It’s that time of year again when Christmas is only days away. And while you get those decorations and shopping lists ready, I’ll be helping you prepare for Black Friday 2022 Australia!

Black Friday will officially start on 25 November 2022. But, as they say, it pays to be prepared.

So, I’ve gathered all the information you have to know about this all-important sales event and the key dates to mark on your calendar.

I’m also giving you helpful tips to start brushing up on your bargain-hunting and shopping skills.

Keep this page bookmarked, though, as I’ll be updating this page with the best Black Friday deals and discount codes you don’t want to miss.

Black Friday 2022 Australia FAQs

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originated in the United States. It falls on a Friday right after the Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Traditionally, the last Friday of November marks the start of Christmas shopping.

But, over time, it evolved into a period of sales events, with global retailers offering a wide range of marked-down items.

Here in Australia, the Black Friday shopping bonanza started in 2015.

Several years later, it has become one of the much-awaited events of both Aussie retailers and bargain hunters.

Last year, customers remained in a positive shopping spirit amid the pandemic and scored huge savings from retail giants and Australia’s top supermarkets.

The total 2021 sales even outperformed the 2019 pre-pandemic records by 8%, with Australians spending over $8 billion.

How does Black Friday work?

Expect local and international retailers to offer plenty of attractive deals a few days before and after the Black Friday event.

Most will provide promo or discount codes for you to enter at checkout.

And some of these are available based on stock supply or a limited timeframe.

Do you have a favourite online store, like Amazon or eBay? Big retailers like these typically have store membership options, too.

While a subscription is not mandatory to shop for Black Friday items, members get exclusive perks like faster shipping services, massive discounts and freebies.

So, check them out, read the conditions and consider signing up for a plan that works best for you.

Also, if you prefer to spend your Black Friday shopping online, have your credit card or other online payment options ready beforehand.

When is Black Friday 2022 Australia

When is Black Friday 2022 in Australia?

This year, Black Friday falls on 25 November. It typically lasts all weekend and extends up to the 28 November, also called Cyber Monday.

That means you get four days to shop and score big deals. However, Black Friday usually starts a week or two earlier than the actual event.

During this time, plenty of retailers will start offering discounted items and make more deals available in the days leading up to Black Friday.

So, make sure to check your favourite retailers early and keep an eye out for their Black Friday announcements.

What and when is Cyber Monday 2022 in Australia?

Cyber Monday started in 2005 and is the Monday following Thanksgiving. It falls on 28 November this year.

Back then, online shopping wasn’t as popular as it is today. So, retailers used the term “Cyber Monday” to encourage customers to shop online during the Black Friday season.

At that time, Black Friday deals were mostly big-ticket items offered in brick-and-mortar stores, while Cyber Monday was for smaller online products.

Today, there is no clear distinction between these two, and retailers will throw new deals in-store or online at any time within the sales event.

When is the best time to buy Black Friday deals?

Before, it is ideal to reserve your purchases close to or during Black Friday for the best price.

However, more recent shopping experiences made me rethink that habit. Retailers nowadays seem to start offering marked-down items early to mid-November.

They may add more offers in the days leading up to Black Friday, but the discounted prices of early deals typically stay the same.

So, if you’re aiming for big-ticket items like TVs or gadgets, the best time would be to buy them as soon as they are on sale.

Products like these are usually in demand and run out fast.

Ideally, have your shopping list ready and grab discounted items when available.

Black Friday 2022 Australia Deals

Which stores offer Black Friday sales?

Almost every store owner and online retailer will have something on offer during Black Friday 2022 in Australia.

Major retailers and brands like eBay Australia, Target, Dell, Lenovo, JB Hi-Fi, Myer, The Good Guys and Bing Lee will likely participate.

Amazon Australia is, of course, most shoppers’ go-to during the sales event. The retail giant is yet to make its Black Friday announcement, though.

But, like in the past years, we can expect huge Amazon discounts for a wide range of products.

So, keep an eye out for those toys, kitchen appliances, fashion or tech items you’ve been planning to buy.

Also, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet, consider signing up for a membership.

It’s not necessary for Black Friday shopping, but this gives you access to lots of exclusive benefits. Plus, signing up now gets you a free 30-day trial.

Our partners are also busy getting ready for the much-awaited sales event. Here’s what we have so far:

  • Lifespan Fitness. Are you looking for a new bike or rowing machine? Lifespan Fitness has a wide range of exercise machines with huge savings of up to 65% until 28 November. Check out their Black Friday Specials page!
  • Reebok Fitness. Planning to add a Reebok treadmill or exercise bike to your home gym? Select models are at 20% of RRP until 28 November. Some training accessories are also 30% off. Shop now at their Black Friday Sale page.
  • Gym and Fitness. Check out its Black Friday page and grab huge discounts on its most popular items. Spend enough, and you might even score some Black Friday Freebies valued up to $4,999! The more you spend, the more freebies you unlock. 
  • ProForm and NordicTrack. Both brands are offering early deals on select products until 24 November.
  • Hydragun. Sore muscles? Knee pain? Get yourself a new Hydragun massager with early Black Friday discounts. Make sure to use the code upon checkout.
  • Endurance Treadmills and Southern Fitness Wholesale. Check out their websites and score early Black Friday savings!

