If you want to burn fat without investing in bulky equipment, then I suggest aerobic stepper exercises. With your elevated platform and favourite playlist ready, you can do all sorts of step exercises for a fat-burning routine. The best part is you get to shape up and build muscles on your upper and lower body, too!

How to Burn Fat with Step Exercises

Step aerobics is a cardio and weight-bearing exercise using an aerobic stepper, making it an efficient calorie burner. A simple routine allows you to lose several hundred calories or enjoy a cheat day without weight gain issues. You can even lose up to 450 calories after a 45-minute aerobic step workout!

But if you want to step things up and burn off existing fat, a healthy diet plus high-impact step aerobics are what you need. Here, you’ll have to perform cardio exercises with faster moves or a higher ledge.

A fat-burning step aerobics routine may be intense, but the health benefits are, too. Fat loss reduces your risk of various obesity-related ailments like heart disease, for instance. Vigorous exercise also releases endorphins that uplift your mood and overall well-being. The effects are further enhanced when you do your step aerobics routine with family or friends!

Advanced Step Exercises

You’ll need a good fitness and stamina level to perform advanced aerobic stepper exercises, though. But don’t worry. If you’re a beginner, you can always modify these exercises to match your capability. Lower the height of your aerobic stepper if needed and slow down your training tempo until you’re ready to progress.

1. Straight arm plank-ups

Planking is an effective exercise to build muscle tone. It works particularly well for your triceps, chest and core muscles. And while you can do this without any equipment, planking with an aerobic stepper makes the exercise more dynamic. Also, anyone, including seniors, can pull this move successfully. You can always move more slowly and shorten the exercise duration to plank according to your fitness level:

  • Get into a planking position with the exercise stepper in between your chest and hands. Stretch your legs out with your toes touching the floor.
  • Now, move your right hand onto the stepper, pushing down as you move the left hand onto the ledge as well.
  • Next, move one hand at a time back to the floor before repeating the exercise. The number of repetitions is up to you. You can also place your hands alternately onto the stepper or switch hands at a specific interval.

Left foot stepping on the aerobic stepper platform

2. Step-ups

Step-ups are the foundation of many variations of aerobic stepper exercises. It is a simple exercise, but once you master it, you can quicken your steps to increase your calorie burn. Stepping on your stationary block set at a good height can also make easy step-ups more heart pumping. Plus, you get a strong core, quads, calves:

  • Set your aerobic stepper to a comfortable but challenging height. Then place your right foot onto the ledge. Your hands should be on your sides.
  • Next, push your front heel to lift your other leg. Extend your right leg, while your left leg is level with the stepper.
  • Repeat your step-ups as desired, then switch legs.
  • For an effective cardio step workout, do a few rounds of quick step-ups. Here, instead of stepping one foot at a time, put your right and left foot alternately on the stepper in quick successions.

3. Weighted step-ups

Adding weight training to your aerobic stepper exercises is a great way to work your quads and core while toning your arm muscles. Ideally, start with plates or dumbbells with a small weight before progressing to heavier ones:

  • Stand in front of your aerobic stepper with weights in each of your hand.
  • Step your right leg onto the ledge, then bring your left leg up in a bent-knee position. Try to drive your knee as high as you can go.
  • Now, release your left leg and step it down. Keep driving your left leg as needed, then switch to exercise the other leg.
  • Alternatively, you can swap the knee drives with plate curls so you can work your upper body more.
  • Start by stepping your right foot onto the platform. As you lift your left foot onto the ledge, move the weight towards you as you would with a bicep curl. Step down, and simultaneously bring the weighted plates onto your sides as well.
  • Repeat as needed, making sure that your elbows are beneath your shoulders as you curl.

Female trainer in high plank position on the stepper getting ready to do burpees

4. Burpees

The burpee is super versatile as you can do it without equipment or with a chin-up bar. Burpees are also one of the must-haves in your advanced aerobic stepper exercises. These can work wonders for your strength training and weight loss goals. Here’s how to do this exercise:

  • Set your aerobic stepper on low. Next, step up onto the ledge, then step down.
  • Now, place your hands onto the platform, then push and fully extend your legs to the back. Use your arms to keep your body stable.
  • Finally, push your legs through your feet forward to spring back up to starting position.
  • Repeat your burpee step-ups a few more times. You can also increase your burpee speed once you’re ready to level up.

5. Side jumps

Also called lateral or slalom jump, this step exercise works out your legs, glutes and core. It can also strengthen your muscles and improve your body coordination:

  • Stand to the right-hand side of your aerobic stepper. The feet should be together, with your arms relaxed on your sides.
  • Now, spring yourself up and land both feet onto the ledge. Then, jump back down onto the floor.
  • Repeat this move a few more times, jumping from side to side in quick successions. Make sure your body is facing forward.

After your aerobic stepper workout, spend time stretching your upper and lower body. Cool-down exercises should normalise your heart rate and protect you from muscle soreness. Now, to help you stay on your fat loss routine, exercise diversity is essential. Try complementing your aerobic stepper exercises with treadmill workouts, or consider signing up for a Pilates session!