Cost is almost always the top consideration when choosing the perfect exercise machine, like a cross trainer. The good news is it comes in various price ranges to suit any budget. But how much does an elliptical cost exactly?

A good elliptical trainer costs $1000 to $1500 on average. This type has the essential features for an effective and comfortable workout. But more expensive models with better construction, design, performance and warranty coverages are also available.

Is buying a luxe elliptical machine a wiser decision then?

Let’s identify and compare the different price categories of this fitness equipment.

That way, you’ll know which model matches your needs and how much you should be paying for it.

How Much Does An Elliptical Cost?

In Australia, you can get one for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Prices vary because each model has distinct features, brand and warranty coverage.

I highly recommend that you shop around for the best deal.

But to give you an idea of what you should be looking for, here are the different elliptical categories based on their price bracket.

Budget Category: Priced under $599

Entry-level ellipticals are your basic models that are lightweight and compact.

While space-saving, a small elliptical often means shorter stride length, too.

So, these machines are not the most comfortable for tall users.

These do not come with the extra comforts or the most advanced features either.

But even without an ultra-comfy seat, multiple resistance levels, Bluetooth connectivity or touchscreen display, they are still ideal for decent cardio workouts.

One crucial thing to note about budget ellipticals is their lighter flywheel.

This feature makes these machines a bit jerky or unsteady, especially when you pedal faster.

Affordable elliptical cross trainers also have a lower weight capacity.

And it is further emphasised by their lighter frames and economical construction materials.

Their warranty coverages are not that extensive either, usually lasting only a year or two.

In general, be careful when shopping within this price category.

Make sure to read several reviews and test it out first before buying.

An elliptical cross trainer in a bedroom

Mid-Range Category: Priced between $600 and $1999

How much does an elliptical cost with more durable construction? Check out this category.

Compared with budget ellipticals, mid-range machines have higher-quality materials, making them heavier but more stable and longer lasting.

With more robust frames, they can withstand constant pressure and use. Better construction also means these machines have higher user weight capacity.

Ellipticals within this price point also have heavier flywheels, which make workouts smoother and less noisy.

However, a large flywheel also increases the machine dimension.

But remember, size coincides with stride length. That means a mid-range elliptical machine suits a wide range of user height and leg length.

Comfort-wise, mid-priced ellipticals are also better equipped with special features than budget machines.

Most models come with LCD screens, built-in workouts and multiple incline and resistance levels.

Pricier units under this category include other add-ons like workout fans, fitness trackers and heart rate monitors.

Overall, this elliptical price point is popular to many as it offers a balance between features and value.

High-End Category: Priced $2000 or more

This price bracket offers the best, from construction to features.

High-end ellipticals boast heavy-duty frames, oversized pedals and padded handlebars.

Their flywheels are also large and heavy, making the machines difficult to move around.

However, this feature also guarantees smooth action and quiet operation.

It makes the equipment suitable for users of any size and fitness level.

When it comes to features, luxurious ellipticals will not disappoint either.

Most models include built-in speakers, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, a wide range of incline and resistance levels, and water bottle holders.

Another notable feature is the compatibility of high-end ellipticals with workout subscription services or apps, depending on the brand.

One example is the NordicTrack 9.9 Elliptical, which works with the iFit app for streaming live and on-demand workouts on-screen.

Learn about the iFit membership in this article.

While expensive machines are very durable and advanced, you’ll notice that a $2000 elliptical has almost the same features as a $3000 machine.

But the difference in features between a $500 and a $1000 elliptical is more prominent.

In most cases, brand names are the main drivers of outrageous price gaps.

So, when shopping for a high-end elliptical, study each model well, and compare it with similar machines from another price category. 

Make sure you are not paying for a feature you do not need.

Girl working out on an elliptical trainer that has a smart display

Which Elliptical Price Category Should I Choose?

We now know the answer to the question, how much does an elliptical cost. But which price point is best for you?

It all comes down to what you are looking for and how much you can afford.

Your budget is the primary deciding factor. If you have a limited budget, getting an entry-level elliptical machine durable enough for casual use is best.

But if you are willing to spend more, you don’t have to buy the most expensive machine. You can start looking at mid-priced ellipticals with a higher price point.

Mid-range machines are also easier to sell if you want to upgrade to an expensive elliptical model later.

Consider your cardio machine usage, too. I also recommend identifying your fitness goals. Then match them with the features of your elliptical choices.

Here are my user match lists that should help you make an informed decision.

Budget ellipticals are best for:

  • single users
  • casual users into basic cardio training
  • petite users with short stride length
  • elderly who needs light workouts
  • patients recovering from an injury
  • people looking for a space-saving or portable machine

Mid-range ellipticals are best for:

  • multiple users in one household
  • serious users who regularly work out
  • tall users with long stride length
  • fitness enthusiasts into intense workout sessions
  • people who prefer durable machines with some modern features
  • homeowners with a more spacious gym or workout area

High-end ellipticals are best for:

  • multiple users with varying height and weight
  • regular users who like commercial-grade exercise equipment
  • users who want specific functions or advanced features
  • people willing to pay for subscription services
  • athletes who need heavy-duty machines and detailed workout data
  • homeowners with a dedicated space for a bulky machine

To score better elliptical deals, you can also keep an eye on sale events throughout the year.

Middle-aged man posing thumbs up on his elliptical machine in his living room


There is no fixed answer to “how much does an elliptical cost”. It all depends on your budget and needs.

But with the three price categories identified, it should be easier for you to choose and decide.

You shouldn’t limit your options on price alone, though. Study your ellipticals thoroughly.

Research their construction and features, and read elliptical reviews and buying guides for more information.

The best elliptical is not the most expensive one, after all. It should be the machine you’ll love using throughout your fitness journey.

1. Is it worth buying an elliptical?

An elliptical is worth buying if you want to burn calories and lose weight through low-impact exercises. It makes a great alternative to running or jogging, especially for people with joint issues. It has movable handlebars to work out your upper body, too. You can also do reverse pedalling or adjust the resistance and incline level to build muscles when using the elliptical trainer.

2. Is a rear-drive elliptical better?

If performance and longevity are your priority, consider spending on a pricier rear-drive elliptical. But if cost and space are more important, choosing a less expensive, more compact front-drive elliptical is best. The choice between these two set-ups depends on your elliptical workout goals and preferences.

How Much Should I Pay for an Elliptical Infographic