We all know how some exercise bikes mimic the feel of a road bike. However, in order to really feel that you are riding outdoors, your bike should be able to lean side to side too. So, is there an exercise bike that leans side to side?

There are exercise bikes that lean side to side. These bikes provide a more effective workout compared to regular exercise bikes because they can engage your core muscles and balance reflexes.

Continue reading to find out more about some types of exercise bikes that can lean side to side and the benefits of tilting exercise bikes.

2 Types of Exercise Bikes that Lean Side to Side

There are not many exercise bikes that have the capability to lean side to side. Learn about the two exercise bikes that can lean side to side below.

Product NameModesDimensionBike WeightConnectivityResistanceOther Features
Bowflex VelocoreLeaning and Stationary60” x 24” x  55”79 kgBluetooth WiFiMagnetic Resistance16” or 22” Touchscreen, Solid steel frame, Can subscribe to JRNY, Plenty of workout programs  
Muoverti TiltbikeLeaning and Stationary55” x 14” x 35”42 kgBluetooth WiFiMagnetic ResistanceWith controller and mini joysticks, Compatible with Trainer Road, RGT,  and Zwift

Bowflex Velocore

The Bowflex Velocore exercise bike gives you an exhilarating biking experience right in the comforts of your home. You can choose between a leaning mode or stationary mode, whatever you feel like doing during your workout.

The Bowflex Velocore is designed to target more of your core while riding. You can lock and unlock this bike’s frame so that you can lean side to side. Biking helps you engage your abs more and build core strength according to Dr. Edward M. Philips in Harvard Health Publishing (2012).

Other features of this exercise bike include:

  • Two console options, 22 inches and 16 inches.
  • A solid steel frame that provides a stable ride even while leaning.
  • Includes 1.5 kg dumbbells for a more challenging workout.

Muoverti TiltBikes

Muoverti TiltBikes are designed for people who want to have a more realistic indoor cycling experience. This bike allows riders to steer, balance, brake, and engage the entire body to mimic riding outdoors.

The lateral frame rotation and self-centring handlebars let the bike move easily under the rider to maintain the body’s normal fluidity.

This bike provides a more effective workout, especially for strengthening your core and recruiting balancing reflexes which ordinary stationary bikes cannot provide effectively. The steering function also permits the rider to move freely in virtual platforms.

This machine can easily be paired to a PC, tablet, or smartphone and is compatible with current training applications such as Trainer Road, RGT, Zwift, etc. You can also control the programs using the mini joysticks and controller.

They also offer three different TILTBIKES types, which are the Design Edition, Road Edition, and Triathlon Edition. The superbly designed bike frames can suit riders from 152 cm to 200 cm, with adjustable crank lengths between 150 mm and 175 mm.

These two tilt bikes are both very advanced compared to other exercise bikes. The lateral frame rotation technology of these bikes is not something you can find with the popular exercise bikes in the market now.

The Bowflex Velocore and Muoverti TiltBikes are great for building core strength and recruiting balance reflexes because they can lean side to side. However, the Muoverti TiltBikes need to be evaluated again once they hit the market.

Is it worth it to buy an exercise bike for home use?

Buying an exercise bike for home use is a great investment for your health. Riding an exercise bike is an effective way to burn body fats and calories while strengthening your muscles, lungs and heart.

Scroll on to find out the benefits of riding a tilting exercise bike.

Benefits of Tilting Exercise Bike

Like any other exercise bike, a tilting exercise bike also provides many benefits, more so like a real bike but in the comfort of your own home.

According to Dr Samantha Green MD CCFP et. al. from the Official Publication of The College of Family Physicians of Canada (2021), cycling can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

One main advantage of a titling bike though, is that it can engage your core muscles more compared to an ordinary stationary bike.

Below are some other benefits of using a tilting exercise bike.

1. Allows you to exercise your glute, thighs, and calve muscles with less strain.

Riding a tilting exercise bike can improve the overall function of your lower body and help build your leg muscles without stressing your joints. It engages your calves, thighs and glutes.

If you want to enhance your cycling capabilities and make your legs stronger, try performing weightlifting workouts such as lunges, squats, and leg presses a couple of times weekly.

2. Allows you to find your most comfortable position while pedalling.

Tilt bikes allow you to adjust your seat and handlebars so that you can ride comfortably while working out. A comfortable riding position is very important when cycling to avoid injuries. With tilt bikes, you can set a good bike fit, allowing you to ride harder and longer.

3. It is much easier for you to achieve balance.

It is easier to achieve balance on a tilt bike than on a regular stationary bike because, with a tilt bike, you can move your centre of mass sideward so that gravity causes a bigger and bigger torque in you.

Since a regular stationary bike does not tilt sideways, it is difficult to shift the centre of balance laterally underneath you.

4. The seat is lower and wider making you sit comfortably as compared to upright bikes.

A lower and wider seat allows you to ride more comfortably compared to upright bikes. Tilt bikes are designed to give you the best cycling workout experience, and having the most comfortable seat to ride on is the key to a more efficient biking workout session.

Final Thoughts

Exercise bikes are getting more and more innovative nowadays. There are exercise bikes that allow riders to lean side to side. These tilting exercise bikes will enable you to experience the feel of a real road bike.

One big advantage of a tilting exercise bike is that it can help build your core muscles and recruit balance more than a regular stationary bike can. So if your target is to build core strength, then this type of bike is perfect for you.