.
How to Do HIIT Treadmill Workouts

What are Some Examples of HIIT Treadmill Workouts for Fat Loss?

Here are some easy-to-do workout suggestions to kick-start your HIIT journey.

15-Minute HIIT for Beginners

  • Warm up by brisk walking for 3 minutes.
  • Set the treadmill to 3-4 mph and start walking for 1 minute.
  • Set the treadmill to 5-7 mph and start jogging for 1 minute.
  • Set the treadmill to 7-9 mph and start running for 1 minute.
  • Repeat this interval cycle three more times.
  • Cool down by brisk walking for 1 minute.

Note: You can double the time duration for this workout plan if you’re ready for a 30-minute session. Don’t forget to check out these 5 beginner workout tips as well.

5-Minute HIIT for Busy People

  • Warm up by doing off-treadmill exercises.
  • Set the treadmill to 7 mph and start running for 1 minute.
  • Lower the setting to 3.5 mph and start walking for 30 seconds.
  • Set the treadmill to 7.5 mph and continue running for 1 minute.
  • Lower the setting to 3.5 mph and start walking for 30 seconds.
  • Set the treadmill to 8 mph and continue running for another 1 minute.
  • Cool down by brisk walking for 1 minute.


Burning calories and losing weight may take lots of time and effort. But anyone can achieve these goals with the correct technique.

And with HIIT treadmill workouts for fat loss, even busy individuals can exercise for a few minutes without affecting their other daily tasks.

Remember, doing quick exercises is better than none at all. So, challenge yourself and try interval training.

Use the adjustable speed or incline of your treadmill to make your fitness journey fun and exciting.

If you are thinking about upgrading your current cardio machine, I have listed the best treadmills you can consider in Australia.

1. Is incline or speed better on a treadmill?

Choosing between treadmill incline or speed depends on your fitness goals. Adjusting the incline level is ideal for weight loss and muscle toning. On the other hand, treadmill speed is best for sports performance training and stamina improvement. Aim to incorporate varying speed and incline into your treadmill workout to gain more health benefits.

2. Can I use treadmills without shoes?

You can walk or run on a treadmill barefoot. This form of exercise can strengthen the muscles and improve body balance. However, it’s best to learn the proper techniques to do it successfully and safely. These should protect you from blisters, burns and other injuries.

3. What other exercise equipment can I use for HIIT?

HIIT is ideal for levelling up your indoor cycling routine. With a stationary bike, you can alternately cycle at moderate and intense paces. Check out this previous article for steps and tips.