A home gym set is a single compact machine that lets you perform multiple exercises. Some refer to it as a multi-gym, multi-station or all-in-one gym. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike, prefer this high-quality equipment because of its small footprint. It’s also easy to customise to suit your needs. And you get to enjoy several other benefits when you have this at home.

1. Convenience

Aside from being space-efficient, a home gym set is the one you need if you’re after convenience. With all the weight and bars within reach, shifting from strength training exercises to an intense workout is quick and easy. Unlike the typical commercial gym set-up, there’s no need for you to wait for another person to finish using one machine either. Moreover, your equipment is available any time, any day and even on holidays!

The time-consuming travel, bad weather and child care can also affect your fitness goals. However, setting up this home gym equipment lets you manage your time with ease. You can put the kids to bed or get chores done, then spend the remaining hours at night working out. It is also easy to multi-task and watch the news or your favourite show while exercising.

2. Consistency

Adding convenience into your workout formula can eventually help you stay on the fitness track. Losing weight or toning muscles is one thing, but maintaining a healthy physique is a different story. You need to stick to your workout routine and continue doing moderate to intense exercises week after week.

And having a home gym set make these a lot easier. With this exercise equipment, you get to eliminate hurdles that can make you skip a workout day. It keeps you motivated, too. In a way, it’s like taking out the extra work involved when working out!

3. Cost-Efficiency

The upfront cost of a home gym set may be a little steep for some users. But regular gym-goers or people who want exercise diversity will find it more cost-efficient in the long run. For one thing, owning this equipment would mean you can forget about paying monthly gym membership fees. Though some gyms offer pay-as-you-go plans, you still have to spend on transport.

It is more costly to buy individual pieces of equipment, especially when you can get them all in one gym machine. The Powertrain Multi-Station Home Gym, for example, even comes with a built-in punching bag! And if you plan to exercise with your best mate, a multi-station like the Muscle Motion MSG1000ABCDE is perfect for simultaneous workouts. More importantly, a multi-gym typically comes with high-quality equipment and top-notch construction to last for years.

Home Gym Set Benefits

4. Flexibility

We all have different workout goals, fitness levels and preferences. And it’s fabulous how a home gym set gives you the freehand to create a custom fitness routine that you can do at your own pace and time. You won’t have to adjust to make a gym’s one-size-fits-all programme work for you either.

And it may be a minor thing, but being able to set your workout environment freely can considerably improve your performance. For instance, while commercial gyms usually have a dress code, you can wear whatever feels comfortable at home. You even get to control the thermostat and the music playlist, too! You’ll be exercising in your workout space with your rules.

5. Privacy

Did you know that gym anxiety exists? It’s a condition where people tend to avoid going to the gym due to fear of being judged or scrutinised. People worry about their body weight, not using the equipment correctly, looking awkward while working out or doing exercises wrong. The thought of someone staring at you during your routine can make anyone feel conscious.

At home, you can be as awkward as you want without feeling embarrassed. A home gym set ensures that you satisfy your exercise needs and feel comfortable at the same time. Sometimes, a workout oasis is what we need to get us in the zone and make us more confident.

6. Safety

Finally, the design of your home gym equipment ensures your safety and proper body positioning. Each station has a strategic location, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over another piece of equipment. The weight plates or dumbbells are also secure and will not land on your head or feet. With every piece of equipment attached to one machine, inspection and maintenance are a breeze, too.

The global pandemic may have increased our understanding (and perhaps wariness) of disease transmission. Sharing gym equipment with hundreds of other people may not be a great move nowadays. It’s also irrational to improve your health through gym workouts and end up contracting an infection. A piece of personal exercise equipment guarantees that we enjoy a hygienic and safe sweat sesh each time!

Does a home gym set fit your workout needs? If so, why not check out our buying guide and top picks to find the best home gym equipment for you.