Don’t forget to bookmark and revisit this page to keep track of the best discounts from these stores. I’ll be listing deals and codes as soon as they go live.

Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022

When is Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022?

Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022 falls on the 25th of November this year. They are yet to announce what’s in store, though.

But, like last year, the retail giant will likely observe the four-day sales period, with offers stretching over the weekend up to Cyber Monday.

Discounts and offers will probably be available days before Black Friday.

Where can I find the Amazon Black Friday deals?

You can visit the Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022 page to check various product categories and items on sale.

You may click on today’s deals and begin shopping early, too.

For upcoming deals, scroll down a bit and click the option on your left from the navigation bar.

A bit further below, you’ll see all sorts of filtering options to make product search easier.

Add items to your watchlist, so you can get prompt notifications through the Amazon app as soon as the deal starts.

Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022

What is Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime membership is a paid subscription service for customers. There are two options to sign up.

You can get the monthly plan at AU$6.99 or the yearly plan at AU$59.

Both provide members equal benefits, but the annual subscription gives you more savings. You can learn more about these here.

New members also get a free 30-day trial.

So, if you sign up now, you can enjoy Black Friday shopping plus the membership perks without spending anything!

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member for Black Friday?

Prime membership is not necessary for Amazon Australia Black Friday 2022, as it is open to everyone.

You only need to be a member on Amazon Prime Day to access the event and its exclusive deals.

But while you don’t need to be a Prime member for Black Friday, a subscription gives you several benefits, such as free expedited delivery.

There are also offers and freebies during the event that are only available for members.

What comes with the Amazon Prime membership?

Aside from getting Amazon Prime Day access, members also get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Fast and free domestic delivery: Purchase Prime-eligible domestic items, then get them as fast as one day without any minimum purchase required.
  • Free standard international delivery: Get this when you order eligible items over $49 at Amazon international stores.
  • Exclusive and early access to select deals: Access Prime-eligible lightning deals with a 30-minute head start.
  • Great movies and music: Enjoy Amazon Originals through Prime Video or Amazon Music with millions of ad-free songs.
  • Free e-books and games: Access Prime Reading and get a rotating selection of books, comics, magazines and more. Also, play a monthly selection of games you can keep through Prime Gaming.

Black Friday 2022 Shopping Tips

Black Friday is an extraordinary sales event, and preparation is a must!

So, I’m sharing these tried-and-tested tips to help you score a hot deal or two.

Bargain Hunting and Shopping Tips

1. Conduct early product research.

Several retailers typically entice shoppers and release their list of deals before Black Friday. These lists let you research and determine which items are worth buying.

You can also use them for comparing product prices or features. This way, you can get the best item and make the most of your money.

Bookmark or save the items you end up liking for faster checkout.

2. Prep your shopping list.

It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed during Black Friday. Without a list, you can easily overspend or miss out on things you need.

So, make sure to have one before the sales event. Specify the items you want to buy and trim down your options.

For instance, identify your budget limit and preferred brand or product specs before buying a new laptop.

3. Shop around.

It’s easier to visit and buy everything you need online from one-stop shops. However, remember that Black Friday is open to all retailers.

So, if possible, look at what others have to offer. Brand sites may have better deals than third-party distributors and vice-versa.

This tip comes in handy when buying big-ticket items.

4. Take note of alternatives.

Popular items are even more popular during massive sales events. And they sell out quickly.

So, to avoid shopping disappointments, prepare a list of your second-best options.

It could be the same item from another seller or a different brand offering a similar product.

Holiday Sales Event

5. Check in early if possible.

Major retailers like Amazon Australia typically offer flash sales to kick-start the Black Friday event.

These deals are available within a limited time or while supplies last.

So, check in early to avoid missing out. Alternatively, add items to your watchlist in advance to get prompt notifications.

Retailers like Amazon Australia, for example, often have flash sales to start the event.

6. Read and understand product descriptions.

Low prices can sometimes make you forget to read about the product you’re buying.

So, double-check the items you are adding to your cart before clicking the checkout button.

For example, if you’re buying kids’ toys, mattresses or high chairs, check if they were produced based on Australian Standards.

Pay attention to this detail more when shopping from overseas.

When purchasing tech products, ensure they are compatible with Australian power outlets, voltage and other similar specs.

If buying from a seller overseas, try to research the brand and see if it has a local office offering customer service.

Also, check the fine print and read about the store’s policies for refund, replacement or repair.

Keep this tip in mind if you’re stocking up on Christmas presents and might need to return or exchange something later.

Shopping on Black Friday is 100% more fun and rewarding when prepared. So, apply these tips and don’t let the frenzy get to you.

And be sure to return to this post for discount codes and updated deal lists as they go live!