Are you looking for a high-quality massage gun that costs less than $200? If yes, then this Renpho C3 vs Bob and Brad C2 comparison is for you.

Check out their specs and features below and see why these percussion devices are perfect for an affordable yet relaxing at-home massage.

Renpho C3 vs Bob and Brad C2 Massage Guns

It’s hard to choose between these two as they have almost the same features. But I recommend either device if you’re looking for a full-size massager that’s less than a kilo and has 4 hours of battery capacity. Both models also include quality attachments, variable speed settings and tolerable noise levels.

However, the Renpho C3 and Bob and Brad C2 massagers differ slightly, particularly in stall force and ease of charging.

Here’s a table of their crucial features for a quick look. Keep reading to know more about these excellent massagers.

Weight957 g680 g
HandleStandard; silicone coatedStandard; silicone coated
Attachment heads65
Storage caseSingle carrying case for the device and other partsSingle carrying case for the device and other parts
Stall force33 kg (72 lbs)15 kg (35 lbs)
Stroke length10 mm8 mm
Speed range and settings1400 to 3200 RPM with 20 levels2000 to 3200 RPM with five levels
Noise level63.5 dBLess than 60 dB
Battery type and life2000 mAh rechargeable battery; 4 hours2500 mAh USB-C rechargeable battery; 3 to 4 hours
PriceMid-range (lower-end)Mid-range (lower-end)

Design and Ergonomics

The Renpho C3 and Bob and Brad C2 massagers have a similar gun-like shape.

Both devices are not heavy, although Bob and Brad C2 is slightly lighter by a few hundred grams.

Either device is easy to hold, position and carry anywhere.

These models also share the same straight silicone-coated handle for a good, non-slip grip.

But I like Bob and Brad C2’s handle coating and shape better.

It feels smoother on the hand, and the oval-shaped handle follows the contours of my fingers well.

Still, I also think that Renpho C3’s interface is more user-friendly.

While the C2 device has the one-button-does-all design, Renpho has an on/off button at the base of its handle for standby mode.

When you switch this on, the digital display at the top lights up, showing the speed and battery charge level in large digital numbers.

This area also has three touch buttons for power and speed adjustment.

The dotted-type speed indicator of the Bob and Brad C2 is not bad, but I find Renpho’s easier to understand.

Renpho C3 also has a vent for heat dissipation. I think it’s an excellent add-on to protect its motor and make it last longer.

Winner: Both. These devices are light and easy to use. But it’s up to your preference which button or interface design is better.

Attachment Heads and Storage Case

The Renpho C3 has six interchangeable massage heads, while Bob and Brad C2 has five.

I like that they have a good selection of attachments for most muscle types and sizes.

My favourite is their air-cushion head, which you won’t find in other similar products.

This one is perfect for relaxation and targeting sensitive muscle groups.

Renpho C3 also has this unique wedge head for the abdominal muscles.

However, one thing to note is that physical therapists created and designed the Bob and Brad C2 attachments.

That means these massage heads suit better patient or athlete recovery.

You might want to note this if you’re getting a massage gun for physiotherapy purposes.

But how about storage? Don’t worry.

These devices include a zippered briefcase-like carry bag for keeping your massager, attachments, charger and manual in one place.

Both have a hard casing exterior for safe storage or transport.

Winner: Both. Either model has an excellent selection of interchangeable heads for tackling different muscle tension points. Their good-quality carry bags are also ideal for easy storage or travel.

Massage Performance and Intensity

To compare the Renpho C3 vs Bob and Brad C2 performance, let’s evaluate their stall force, stroke length and speed.

These three features indicate the intensity of your percussive device. Check my previous article on how to choose suitable a massage gun for more details.

But based on the product description of both massagers, Renpho C3 packs more punch than Bob and Brad C2.

Its 33-kg stall force and 10-mm amplitude suit deeper massages for well-built muscles.

On the other hand, Bob and Brad C2’s 15-kg force and 8-mm amplitude fit users who prefer milder sessions.

