No time to go to the gym for your workout? Don’t worry, the gym is not the only place where you can exercise. There are several routines that you can perform without exercise equipment and space, which the gym offers. You can work out in your bedroom or living room if you really have limited space.

Here are the 5 exercises that you can do in small spaces in your home.

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping ropes can easily be performed in a small space. All you need is a piece of rope to help you burn 318 calories when you do it at a fast pace.

It targets your glutes, quadriceps, hamstring, the gastrocnemius, abdominals, and glutes. It helps you build strong bones, and improve balance and eye-coordination. If you have weak knees, this exercise is not for you.

The only equipment that you need is a good jumping rope. The best kind of rope to use is a plastic segmented rope or beaded rope.

Make sure that it weighs at least a half-pound for momentum. A lighter rope can tangle in midair, catch your feet, and distract you from your routine. Wear appropriate attire for this bouncy exercise. Good shoes are important, and for women, an encapsulation sports bra.

The first time you do it, you might feel breathless after one or two minutes but once you get the hang of it, a 5 to 15-minute session will keep your body as fit as ever.

You can jump, twirl, and do heel kicks, single-foot hops, rope jacks, and a rope run for a more exciting fitness activity.

2. Kettlebell

Fight those fats and tone your body using kettlebells. Unlike other weights that you have to lift and put down slowly, you swing the kettlebells in full-body motions.

When using kettlebells, stand tall, lifting your chest and your shoulders and back down. Tighten your core muscles before you make any moves. Do this throughout the routine but avoid holding your breath. Rhythmically move the kettlebells but do not fling them.

To tone your back and abs, do the Halo by holding your equipment upside down, holding the horns with both hands above your head. Keep your shoulder down with chest out and abs tight. Rotate torso from the waist in a circle.

The kettlebells will make a “halo” patterned motion above your head. Do 6 circles, which can last up to 20 seconds. Rotate again to the other direction for around 20 seconds or making 6 circles.

3. Suspension Training

This exercise is done with nylon straps that can be hooked to any strong anchor. Your bedroom door or any pole or beam in your room can be used as an anchor.

In this exercise, your body weight is used as a form of resistance. You can perform around a hundred exercises using these nylon straps.

Do push-ups using the nylon straps. These can be done by holding the handles at chest level in front of you, with arms extended, palms down.

Stand on the balls of your heels and bend elbows. Then push up to return to your original position. Using suspension trainers will allow you to train your body from head to toe.

4. Barre Work

Barre work is one of the exercises that can be easily performed in your room or in the living room. All you need is a sturdy chair for support.

This workout helps you develop a sculpted body because it pulls in your waist, trims your thighs, lifts your butts, tones your arms, and make your abs strong. It improves your posture and makes you stand taller and straighter.

You can perform energy-boosting cardio intervals, dynamic stretches, and cutting-edge barre techniques.

5. Indoor cycling

You do not need to purchase an exercise bike for this workout. Just set up your bike in your living room or bedroom. Use a rear wheel trainer to lock the hubs of the rear wheels and elevate them from the floor.

This will make the wheels provide resistance when you pedal. Do this while watching your favorite movie or TV program. Before you know it, you have pedaled several miles and burned more than enough calories.

Remember that the gym or the outdoors are not the only places where you lose extra weight and achieve a physically fit body. You can work out even in the confines of your room without using sophisticated gym equipment.

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