You can use massage guns for cellulite treatment at home. But you also need to know the proper massage technique to address this skin problem.

Here’s what you need to know and do.

What is Cellulite?

First, let’s understand this problem and what’s causing it. Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that happens when fat cells build up.

Accumulated fat then pushes the connective tissues, causing the skin to bulge unevenly.

You’ll often see this dimpled skin on your buttocks, thigh and hip areas.

There are three categories of cellulite based on severity according to Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology (2017):

  • Mild or Grade I cellulite has an orange peel appearance with 1-4 slight skin depressions.
  • Moderate or Grade II cellulite has a cottage cheese appearance with 5-9 medium skin depressions.
  • Severe or Grade III cellulite has a mattress-like appearance with ten or more deep skin depressions.

Cellulite is a harmless condition, though, so don’t worry.

However, some still prefer to apply cellulite treatment at home for smoother skin.

Who Are Prone to Cellulite?

We all have fat cells in the body, but some people are more likely to have cellulite.

For example, women are more susceptible to cellulite than men.

It’s mainly because of their vertical connective tissue structure that allows fat cells to bulge more easily.

Fat cells also store and produce the estrogen hormone, which typically increases during pregnancy.

This body reaction also explains why cellulite is likely after puberty or giving birth.

The elderly are also prone to cellulite as connective tissue bands naturally weaken with age.

People’s lifestyle choices increase the odds of its development, too.

Lack of exercise, too much alcohol and a high-fat or salt diet, for example, are some contributing factors.

Using a massage gun can help blood flow and treat cellulite

How Can a Massage Gun Reduce Cellulite?

We know that percussion therapy can help relieve muscle tension and pain.

But the same rapid hammer-like motion also works for cellulite treatment at home.

You see, therapists have been using hand massages to address cellulite for a long time.

But with a percussive massage gun, you get the benefits of the same technique without straining your hands.

Deep pulses from this massage gun enhance your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

In turn, fat breaks down for absorption, resulting in a less noticeable dimpled appearance of your skin.

Experts also noted its efficacy in various studies.

In 2010, for instance, researchers concluded that mechanical massage decreases regional fat values among participants (Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2010).

A more recent 2020 study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science also emphasised the importance of continuous vibrational massage to combat cellulite.

Why Use Massage Guns for Cellulite Treatment at Home?

There are several treatments for cellulite, like anti-cellulite creams and lotions (American Academy of Dermatology Association. The effect of these varies from person to person, though.

Also, you need to apply topical treatments for several months or even longer to see some results. Spas offer body wrap services, too.

But, while body wrap can moisturise the skin, there’s little evidence supporting its ability to reduce cellulite.

The best cellulite treatment perhaps is the surgical approach because of its more promising results (Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2018).

But surgery can be expensive. Moreover, some are not keen on going through invasive treatments.

These explain why a massager is a better option for treating cellulite at home.

Unlike creams and wraps, you only need to buy this percussive therapy device once.

It’s a safer and more affordable anti-cellulite treatment than surgery.

Moreover, you get all the other massage gun benefits from one tool.

How Do I Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Cellulite?

Before trying this method, consult your doctor or physical therapist first to ensure safety.

Once you get the go-ahead, here’s how to do it.

Using a massage gun for cellulite


  • Step 1: Use a scrub or loofah to exfoliate the affected area. Removing dead skin cells will enhance your deep-tissue massage.
  • Step 2: Set your massage gun to a low-pressure setting. Then, move the massage gun around the treatment area without pressing deeply. Hold the massager for a minute on deeper pockets of fat before moving to another spot. Check out these massage gun usage tips to get the best results.
  • Step 3: Apply scientifically-approved balm or anti-cellulite cream on the area after the massage to keep it moisturised.
  • Step 4: Repeat the process three to four times a week. Reduce your massage sessions to twice or once a week once you notice improvements. Reduce it further to once a month to keep your skin firm.

Keep in mind that results will not happen after one massage session.

Technique and consistency are your secrets to success in treating cellulite at home.


  • While using the massager do squeezing, rolling and pinching motions to loosen up the fat.
  • Move the massager in circular motions when working on the underarm or buttocks area.
  • Use the handheld massager over the muscles, not the sensitive regions like bursas and bony areas.

Are There Other Ways to Avoid Cellulite Development?

The causes of cellulite are beyond our control, so it’s difficult to avoid it.

However, you can do these other home remedies to reduce your chance of getting cellulite.

And if you already have cellulite, you can combine these tips with your massage routine to get better results.

Smoking cessation

We know that tobacco smoke causes several diseases. But a 2019 study published in the Journal of Respiratory Diseases, Thoracic Surgery, Intensive Care and Tuberculosis also shows that it can make the skin less elastic.

Smoking does not cause cellulite. However, with reduced skin elasticity, it can become more visible.

It’s a hard habit to break for most people, I know.

But remember, this lifestyle change gives health benefits beyond cellulite reduction.

Cellulite treatment method using a percussion massager

Balanced diet and exercise

The best way to boost the effects of your cellulite treatment at home is to start eating right and being physically active.

That’s because weight loss reduces body fat and tones (or builds) our muscles, making the lumps less noticeable.

A diet low in fat, sugar and salt will surely help lessen cellulite.

Now, to burn body fat effectively, try doing cardio or resistance exercises.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) also helps reduce cellulite by increasing blood flow.

Try strength training, too, to target your hamstrings, quads, buttocks, and hips.

Incorporating some cellulite-busting exercises into your workout should help.

Increased water intake

Dehydration can affect our skin and make cellulite more evident.

Without enough fluids, we are also hindering the body from flushing out toxins.

So, always keep yourself hydrated to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Bottom Line

Cellulite treatment at home is possible with massage guns.

It is safer, readily available, and more affordable than other methods.

The improvements won’t happen instantly, though.

However, regular percussive therapy plus an active lifestyle can bring us closer to our healthy skin goals!

Keen on trying this treatment? Start your anti-cellulite journey with a suitable massage gun.