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6 Ways a Massage Gun Can Benefit You

People often wonder whether a percussion massager gun is a must in their health and fitness repertoire. Experts have conducted several studies to emphasise its role in ensuring a fast muscle recovery process after a workout. But the handheld device…


What is Wellness and Why Does It Matter?

What is wellness? Is it the same as being healthy? While these two terms are easily interchangeable, they mean different things. Health pertains to well-being which includes physical, mental, and social. Wellness, on the other hand, describes a state of…


5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Smart Scale

Do you have a bathroom scale at home? Hopefully, it’s not hidden and collecting dust! Checking your weight shouldn’t be such a drag. Nowadays, good health management is more crucial than ever. And if you’re aiming to improve your fitness goals, a smart scale can help you stay on the…

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