You’ve probably heard of Pilates as an effective workout method but have you heard of Lagree? Not many people have encountered Lagree workouts but those who have quickly became interested in this training method.

Lagree is often compared to Pilates and is in fact, inspired by it. But what exactly is it?

Lagree Fitness Defined

Lagree Fitness is a brand-new workout regimen created by Sebastien Lagree in 1998. He came up with this system after realizing that there’s a gap in the fitness industry for high-intensity but low-impact routines.

It’s marketed as a fully-inclusive workout and manages to tighten and tone the body while promoting cardio, endurance, and strength training. The exercise equipment used to achieve the Lagree workout is the Megaformer.

You can’t do Lagree Fitness without the Megaformer but this is the exact thing that makes the workout unique and effective.

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Pilates Defined

Pilates is developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. It was originally created to help dancers recover from injury through repetitive movements of large muscle groups.

Today, Pilates managed to expand and is currently being used to stretch, tone, and use the abdomen for a stronger core. Pilates covers low-impact workouts that force the person to concentrate and focus on their posture with each movement.

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6 Advantages of Lagree Method

1. No Body Part is Neglected

Lagree Fitness is a beautifully all-inclusive workout regimen that targets every single body part. From your neck to your toes and everything else in between, Lagree takes the term ‘fully body workout” seriously.

It manages to achieve this by incorporating specialized equipment into the mix. This helped with the formulation of movements and routines that target large muscle groups and therefore gives users a more rounded approach to physical fitness.

2. More Consistent

Lagree Fitness famously makes body composition changes in such a short period. This is because during the workout – there’s this consistent tension on the muscles that compels the muscle fibres to become active and develop.

It’s often referred to as the Lagree Shake. This promotes muscle growth even if your Lagree Fitness sessions cover just 15 to 20 minutes of your time every other day.

The workouts themselves are also well-planned and follow a preset pattern, just like Yoga. While you’re welcome to freestyle it on the Megaformer, you’ll find that following the suggested workout offers you consistent development of every body part.

The sheer intensity of the workout also prevents it from becoming boring and you can always switch things up if you want an added challenge.

3. Improves Flexibility

Lagree exercises place emphasis on muscle lengthening instead of compelling it to lift or shift heavy objects. If you’ll notice, most of the movements have to do with extending or stretching the muscles.

This factors directly into the flexibility of the person because it allows them to extend muscle groups with each repetition. The added resistance to each stretch only helps strengthen the muscle even as it improves flexibility, essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Burns More Calories Faster

Lagree is a high-intensity but low-impact workout which means that while you’re sweating through the session, your joints remain perfectly safe. This must be viewed in contrast with high-intensity, high-impact workouts which could cause injuries.

This translates to zero downtime for your workout schedule, ultimately making sure that you stick to the promised plan. However, the benefits of Lagree in burning calories fast go beyond simply making sure you can exercise every day.

The fact is that Lagree offers a combination of cardio and muscle exercises. The repetitive movements compel your heart to beat fast, pump blood throughout your body, and give you that sweat-inducing high you typically get from a cardio routine.

At the same time, resistance training builds the muscles that have a high-calorie requirement. The exercise in itself already burns the calories, but the developed muscles can also burn added calories even while at rest.

5. Less Commitment Time

Lagree Fitness doesn’t require you to carve out one hour from your schedule every day. It’s such an efficient system that all you really need is 30 minutes or less! Some practitioners step on the Megaformer in as little as 15 minutes each day but still reap the rewards of their work.

This is because while the session is short, the routine itself is intense. Lagree requires you to give your best within those 15 minutes so you can get the most burn. Once you’ve done your 15 minutes, the rest of the day is yours to command.

6. Recovery is Quick

Most muscle injuries are contraction-related. This usually includes overstraining the muscles by lifting something heavy when your body is not ready for it. Overextending the muscles or “stretching” can also cause injury but the prevalence is less likely since stretching workouts offer more control.

