Are you in a Hydragun vs Bob and Brad C2 dilemma? A detailed comparison of these two percussion massagers is what you need.

Here are the essential factors that should help you choose the best device.

Hydragun vs Bob and Brad C2 Massage Guns

Both are high-quality percussive devices. However, I find the lightweight and more affordable Bob and Brad C2 a better option. I like that I can charge it through my power bank or laptop, and its massage power and intensity match my usual activity level.

But we all have different needs and lifestyles.

And the key to choosing the right massage gun is to assess your personal preferences.

To help you out, here’s a table highlighting the features of the Hydragun and Bob and Brad C2 massagers.

Scroll down further for a thorough comparison.

Weight1 kg680 g
HandleStandard; silicone coatedStandard; silicone coated
Attachment heads75
Storage caseSingle carrying case for the device and other partsSingle carrying case for the device and other parts
Stall force18 kg (40 lbs)15 kg (35 lbs)
Stroke length12 mm8 mm
Speed range and settings1200 to 3200 RPM with six levels2000 to 3200 RPM with five levels
Noise level50 dBLess than 60 dB
Battery type and life2600 mAh rechargeable battery; 3 to 6 hours2500 mAh USB-C rechargeable battery; 3 to 4 hours
PriceMid-rangeMid-range but more affordable

Design and Ergonomics

The Hydragun and Bob and Brad C2 are similar in size.

But weight-wise, the latter is more lightweight, and I find this impressive, considering that the C2 model is not a mini massager.

The Bob and Brad C2 should allow a better grip if you have smaller hands.

A lighter percussion massager like this is perfect for travelling, too.

Both models share the same one-button-does-all design, and neither device works with a compatible app.

But I find the inset style of the Bob and Brad C2 better as I can move the device without accidentally pressing its button.

They also have the same standard gun-shaped form with a silicone-coated handle. The 99-degree angled handle of the Hydragun feels good on the hand.

However, I find Bob and Brad C2’s handle coating and shape smoother, almost silky.

I think it’s probably because its oval shape follows the contours of my fingers.

Its handle is also thick enough for a secure, ergonomic grip.

Winner: Bob and Brad C2. This model is one of the few full-size massage guns that is not heavy, making it ideal for travelling or users with smaller hands. The oval-shaped handle also ensures strain-free massage sessions.

Hydragun attachments.

Attachment Heads and Storage Case

The Hydragun has seven interchangeable massage heads, while Bob and Brad C2 has five.

Both have essential attachments to cover the most common problem areas.

One thing to note, however, is that the Bob and Brad C2 model was created and designed by physical therapists.

That means they expertly made the attachments for specific muscle groups. The set also includes a unique air-filled cushion head for gentler and more relaxing massages.

However, the C2 device lacks steel-made attachments for deep-tissue massages like the Hydragun.

Both include a neat briefcase-shaped carry bag, where you can store the massager, attachments, charger and manual in one place.

Each part has its designated compartment, so packing and travelling with either handheld massage gun is safe and easy.

Winner: Both. Either model offers a good set of massage gun heads for different muscle groups. Their carrying cases also make storage and transport easy.

Massage Performance and Intensity

We can compare the Hydragun vs Bob and Brad C2 performance by evaluating their stall force, stroke length and speed.

These are the features to check if you want to determine the intensity of your massager. To learn more, check my previous article on how to choose a massage gun.

But judging from the specs of both models, Hydragun gets the upper hand in terms of massage power.

Its 18-kg stall force and 12-mm stroke length are ideal for moderate massages.

Bob and Brad C2’s 15-kg force and 8-mm amplitude are good enough, too.

But these are more for soft massage sessions — perfect for smaller or undeveloped muscles.

Also, note that Hydragun has six levels for speed, whereas C2 has five.

Also, while both have a maximum speed of 3200 RPM, Hydragun’s low-speed setting starts at 1200, while C2 is at 2000.

