Do you know how to maintain a massage gun? It is equally important as knowing how to use it. After all, recovery devices like this are health investments you’d want to work for years to come.

The care and maintenance of a massage gun involve regular cleaning, safe storage and proper charging. Occasionally, it may need lubrication and battery replacement.

Maintaining a massage is not that hard. All you need is to go through the manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

But if you need a quick reference, here’s a list of dos and don’ts to keep your percussion massager in tip-top shape.

Massage Gun Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

Here are some generic tips to help you care for and maintain your massage gun at home.

Do read and follow the product manual.

While caring for and maintaining a massager seems easy, it’s best to refer to the instructions in your manual.

Aside from the cleaning and storage procedures, this booklet should have all the details you need to use the device.

Cleaning and proper use of the massage should go hand in hand.

So, start by reading the manual and noting pertinent info like the correct cleaning agent or tool.

Do clean your massage gun after every use.

Dust and sweat can quickly accumulate on your massager when you do not clean it often.

And lack of regular cleaning can make your device smell and damage its internal parts.

So, make it a habit to clean it after use.

If you had a massage session post-workout, wash your hands before cleaning the device. Then:

  1. Turn off (or unplug) your massage gun. Get a clean cloth (cotton or microfibre) and wet it with water. You can also put in some mild sanitiser or use antibacterial wipes instead.
  2. Use the damp cloth to wipe down the handle, body and external parts of the massager. Allow to air dry, or use a dry towel.
  3. Do the same method for the attachments, except for the foam head. You can clean this one with a spray sanitiser, then let all massage heads air dry.
Cleaning the Massage Gun and Attachments

Don’t use chemical products for cleaning your massager.

Strong acids or disinfectants and bleach can react with the construction material of your device.

These can cause discolouration, staining or corrosion.

Stick with water and mild sanitisers, or follow what the manufacturer suggests.

Also, do not spray water or cleaning agents directly on the device.

Moisture can get inside the machine and damage its electronics.

If you need to spray on the massage gun heads, remove them from the motor first.

Do find a safe storage space for your massage gun.

Maintain your handheld massage gun even if you do not use it often. That way, it works perfectly anytime you need a quick massage.

And the best way to do that is to use the storage or carrying case that comes with the device.

Most modern massagers include this handy accessory, which makes the recovery tool easy to pack and take anywhere.

Use the dedicated compartments to keep the motor, attachments and charger together.

Then, put it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or moisture.

Do conduct periodic checks of the other massager parts.

Sometimes, we focus on maintaining the device and overlook the other parts.

So, I’ve identified the following essentials that you might want to add to your maintenance checklist:

  • Charging cord or USB cable. Power cords can fray or crack over time. As a safety precaution, check them from time to time for wear and tear. Replace them when needed.
  • Battery. You might need a battery replacement if your charging time is unusually long or if the massager lasts after a few sessions only. Check the manual for the warranty, then contact the manufacturer for a stock battery. For a lasting device, avoid settling on replacement parts from third-party sellers.
  • Moving parts. Depending on what your manufacturer recommends, you might need to lubricate the attachment area of your massage gun. Electric motor lubricant oil should reduce the noise and keep this part functioning smoothly.
Massage Gun Storage

Don’t fully drain the battery or use the massager while charging.

Proper battery care should be one of your priorities when learning how to maintain your massage gun.

After all, a massager will likely malfunction or stop working with poor batteries.

One way to do that is to avoid draining your battery completely.

Charge your percussive massage gun once the battery indicator is low.

Another tip is to refrain from using your massager while it is charging.

Doing this will only bend and stress the USB cable, causing it to crack or break.

When charging, place the massage gun on a hard, flat surface. Make sure there is enough space around the device and charger to let air circulate.

Blocking proper air circulation can make the massage gun overheat, affecting the motor and rechargeable battery.

Using the massage gun beyond its time limit can also cause overheating.

Most massage guns have an auto shut-off function when it starts to heat up.

Still, to maintain your massage gun in good condition, avoid doing things that make the device too hot to touch.

Do contact authorised staff when necessary.

Avoid fixing a massage gun issue yourself, especially if you cannot figure out the cause.

It can only void the warranty and lead to further damage or unnecessary expense.

Check the product manual or brand website of your device instead.

Look for customer service contact details, and have the pro help you.

Massage Gun Battery Charge


It doesn’t take much to maintain a massage gun.

By applying these best practices for cleaning, storage and charging, your device will surely last for a long time.

I recommend getting a good-quality massager from a reputable brand or manufacturer for reliable after-sales service.

Also, a mid-price or high-end massage gun is likely more durable and longer-lasting than its budget counterpart.

So, choose wisely! Start with a heavy-duty device and follow the care instructions to preserve its quality.

1. What are the benefits of a massage gun?

A massage gun can provide everyday muscle relief, help with injury recovery or prevention, and promote overall wellness. Athletes also use a percussion massager to improve their performance. Specialists find this tool beneficial in treating cellulite, too. Overall, it’s perfect for anyone who needs a relaxing home massage after working out or a busy day in the office.

2. How should I use a massage gun for optimum results?

Start with reading and understanding the product manual. Learn how to position the device to target the correct muscle group without straining your arm. It also helps to know the best time to use the massager when working out. Lastly, follow the recommended massage time limit to avoid hurting yourself.