These specs are ideal for targeting small and undeveloped muscles, too.

Also, Renpho C3 has 20 variable speed levels, while C2 has 5.

Both have a maximum speed of 3200 RPM, with Renpho’s lowest setting at 1400 RPM and C2 at 2000 RPM.

These differences in speed range and setting mean that the Renpho massage gun provides more room for adjustment.

It also gives better percussive massage control and precision.

Bob and Brad C2’s speed difference and impact between levels will be more noticeable, indicating smaller room for comfort.

Winner: Both. The Renpho C3 is ideal for deep-tissue massages with several speed options. On the other hand, the Bob and Brad C2 is for softer or therapeutic sessions on sensitive or less developed muscles.


Renpho C3 and Bob and Brad C2 massage guns have tolerable noise levels at around 60 dB.

This sound is like an office environment or people having a normal conversation.

They are not that loud, but you can surely hear them buzzing at max speed, especially in an enclosed room.

However, for something quieter, the Hydragun is a good alternative.

Despite being a full-size massager, this model only generates noise at 50 dB, which sounds like the low hum of your fridge.

Winner: Both. They are not the quietest massage gun models available. But these devices produce sounds that won’t disrupt anyone. You can use them in public or shared spaces without drawing too much attention.

Battery Life

You won’t have any battery life issues with Renpho C3 or Bob and Brad C2.

Both can work up to 4 hours, depending on use, which is pretty good compared with other full-size massagers.

But with a 33-kg stall force, the Renpho massage gun could have been better with higher battery power.

Also, you need to plug this device into a wall socket to recharge. Keep this in mind if you plan to bring or take it overseas.

On the other hand, the C2 massager comes with a USB-C cable and port. That means you can recharge it practically anywhere.

One thing to note is that the C3 and C2 percussion massage guns have auto-off protection at 15 and 10 minutes, respectively.

Winner: Bob and Brad C2. I like the higher-grade battery of this device and the ease of charging it through your laptop or power bank. Both are excellent battery features, especially if you plan to travel with your massager often.


Comparing the Renpho C3 vs Bob and Brad C2 in terms of price can be tricky, considering that this factor fluctuates.

However, as of this writing, both devices are at the lower end of the mid-range category.

That means they are pretty affordable for a feature-packed massager.

They are worth considering if you are short on budget or still uncertain if a percussive massage gun is for you.

All in all, both are well-made and travel-friendly devices without the steep price tag.

Winner: Both. These high-quality percussion massage guns have premium specs and features at affordable prices. Both offer high value for money for sure.


The Renpho C3 and Bob and Brad C2 are worth considering if you’re after full-size, powerful massage guns.

They are not as heavy as similar products, and their user-friendly controls suit even beginners.

Plus, they come with high-quality massage head attachments, speed settings, noise level and power for a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.

They may look the same, and both offer an affordable price point. But they still have unique qualities meant for specific users.

Renpho C3, for instance, has percussion force that is best for well-developed muscles.

This device also suits users who like precise massage settings.

On the other hand, the Bob and Brad C2 model fits occasional users who prefer gentler massages.

It’s an excellent model for those who need to relax after a busy week.

This one is also perfect for massaging undeveloped muscles or helping people with flexibility issues.

How about you? Which massager fits your lifestyle better?

If you’re still struggling to decide, read my massage gun reviews and buying guide to learn more options.

1. Is Renpho C3 better than the original Hydragun?

Renpho C3 and the original Hydragun are high-quality full-size, portable massage guns. But, personally, Renpho C3 has a better design, power, speed selection and massage heads. Best of all, you get its premium features without spending a lot.

2. How do I maintain a massage gun?

The care and maintenance of a massage gun involve regular cleaning, safe storage and proper charging. Occasionally, it may need lubrication and battery replacement. But the best maintenance tip is to get a quality, mid-priced device to ensure longevity. Then, follow its care instructions to preserve quality and make it last for longer.