Using a treadmill for exercise is a great way to lose weight, especially for people who cannot walk or run outside. While it can be used indoors, anyone can still get hurt by using this exercise machine. They must know the difference between running outside and using this device. In order to use treadmills safely, here are 10 important tips to remember to avoid injuries.

1. Get Your Shoe Laces Tied

There are some treadmill users who forget to tie the laces of their shoes. This will result in serious injuries if the strings get caught in the belt. Always double-check the laces before stepping on the device.

2. Make Sure the Treadmill is Off Before Use

Another mistake for new users of the exercise machine is turning it on before they step on it. Doing so will throw them off the moving running belt right away and will result in injuries. Always check that the power button is turned off before stepping on the device. If you live in a metropolitan city like Melbourne, check out this treadmill buy guide to help you with your purchase.

3. Invest on Good Quality Shoes

A good pair of running shoes is important for running on a treadmill to protect the soles of the feet. It can properly absorb the shock from constantly running on the belt. It should also have a proper fit to avoid injury to the feet. Running shoes are also designed to be lighter and supportive than other types of shoes.

4. Warm Up Before Running

Always do a warm up exercise before stepping on the treadmill to get the blood circulating and make the muscles flexible. Before putting stress on the legs and feet, warming up is an important step to avoid cramps and other injuries. Walking slowly indoors for five to ten minutes is a good example of a warmup exercise.

5. Always Have a Good Pace

Running outside and on the treadmill are not the same. Outdoor runners can stop when they get tired. This exercise machine does not care for the runner’s fatigue, which will result in injury if they cannot press the stop button in time. Always find the time to press the slow button before stamina runs out.

Increase the speed of the machine by only 15 percent each week. This will allow the body to get used to the speed of the workout. A sudden increase of speed will only result in grave injuries.

6. Keep a Good Posture

Good posture improves muscle conditioning, which is an essential factor when using the treadmill. A natural position of the body can prevent injuries while using the machine.

This is also the reason why the device has a two percent incline so that it can imitate the ground. Putting it on a flat position will injure the feet or legs.

Running on a treadmill without the incline causes the runner to move with their knees straight. The knees would not be able to absorb the shock properly. This can cause muscle strain and pain in the feet and knees.

Leaning or holding on the treadmill’s bar can throw off a person’s balance. It is recommended to have proper posture until the end of the running exercise.

7. Never Multitask

Multitasking on a treadmill can lead to serious bruises since it will break a runner’s concentration. At a minimum, a person using this exercise machine should only listen to music and nothing else. For other people who want to multitask and have a workout, they should just walk outside to avoid the danger.

8. Always Look Straight Ahead

The best way to exercise with the treadmill without the risk of injury is to look straight ahead. Do not look away from the treadmill because it will distract the runner. This will result in injury by bumping on the handles due to lost momentum and concentration.

9. Never Attempt Tricks

Always avoid doing tricks on the treadmill like hopping, skipping, running backwards, or sideways. If the runner makes a mistake, this will result in serious bruises. The tricks may be some kind of workout, but they should be done outdoors with little risk.

10. Use the Safety Key

All treadmill machines have a safety key installed for emergencies. It is designed to be attached to the user’s clothes when they use the device for a workout. It automatically shuts down the running belt if it is pulled away too far from the dashboard.

If you follow my tips above, you should be to avoid any serious injuries while you are doing your treadmill exercise. Also, please check out my treadmill reviews so you can decide the most suitable treadmill to buy in Australia.