Using an exercise bike does help in working your abs but is not targeted. The pedalling motion may not be the best for the abs compared to targeted ab workouts, but breathing hard while doing a moderate and taxing workout can help tone your abs.

In the following sections, we will discuss what other muscle exercise bike workouts target, 3 ways to ride an exercise bike for better abs and 5 tips to get your abs worked correctly with an exercise bike.

Other Muscles That Biking Workout Targets

Riding an exercise bike is a non-load-bearing cardiovascular exercise, meaning you do not need to support your whole body weight as you do when running or jogging.

Below are 3 specific muscle groups that a biking workout targets.

1. Legs

Leg muscles are the most obvious group of muscles that an exercise bike workout works on. Notice how toned the legs of a professional or serious cyclist are. This is because every day is a leg day when you ride a bicycle daily.

A stationary bike exercise targets your upper and lower legs. Two upper leg muscle groups are targeted when you pedal. These are your quadriceps (front thigh) and hamstrings (back thigh.) When you pedal downwards, you work your quads, while pedalling upwards works your hamstrings.

An exercise bike also engages the back muscles of your lower legs. These are your calves that are responsible for pushing and pulling during the act of pedalling. You use your calf muscles when you make this move.

2. Core

Riding an exercise bike may not be the perfect workout to gain abdominal muscles. However, a stationary bike exercise can strengthen your core.

Holding the handlebars while you pedal engages your core and keeps you stable while cycling.

As mentioned above, riding an exercise bike with your abs tight, sitting correctly, and the act of breathing while cycling can work your abdominal muscles.

3. Glutes

Riding an exercise bike uses your glutes when pushing down the pedals.

Whatever type of bike you use, whether a road bike, recumbent, or an upright stationary bike, your gluteal muscles contract to lengthen your hip.

However, a recumbent bike targets your glutes better than an upright one because it pushes against the pedal, which is the same when doing a mini-leg press.

Best Ways to Ride Your Exercise Bike Towards Better Abs

Below are 3 workouts you can do with your exercise bike for your fitness goals.

1. Steady-state Cycling

Steady-state cycling entails sustainable and moderate-effort cycling. This type of cycling is something you can sustain for a longer period without needing a recovery. This is an excellent exercise if you want to train for endurance.

2. High-Intensity Cycling

High-intensity cycling is an efficient way to maximise workout results with less time spent exercising. It is done by performing an intense cycling session to achieve the goal of a brief muscle failure. Each workout is slow and controlled, and the whole session is fast, focused and intense.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training involves repeated sequences of alternating slow and fast pedalling at different resistance levels. This cardiovascular training can pump your heart, sweat, and burn calories quickly.

When paired with cycling, this workout will change your whole approach to fitness and your way to a leaner and much stronger you. All these cycling workouts will help you burn calories and build the abs you want for yourself.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Abs Are Worked Correctly with an Exercise Bike

1. Keep Your Abs Tight

Keeping your abs tight as you work out helps in toning your midsection.

Though cycling is not the most effective workout for your abs compared to specific abs exercises, tightening your abs can make a lot of difference for your core section.

So make sure you focus on keeping your abs tight throughout your workout to help you tone those core muscles.

2. Sit Up Straight

Maintaining proper posture while cycling can help tone your abdominal muscles. Do not slouch when riding an exercise bike because it will not help contract your core muscles. Sitting up straight will make a big difference in building your abs and give you a better workout.

3. Use One Hand on the Handlebars

If you want to engage your abs more, try using one hand on the handlebars.

This position will force the muscles on your stomach and lower abs to contract more because of the added weight on one side of your body.

Keep your abs engaged as you put your other arm at your back and switch to the other side for a quick ab workout.

4. Incorporate Crunches

Perform crunches while cycling. You can do crunch variations while cycling on a stationary bike by pedalling and contracting your abs inwardly continually. Doing this will help tone and tighten your abs.

5. Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down are very important in any type of exercise. Do not skip these processes to make your indoor cycling workout more effective.

Final Thoughts

Riding an exercise bike may not be the most effective way to build abs compared to exercises that target the abs.

However, keeping your abs tight, sitting up straight and breathing properly during cycling can help build and tone your abs.

1. How to start a stationary bike workout for beginners?

The first thing that you must do is to familiarise yourself with the stationary bike of your choice. Once you find the bike you like, adjust the seat, resistance, or incline to fit your needs. Then do warm-up routines first before you work your way up.

2. How much does an exercise bike cost in Australia?

The cost of exercise bikes in Australia ranges from $100 to 4,000. The big price gap is due to different brands and model features. Mid-range models cost between $1,000 and 1,500. Buying a stationary bike should be based on your budget, fitness needs and preferences.