These specs show that Hydragun has a more gradual increase in intensity than Bob and Brad C2.

Winner: Both. Choose the Hydragun if you’re after moderate massage sessions with more room for intensity adjustments. On the other hand, the Bob and Brad C2 is ideal if you’re not into deep massages.

Bob and Brad C2 noise level at maximum speed.


Are you planning to use your percussion massage gun at the gym or in the office? Or perhaps, you prefer having your massage sessions before bedtime.

In that case, you need a quiet device. And the good news is that both models are one of your best noise-free options.

Hydragun is quieter than C2, though. But the sound level difference is not that high.

Both are within 50 to 60 dB, which is only as loud as people having a normal conversation.

Winner: Hydragun. Either model is excellent in the noise level factor. But if you want a quiet but powerful massage gun, Hydragun takes the top spot.

Battery Life

Limited battery capacity is often an issue with lightweight massagers.

But good thing you won’t have that problem with either Hydragun or Bob and Brad C2.

Hydragun has a 2600-mAh battery, which can last up to 6 hours.

The only downside with this model is that you need to plug it into a wall socket to recharge.

On the other hand, the C2 device has a 2500-mAh battery that works for up to 4 hours.

It’s a shorter battery life, but this model comes with a USB-C port and cable. That means you can recharge it practically anywhere.

Moreover, the Bob and Brad C2 massager has an intelligent chip that automatically shuts down the device after working for 10 minutes.

It’s an excellent battery-saving feature that prevents you from overusing the massage gun.

Note that both massage guns do not include a backup battery.

Winner: Bob and Brad C2. This model may have a shorter battery life, but the ease of charging it through your laptop or power bank makes up for it. It’s a better choice if you travel a lot with your massage gun, too.


Comparing Hydragun vs Bob and Brad C2 in terms of price can be challenging, given that this factor tends to fluctuate.

However, I think it’s safe to say that both models are affordable, with the Hydragun being at the higher end of the mid-range category.

If you’re on a limited budget or testing out if massage guns are for you, the Bob and Brad C2 model is a good starting point.

Like the Hydragun, it’s well made, easy to put together and travel-friendly but without the steep price tag.

Winner: Both. These high-quality massage guns have perfectly balanced specs and quality with excellent prices to match. Either option should give you high value for money.


The Hydragun and Bob and Brad C2 are great handheld massager choices.

They have the right set of interchangeable heads, weight, power and intensity for a satisfying at-home massage.

But while they look almost the same, they still have unique qualities that suit specific user types.

For instance, the well-rounded Hydragun is best for people who regularly work out or do intense activities.

Its higher power, longer battery life and steel-made attachments are perfect for moderate-to-heavy massages that these users need.

On the other hand, the gentler Bob and Brad C2 model suits occasional users more.

It’s an excellent choice for people who needs to unwind after a busy work week. This one is also ideal for those with undeveloped muscles or flexibility issues.

What about you? Have you decided which is a better model?

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1. Is Hydragun better than the Hydragun Mini?

While the new Hydragun Atom Mini is lighter and smaller, I still find the original Hydragun a better choice. It is more versatile, with more intensity and attachment head options. It offers higher value for money, too. Still, the Hydragun Mini is excellent for occasional users who prefer a highly portable device for milder sessions.

2. Will a massage gun help with DOMS?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) happens after a new or strenuous exercise. It produces a painful muscle sensation that peaks from 24 to 72 hours and goes away within a week. The percussive vibrations from a massager can help stretch tense muscles, increasing blood circulation and providing transient relief. In turn, these help in restoring joint mobility.

3. Do massage guns reduce cellulite?

You can use a massage gun for your at-home cellulite treatment. Deep pulses and vibration from this device can enhance your circulation and lymphatic drainage and break down fat for absorption, resulting in less dimpled skin. However, the improvements can take time. But combining your massage gun sessions with an active lifestyle will eventually improve your skin.