It’s hard to think how standing on a vibrating power plate can do anything to your fitness goals. However, even a few minutes of regular therapy can give you several vibration plate benefits.

So, if you plan to add whole-body vibration into your workout, then you’re on the right track. Here are some of the gains you will get.

1. Toned, Stronger Muscles

Our muscles typically contract about one to two times per second. But with vibration plate machines, this level can increase to 30 to 50 contractions.

The increased muscle contractions then lead to several other benefits of vibration plates. One of which is better muscle strength.

With vibration, your muscles quickly contract and relax as if you’re exercising.

And if you add other movements to your session, you’ll be boosting muscle growth and density, too.  

You can do squats, lunges or push-ups to design an exercise routine and earn better results.

Of course, the muscle toning effect of whole-body vibration therapy is not the same as weight training.

However, it will be an excellent alternative for people who cannot do weightlifting.

2. Higher Bone Mass and Density

Exercising with a vibration plate benefits the elderly. That’s because whole-body vibration exercise stimulates bone strength.

Scientific studies in 2009 and 2012 observed this positive effect among postmenopausal women.

It’s an excellent finding for people within this age group who typically experience joint issues.

Seniors are also more prone to osteoporosis. But with body vibration therapy, they can lessen the risk and build stronger bones.

3. Enhanced Balance and Coordination

When you stand on the vibration platform, your hips and core work together to keep you stable. This combined effort then improves abdominal and back muscles.

But that’s not all. You are also getting better body posture and stronger joints in the process.

The result of which is improved balance. Your range of motion or flexibility becomes better as well.

Vibration Plate Benefits on the Body

4. Body Fat and Weight Loss

There are two main reasons why vibration exercise can lead to weight management.

One is that whole-body vibrations can activate your liver for faster fat metabolism. Fat loss is, of course, relevant to weight loss.

Second, vibrations result in muscle building. This benefit then results in a domino of other positive effects.

For example, increased muscle mass boosts your energy expenditure. It also enhances your resting metabolic rate.

That means, even if you’re not working out, you can burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

A 2009 study even stressed the efficacy of vibration plate machines in fat loss and weight management.

However, keep in mind that these vibration plate benefits work together with a balanced diet.

5. Better Stress Defence

If you’re experiencing sleep issues or hormonal problems, then consider starting your vibration workout soon!

That’s because vibration promotes a healthier metabolism or endocrine system.

Simply put, vibration exercise keeps your cortisol levels controlled. The stress hormone cortisol makes you feel anxious, angry or miserable.

It’s also the main culprit for insomnia and restlessness. Also, using the body vibration machine is a fun and relaxing activity.

It then encourages the production of happy hormones endorphin and serotonin.

With these two present and cortisol out, you’ll be managing stressful conditions more impressively.

6. Increased Blood Flow

If the blood does not circulate properly, several health problems may arise. Examples are cramps, oedema and heart disease.

But using a vibration plate benefits your lymphatic flow, allowing you to remove wastes fast. Proper blood circulation also keeps your muscles oxygenated.

White blood cells reach their body organ destination in time, too. That means whole-body vibration boosts your immunity level as well.

Vibration Plate Benefits on Health

7. Smoother Skin

Cellulite happens when fat collects and pushes the tissue within your skin. This cosmetic condition results in lumps or dimples on the stomach, thighs and bottom.

It’s more common in women and often due to weight loss or pregnancy. While it is not painful or contagious, it can bring confidence levels down.

One way to resolve it is through body vibration therapy. As the exercise machine improves your blood circulation and metabolism, it also encourages collagen production.

In turn, you get less cellulite and smoother skin! Try doing other exercises on the vibration machine to speed up cellulite reduction.

8. Pain Relief and Quick Recovery Time

Vibration plates benefit people who need muscle soreness recovery.

Rapid and constant vibration can stimulate the muscles and blood circulation for faster healing. It’s perfect after a busy day at work or in the gym.

The massage can also alleviate conditions like cramps, joint issues and sciatica.


Vibration plate benefits go beyond physical fitness.

With this exercise equipment, you get to improve overall body wellness and heighten disease prevention, too.

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