Simply put, you’re more likely to strain yourself using weights compared to using a resistance band. As such, any injury you get from stretching is typically minimal and therefore requires little recovery time, if at all. Since Lagree Fitness is focused on stretching, recovery time in between workouts is fast and effective.

The Difference Between Lagree vs Pilates Considering these Factors:

Lagree and pilates have very similar characteristics. It’s not surprising for individuals to deviate from one to the other as they try to figure out their personal fitness goals. If you’re still unsure about what workout method to try, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Machines* Lagree requires the use of a specific machine called the Megaformer in order to perform the exercise.

* There’s a Mini version, a Mega version, and even a Micro version.

* You can pick your desired equipment depending on the space available or the range of workouts you want to perform.
* Pilates can include a wide variety of equipment from the mat, the resistance bands, the chair, the barrel, the foam roller, and others.

* Some Pilates sessions can be done with just a single mat and nothing else.

* If you want to vary the exercises, the use of added equipment may become necessary later on.
Pace* Lagree is characterized as a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

* The pace is moderately fast with practitioners required to do their best for a set period.

* The low-impact aspect of the workout simply means that it doesn’t force excessive pressure on the joints; thereby minimizing injury.
* Pilates is a low-intensity and low-impact routine.

* The pace is slow and deliberate with more emphasis on posture, balance, and concentration.

* The original goal of Pilates is recovery so it’s not surprising that each movement is very forgiving to the body.
Transitions* Transitions in Lagree are quick and practically seamless.

* Most Lagree workouts are also planned even before you get on the mat, thereby ensuring that each step transitions to the next one in accord with the natural movement of your muscles.
* Pilates is also good with transitions but the flow is typically slow and unsure.

* Pilates focuses mainly on posture so each move has to be done deliberately and accurately.

* Transitions are more forgiving and you might find yourself hovering for a few seconds until you get the perfect form for the pose.
Results* Results of Lagree Fitness can be seen in as little as one week or 5 sessions.

* The workout is such that you’ll be able to notice toning and structure in your muscles with each passing day.

* Weight loss may take some time but the overall strength and endurance of your body will gradually improve.

* Strength training extends to other parts of your life and gives you added energy throughout the day.
* Pilates results may take up to 8 weeks to become noticeable.

* This is a low-intensity, low-impact workout so calorie burns won’t be as excessive.

* Since Pilates is built for recovery, the stretches you make should help alleviate pain and give you more flexibility.

* Movements become almost natural and your body becomes accustomed to the process.

* The toning and weight loss will soon follow.
Core Burn* Lagree is heavily focused on the core. Practically every exercise engages the core in one way or another.

* It helps with flexibility and improves balance.

* The core burn in Lagree is intense and will be felt even after the exercise itself.

* The focus on the core builds on itself as core strength can do so much in helping you with all other workouts.
* Many Pilates workouts involve the core but not all of them do.

* Some workouts focus on the arms, thighs, and other muscle groups excluding the core.

* Your workouts may not contribute to core strength unless, of course, you’re focused on a full-body routine.

* You can pursue routines for isolated body parts however, you might completely neglect core development.

How Many Times Should You Do Lagree or Pilates in a Week?

To make the most out of your Lagree Fitness, it’s best to practice at least 3 times every week. This will give you excellent results even with mere 20-minute sessions. Each session is intense enough to give you a full-body burn while also keeping the muscles engaged.

The beauty here is that in between workouts, you’ll be able to function normally. Any aches or pains associated with a good workout are marginal. With a day in between these workouts, you’ll be able to get back on the equipment and give your best shot for another 20 minutes.

Pilates will require more of your time per week. You may need 4 to 5 sessions each week with every session lasting at least 20 minutes. The period can lengthen if you’re a beginner since you’ll be spending most of the time perfecting the desired posture.

