When going with your ideal workout, mornings could easily be the best time to start it. Normally, our mood for physical activity at this time is very high. Good benefits such as better mood and metabolism go with morning exercise.

And in terms of squeezing simple exercises in a tight schedule, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help maintain your morning ritual while keeping that muscle-toned body all throughout. One main perk of creating an HIIT-based workout is an increased capacity to build muscle in a body part you want to focus on.

A HIIT does not necessarily remind people to buy the latest workout gears or kick off a gym membership package. The keys to successfully performing a high-intensity workout are focus and discipline in order to get the maximum benefits.

Take a closer look at the exercise routine of rowers. Their normal sitting position is combined with alternate periods of heavy back-and-forth pulling of the paddle. Without the urgency of a big sport like rowing, weight loss enthusiasts can be inspired with that workout. 

Let’s look at the benefits.

To Improve Heart and Lung

Rowing machines are designed to strengthen your cardiovascular muscles and stamina, the same as running on a treadmill. You work your hips heavily on rowing machines, emulating rowers on a boat race. So don’t devote yourself to it if you’re suffering from back or hip issues.

For an efficient exercise that works on your breathing core and muscle toning, rowing machines combined with HIIT will keep you pumping calories instantly. Extreme training calls for extreme effects; HIIT maintains the same pace of workout, the same as running on treadmill for a week.

To Burn Extra Calories

Rowing machines can burn calories and flush fat in the process. They are good workout equipment for dieters who want to lose weight easily.

Doing it in intervals of high and low intensity every morning could potentially burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. The HIIT workout while rowing can put your system in hyperdrive while in a steady run.

It is proper to maintain rhythm while tightening the intensity of pulling and adjusting your hips. Once achieved, the whole workout can blast your upper body combined with the lower body, working 80-90% of your muscle capacity. The rapid boost of rowing for 30 seconds is followed by 1-minute resting periods, until you complete a 20-30 minute daily exercise. 

To Boost Metabolism

If you think rowing exercises only work on toning your muscles, then think again. HIIT in rowing machines could increase your heart rate and expand your breathing cycle. Because of the varied intensities in rowing, it is a good cardio exercise, as well as improving metabolism.

With continuous use, rowing machines can build greater resistance to stress and burnout. Even the circulation function of your body is heightened, without losing the allure of building muscle.

Target body parts in rowing are commonly the hips, buttocks, and legs. However, it also provides a full-body workout since the upper-body muscles such as shoulders and biceps are used. Because of the repetitive routine in HIIT, the core area is also contracted back and forth, resulting to tighter and more toned abdomen.

To Build Resistance Against High-intensity Workouts

While creating greater resistance, your body improves its stamina. The alternate sessions of fast and slow movements can gradually put your body in shifting routines that could improve your breathing as you shoot for longer workout times.

It allows your body to stretch into different intensity workouts outside of rowing machines. The mode of workout for HIIT is changing between shorter and faster exercises, until you reach your mark. Then the exercise will decrease per interval to allow your body to chill.

It is quite obvious how HIIT on rowing machines can complete your morning ritual. Even when you are chasing an 8:00 AM meeting or appointment, an HIIT workout will give your body a high-intensity boost for the rest of the day.

It is appropriate for beginners and intermediates who want that benefit of losing weight. The best takeaway from HIIT rowing exercises should be to improve your oxygen intake and harness your lung and heart function. Click here to see my review on the best rowing machines in Australia.

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