Are you done with beginner workouts and ready to commit to a more advanced, active lifestyle? That’s great! However, a gym space makeover with the best home exercise equipment is necessary for your levelled-up fitness needs.

Good thing there are plenty of portable or affordable options for intermediate health and fitness enthusiasts like you. To make choosing easy, I suggest you identify your new workout needs first, then match them with the correct exercise machine.

Need more help? Keep reading to find your best fitness equipment match.

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Full-Body Workout Fanatics

Full-body workouts are ideal for doing cardio and strength training in one go.

Fitness equipment that supports this type of training activates more muscle groups, leading to more efficient calorie burn.

And because you’re burning calories and strengthening muscles simultaneously, full-body exercises suit gym-goers into short but powerful fitness workouts.

Are you this type of health enthusiast? If so, check out the following recommended exercise equipment.

1. Jump Ropes

I think jump ropes should be at the top of your list when looking for the best home exercise equipment. It’s affordable and takes up minimal space.

You can do your jump rope sessions indoors, outdoors and virtually anywhere with a flat surface.

Also, the constant bouncing motion will quickly get your heart pumping and boost your leg muscle power.

I like rope jumping as it feels more like playtime than exercise. Doing those complex jumps and twists is fun and therapeutic.

If you’re getting a jump rope, look for one that’s tangle-free and has foam handles for comfort.

I also recommend jump ropes that you can adjust based on your height.

2. Portable Home Gyms

If you love full-body workouts and exercise variety, consider adding a versatile portable home gym to your fitness arsenal.

Like jump ropes, portable home gyms let you do full-body workouts on the go. They do not need a lot of floor space, either.

Also, you can do more than jump and bounce with one of these at home.

Most portable home gym packages include dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands or tubes, speed jump rope, an ab wheel, push-up bars and yoga mats.

That means you can do the same balance and strength training moves with this portable equipment that bulky and expensive machines allow.

When choosing a portable home gym, check its dimensions, inclusions, weight capacity, resistance levels, and instructional videos or app compatibility.

Indoor Rowing Machine at Home

3. Rowing Machines

Indoor rowing machines are among the best home exercise equipment for strength training since they can work over 80% of your body muscles.

That means rowing exercises are also excellent in burning lots of calories.

You can also adjust your rower’s resistance levels, ramp up the speed of your rowing strokes or do a 20-minute rowing machine HIIT for workout variety.

And you can choose from the different types of rowing machines available to match your full-body workout needs.

Your choice should depend on the weight capacity, price point and gym space, especially if you plan to put a rower in your apartment.

Check out these reviews of the best indoor rowing machines to learn more.

4. Ellipticals

Like rowing machines, at-home elliptical cross trainers are excellent for full-body and low-impact workouts.

Elliptical machines effectively combine cardio and muscle strengthening, too.

But instead of sitting down, elliptical workouts will have you standing up while pedalling and moving the handlebars simultaneously.

Modern ellipticals typically include adjustable resistance and incline features for challenging and diverse workouts.

If you plan to get this machine for your home gym, ensure you know the difference between rear and front-drive ellipticals.

It’s also best to check its flywheel weight, stride length and weight limit.

These product features ensure you invest in a long-lasting elliptical machine to support your body build and fitness goals.

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Outdoor Lovers

Are you into outdoor running or cycling? Perhaps, you love doing early-morning jogs or sports that require lots of leg power.

If you’re this type, this section is for you. Work schedules, safety concerns, and inclement weather can affect outdoor workout consistency.

Good thing there are fitness machines that can simulate walking, running and cycling exercises indoors. Here are some of them.

5. Treadmills

I know these cardio machines are easily accessible in practically every commercial gym. However, getting a treadmill for your home gym also has its advantages.

For example, if you don’t feel like going out and jogging under the sun, you can use the treadmill instead for a quick workout.

You can also work out on new “routes” safely with a treadmill.

And depending on your machine model, you can adjust the resistance for HIIT or ramp up the incline for steady-state cardio.

As an intermediate fitness enthusiast, you can also experiment and try some treadmill exercise variations.