The wrong posture can cause injuries instead of fixing them; hence a longer period for the workout. Some beginners like to start with just 3 sessions per week which is perfectly fine as you try to get used to the routine.

Which Between Lagree vs Pilates is Good for Weight Loss?

If weight loss is the goal, Lagree Fitness is definitely the better choice. Lagree falls within HILIT or High-Intensity Low Impact Training. It’s a variation of the HIIT system which is High-Intensity Interval Training.

Both methods have been known to be incredibly effective in triggering weight loss in practitioners. The high-intensity workout can flare up the blood and cause the calories to burn rapidly, even when you’re already resting.

Lagree is better than HIIT because it poses less danger to its practitioners. Since the workout is low impact, there are fewer chances of damaging the joints which can happen for high-impact workouts like running, jumping, or burpees.

Pilates, on the other hand, can burn calories, too but its focus is mainly on strength and recovery. Cardio is just an added bonus that may or may not be part of your session for the day.

Tips for Beginners Using the Lagree Method for Fitness

If you’re thinking about doing Lagree Fitness or already started with it – here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t buy the machine just yet. Lagree is popular enough that you can sign up at gyms that offer this service. Try it out for a few sessions before deciding if this is the workout for you. While Lagree is wonderfully inclusive, not everyone takes to the workout.
  • Use proper workout attire when using Lagree. Loose clothing may get stuck in between the equipment – compromising your movements.
  • Go at your own pace. This high-intensity workout can be demanding especially if you’re starting from zero. Allow your body to get used to the process and give it time.
  • Eat before the workout. Even a 20-minute session will leave you sweating and shaking. You will need energy for this and an empty stomach may cause dizziness and prevent you from finishing the class.

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Which is Better for You

The choice between Lagree and Pilates depends on your fitness goals. Lagree is the ideal choice if you’re aiming for a fast weight loss that also improves the muscles and your balance. Lagree has also been proven to help with recovery so it also delivers a benefit of Pilates.

However, if your goal is to have a workout that you can do at home, Pilates may be the better option to do at home. You can do Lagree at home too but there’s the initial investment on equipment which may not be attractive if you’re only getting started.

Regardless of your fitness level, however, both Lagree and Pilates are excellent for entry-level workouts.

Final Thoughts

All in all, an overview comparison of Lagree and Pilates should be enough to give you an idea about what regimen to choose. Both are excellent ways to start your fitness journey but if you’re result-motivated, then Lagree may be the better option for you.

No matter what you choose, however, keep in mind that sticking to the routine is the only way you can achieve long-term fitness.

1. Is Lagree Safe for Pregnant Women?

Lagree is generally safe for pregnant women if they follow a Lagree routine specifically made for pregnant women. The environment needed during the workout should also be controlled to guarantee the safety and comfort of the woman. Ideally, look for Lagree instructors who cater specifically to pregnant women.

2. How Many Calories Can You Burn with Lagree Fitness?

You can burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories in a single class. Note that it’s a slow burn which means that your body will continue to burn calories long after the workout. You should be able to feel the heat emanating from your body with your heart continuing to pump rapidly.

3. How Fit Do I Need to Be to Join Lagree Program?

Lagree is an all-inclusive workout. It welcomes all ages and all levels of fitness provided that they’re open to the experience. There’s a Lagree class for everyone and even if you’re starting from zero, you’ll find that there’s a team to accommodate you. The general environment for each class is incredibly welcoming and newcomers are given proper guidance through workouts.

4. Is Lagree Harder than Pilates?

It depends on how you define “harder”. The truth is that some beginners find Pilates harder because of the sheer span of its coverage. Pilates can encompass so many moves, positions, and stances that a beginner may have a hard time finding the perfect routine to follow.

On the other hand, the Megaformer helps limit the possible moves you can make with Lagree. This creates a streamlined workout that targets the whole body while keeping you loyal to a certain style. This makes Lagree easier in a way because there’s a set path to follow.