Back then when someone wanted to lose weight, their only options were to go on a diet or to do cardio. However, nowadays, there are so many ways to lose weight. Some of them involve all sorts of diets or exercise. One of those exercises is called Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a kind of exercise that uses equipment in order to strengthen the core of the body. It was created by Joseph Pilates, a German gymnast, who was asked to join the army during World War I.

Instead of becoming a soldier, Joseph Pilates focused on using exercise in order to help those who were injured during the war.

The way Pilates strengthens the core is through controlled movements often using certain equipment (pilates reformer). It makes use of proper body posture, alignment, concentration, and flexibility in order to achieve leaner and stronger muscles.

This is why Pilates is a good way to tone the muscles instead of bulking up. Because of the exercises done during a Pilates session, muscles all over your body lengthen and stretch rather than increase in size.

There’s also a reason why the core is the main focus. Like the mitochondria, the core acts as the “powerhouse” of the body.

A strong core can help you attain maximum body movement and strength. It is also a good way to prevent back and neck pain because of the proper posture taught in Pilates.

Does Pilates Help in Weight Loss?

The best answer to this is yes but take note that Pilates alone does not make you lose weight. Unlike cardio exercises that directly burn the calories that you eat, Pilates takes on a different approach to weight loss.

Instead, what Pilates does is elongate the muscles. It increases its metabolic rate so that you are able to burn fat and calories faster.

The best way to make Pilates work for your weight loss plan is to complement it with cardio exercises and the proper diet. The key to cardio is to allot 30 minutes a day before you do 30 minutes of Pilates.

In this way, you are able to increase your body’s ability to burn fat and calories so that when you actually do Pilates, the focus is on burning the fat in the muscles of your core.

When it comes to your diet, each person has a different diet appropriate for their weight, height, and overall health. Consulting a nutritionist for this will help you know what your calorie intake should be so that it will help you lose weight.

Benefits of Pilates in Weight Loss

Now that you know that Pilates can actually help in weight loss, there are other benefits of this exercise regimen that indirectly help you lower that number on the weighing scale.

1. Muscle Strength

One of the main benefits of Pilates as mentioned earlier is the increase in muscle strength. Thanks to the exercises done to the core, your body gets used to doing controlled movements which are a lot harder than freely doing cardio exercises.

Muscle strength is important because stronger muscles help you do more exercises. In effect, your endurance during cardio exercises becomes a lot better. This will help you finish that 30-minute cardio exercises recommended to complement Pilates.

Also, muscle strength prevents your chances of getting muscle pain during exercises.

2. Body Shaping

When people lose weight, they usually just go for lowering the actual weight. However, they tend to forget that losing weight also means looking fit. It’s only when they become thin that they consider getting those six-pack abs or getting their muscles toned.

But you can get toned muscles and lose weight at the same time. Pilates will help you tone your muscles especially in your midsection and around your buttocks and thighs so that you can achieve a fitter appearance.

There are a lot of exercises popping up these days and it’s hard to know which one can help you in weight loss. In Pilates, it’s not just weight loss that you will be achieving, but also a toned body.

Not all exercises offer muscle strength and toning without getting bulky. Among other exercises, Pilates is the best way to achieve that fit and toned body appearance that will make you look like you’ve lost a lot of pounds.

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