Check out this list of the best treadmills in Australia to learn what features to look for when buying this all-time favourite machine.

Exercise Bike at Home

6. Exercise Bikes

If you have limited space or budget for a treadmill, exercise bikes are your next best option.

They are one of the best home exercise equipment available if you’re after balanced costs and benefits.

Exercise bikes are top-notch in terms of burning calories.

You can shift biking positions, try built-in programs or do HIIT with these versatile machines.

Some modern exercise bike models even come with adjustable incline features.

While cycling workouts mainly target the leg muscles, you can easily incorporate arm exercises into your indoor bike sessions.

Still unsure whether to invest in a treadmill or exercise bike? This exercise bike vs treadmill article might help.

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Body-Building Enthusiasts

Have you already reached your ideal body weight? Or maybe, the numbers on the scale have not budged for some time.

These are some telltale signs you did well on the first phase of your fitness journey.

These are also your cue to go to the next level, and that is to shift your focus on muscle building.

With strength training, you can increase your bone and muscle mass, continue burning calories and keep the excess weight off.

Trying out new free-weight exercises is also good for your body and mind.

These pieces of fitness equipment can help you achieve all these health benefits.

7. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are among the best home exercise equipment if you’re a body-building newbie.

Once you learn how to use these weights, you can start doing beginner-friendly kettlebell exercises.

After building enough strength, you can use your kettlebell’s full-body workout potential next.

Compared with dumbbells that target specific muscle groups, kettlebells involve more muscles, especially when doing swings and snatches.

These advanced exercises are more dynamic and require extra power – perfect for keeping your body challenged.

When buying kettlebells, start with lightweight ones, though. Give your body time to get used to strength workouts.

Alternatively, work with adjustable kettlebells to progress to heavy weights whenever ready. They’re more space-efficient, too.

8. Adjustable Dumbbells

Do you think kettlebells are too much for your current fitness capacity? Consider getting a pair of adjustable dumbbells instead.

They’re easier to use but just as versatile as kettlebells. Also, you can do plenty of dumbbell exercises to ease into strength training.

You can also use lightweight dumbbells to level up your treadmill or stationary bike workouts.

If you love lifting dumbbells, why not complement your workouts with an adjustable weight bench, too?

This extra home exercise equipment is best for doing more exercises like the dumbbell bench press.

Power Rack at Home

9. Power Rack

If you are serious about weightlifting, getting a power rack is for you.

Also known as power cages, these pieces of equipment are ideal for barbell exercises and full-body strengthening workouts.

Other power rack units include pull-up bars for exercise variety, too.

Some weightlifters also use it with accessories like resistance bands and gymnastic rings.

The main advantage of installing a power rack at home is you can safely lift weights even when alone.

This rack works as your mechanical spotter, especially when lifting heavier barbells.

If you plan to install one for your home gym, measure the room first, particularly the floor space and ceiling height.

A power rack has a large footprint, and you need a generous, dedicated space to exercise effortlessly and safely with this equipment.

Cost-wise, mid-range power racks are durable and reasonably priced, although commercial-grade ones are also available.

It’s best to start with a basic set-up, though. Then, accessorise it with various power rack attachments later as you progress.

Check out these beginner power rack exercises to get started.


Whether you love cardio workouts, strength training or both, you have several options to stay on the healthy track.

And hopefully, this list of the best home exercise equipment was able to help you choose the right partner for a levelled-up fitness routine and home gym space.

1. Is exercising at home better than going to the gym?

Working out at home, even in small spaces, is convenient, accessible, practical and safe. Sometimes, work life can hinder us from visiting a commercial gym. And so, home workouts become the next best alternative. They are a big time-saver, too.

2. What are the best workouts for small spaces?

Calorie-burning and heart-pumping workouts are doable in small spaces. Some require small equipment, and others work with just the floor or wall of your home. All you need is to be flexible about your choice of physical activity.

3. How can I relieve muscle pain after exercise?

Trying out new exercises can lead to mild to moderate body pains. Active recovery can cool down your tired muscles and relieve soreness post-workout. The use of massaging devices soothes muscular discomfort, too. But the best remedy for me is a good night’s rest.