Indoor cycling bike workouts are a type of cardiovascular training that uses a particular stationary bike which is referred to as a spin bike.

It has become a very popular training program for many fitness enthusiasts. This type of workout is relatively low-impact but delivers great results compared to other forms of cardio workouts.

If you are ready to try indoor cycling, here are 3 indoor cycling bike workouts (one for each level from beginners to advanced level) you can try at home regardless of your fitness level.

1. Beginner-friendly Workouts

Indoor cycling workouts can be daunting, especially if you are just a beginner. But do not fret because many workouts are specifically designed for beginners. However, you need to familiarise yourself with your indoor cycling bike first before performing any workout plan.

This way you will avoid getting injured. Set up your bike correctly as mentioned above to ensure your safety during workout sessions.

Beginner-friendly workouts are low-intensity workouts that focus greatly on building endurance. Below is an example of a great endurance workout program for beginners that you can do at home.

30-minute Beginner Endurance Ride

  • Warm up at low resistance and a steady pace for 3 minutes
  • Add resistance at a moderate and steady pace for one minute
  • Maintain a moderate and steady pace for one minute but ride off the saddle
  • Go back to the saddle and keep the same steady pace for one minute
  • Ride out of the saddle while maintaining pace and resistance for thirty seconds
  • Repeat the cycle four times, starting from the first minute to the last thirty seconds
  • Cool down at low resistance for three minutes

2. Intermediate-level Workouts

Intermediate-level indoor cycling workouts are workouts that are next-level for beginners. If you have consistently worked out for the past six months, then you are most likely to be considered intermediate.

Once you have developed your fitness, you want to increase your stamina and strength with interval training. Below is an example of an intermediate-level indoor cycling exercise.

Interval Workout Training for Intermediate

  • Start by pedalling at a low intensity for 10 minutes
  • Switch to medium intensity for 10 minutes, followed by:
  • high intensity for 2 minutes
  • low intensity for 2 minutes
  • high intensity for 2 minutes
  • low intensity for 2 minutes
  • high intensity for 2 minutes
  • Cool down by pedalling at low intensity for 5-10 minutes

3. Advanced-level Workouts

Advanced-level workouts are the next-level exercises from intermediate and can be viewed as the highest training level.

Advanced trainees are the next level up from intermediates. One good workout routine for advanced riders is HIIT. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a form of exercise that uses repeated sets of intervals between a few seconds to a minute long, with a short recovery period.

HIIT cycling exercises can challenge your mind and body with different effort levels, recovery breaks and work intervals. Break some serious sweat with a HIIT workout sample below.

HIIT Fast-pedaling Drill

  • Cycle at tempo (70 to 90 rpm)
  • Pedal at a fast cadence for thirty seconds (90+ rpm)
  • Pedal back on the rhythm for thirty seconds
  • Pedal at a fast cadence for thirty seconds
  • Pedal back on the rhythm for thirty seconds
  • Pedal at a fast cadence for thirty seconds
  • Pedal back on the rhythm for thirty seconds
  • Pedal slowly for five minutes
  • Repeat the cycle 2 to 3 times

Which Indoor Exercise Bike Is Best for HIIT?

One of the best indoor exercise bikes for HIIT is the Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2) Exercise Spin Bike. It has all the essential features of a spin bike at an affordable price. Its solid construction and easily adjustable resistance levels make it ideal for HIIT enthusiasts.

How to Customise Your Workout

Customise indoor cycling workouts based on your fitness levels and goals.

If you’re a beginner, you must start slow as you gradually add more intensity and time. For intermediate and advanced levels, adjust your resistance, cadence and duration to challenge your body.

However, do not push yourself beyond your limits. Allow time for recovery if you develop aches and pains from cycling.

Regardless of your fitness level, your workout plan will only work if you do it consistently and know what pace is right for your current fitness level.

How To Track Progress

Spin bikes have LCD screens that can help track your training progress. Information including your speed, distance, resistance and calories are all accessible on spin bikes. However, some data such as RPM and pulse reading are only available on higher-end units.

If you want to monitor your heart rate, you can choose either a chest strap heart rate monitor or a wrist-and-headphone heart rate monitor. There are also many virtual apps that you can use to help you track your progress such as Fitbit, Garmin, Zwift or Trainer Road.

What Are the Safety Considerations When Using an Indoor Exercise Bike?

Proper form and posture during indoor cycling are very important to make your workout sessions effective. Make sure that you have set up the bike according to your body so that you can exercise in proper form.

Do not lean too back or forward when cycling as it can strain your neck and shoulders. Also, ensure that your handlebars are not too low to prevent tension on your shoulders, neck and back. Adjust your seat properly according to your comfort. The seat height should not be too low nor too high to avoid risks of injury.

Warm-ups and cool-downs are also essential when working out. This enhances athletic performance and aids with recovery after exercise.

Why Is Recovery Important?

A recovery day during and after a vigorous training session is very important to help heal your body and prevent strains on your muscles and joints while still getting a great cardio exercise effect at the same time.

Indoor cycling can also benefit from cross-training. It can deal with performance limiters, prevent risks of injury and make you a more balanced and skilful rider.

Why You Should Incorporate Indoor Cycling Into Your Fitness Routine?

Incorporating indoor cycling into your fitness routines can give you a lot of benefits. Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that can help strengthen major muscle groups, improve heart health, and help you shed fat without straining your joints.

Another good point for indoor cycling is that it can cater to any fitness level. It gives you control over how hard you want your workout session would be. There are different workout variations you can do whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider.

Indoor cycling is perfect for you if you want a fun and effective low-impact exercise.

Is 30 Minutes a Day Sufficient to Conquer Your Fitness Regimen?

A 30-minute moderate indoor cycling activity daily can help you burn about 210 to 294 calories. However, if you want to lose more weight then you need to do it at a more intense pace.