If you’re more comfortable exercising at home than going to the gym, you’re not alone. And there are several reasons why more and more people prefer this fitness trend.

Setting up a home gym, even in small spaces, is convenient, accessible, practical and safe. Sometimes, work life can hinder us from visiting the gym. And so, home workouts become the next best alternative.

Life should not get in the way if you’re serious about being fit and healthy. You only have to make do with what works for you.

And if you think about it, working out at home is not only good for your health. Here are its other benefits.

Benefits of Exercising at Home than Visiting the Gym

We know that regular exercise is crucial to overall health.

And with the correct duration and intensity, you will still enjoy its health benefits whether you exercise at home or the gym.

However, some find working out at home better and more effective. Here’s why.

It saves time.

Time is gold, as they say. And it is. It’s a valuable resource you cannot earn back. You have to use it wisely.

And if you’re a fitness enthusiast, one way to do that is to start exercising at home.

There are several ways in which having a home gym is more time-efficient.

For instance, you get to:

  • Skip commuting to and from the gym. Getting to the nearest gym typically takes 15 to 20 minutes. And if you drove yourself there, you still had to park the car and walk to the gym. Around this time, you’ve probably warmed up at your at-home gym and are ready for the sweat session.
  • Skip the locker, exercise machine or shower queue. Sharing the gym space with several people can be good but also time-consuming. You have to wait or line up for something a lot. With a home gym, everything is ready and available.
  • Skip putting the gym equipment back after use. It’s proper etiquette in a commercial gym space to return things where they belong. Again, this eats up time. If you are not sharing your home gym, you can leave your adjustable bench as is, for example, to save time for your next session. And this applies to other exercise machines that can save previous settings.
Exercising at Home with Resistance Bands

It gives you more control.

Exercising at home is better than in the gym because you can decide which exercise equipment to own and use.

Remember that our fitness goals differ from others, and sometimes, commercial gyms lack the machines we need to achieve them.

Yes, the upfront costs for buying your exercise equipment may be higher.

But spending on machines you’ll use and enjoy is a more worthwhile investment than gym membership fees.

With so many beginner-friendly exercise machines, anyone can easily create a personalised home gym without spending a lot.

Best of all, you can configure them any way you like in the comfort of your home.

Aside from this, a home gym gives you free rein over the dress code, temperature and music.

How you squeeze workouts into your day is another way home gyms give you more control.

For example, it’s easy to do 30 to 40-minute sessions after a laidback day in the office.

But a busy week would probably mean 20-minute HIIT workouts, 10-minute bench presses, or quick sessions with a pull-up bar.

Home gyms make it easy to plan, modify and stick to your workouts based on the time you have. It’s different in the gym, though.

There seems to be more pressure to exercise and stay at the gym longer.

Perhaps, it’s because you want to make up for the time or money spent to get there.

It is safer and more hygienic.

There are many reasons why exercising at home is safer than in the gym.

For instance, you can work out early in the morning or late at night without worrying about dangerous encounters on the road.

Also, you can continue your workout routine in a home gym despite inclement weather.

And in case of an accident or injury during workouts, someone can help you immediately if you exercise at home.

The COVID pandemic also made us more aware of disease transmission through body fluids and droplets.

So, most of us are now hesitant to get close to an exercise machine used by several people.

If you have a home gym with personal equipment, you can enjoy clean machines and pandemic-proof workouts every time.

Couple Exercising at Home

It is comfortable and less distracting.

According to a study, about 46% of Australians are not keen on exercising in public spaces. Experts call this gym anxiety or gym phobia.

This condition involves negative feelings, like nervousness, fear or anxiety, when going to the gym.

Usually, gymphobes worry that others will judge them for not looking good in activewear or not knowing enough about exercise machines.

Some also fear injuring or hurting themselves while working out.

And exercising at home rather than in the gym is one way to overcome all these.

A home gym can help you focus and worry less about the people around you. You can learn and exercise at your own pace, too.

Working out in a private and more comfortable environment also helps improve your performance and, eventually, boost your confidence.

It is family-friendly.

Exercising at home is better than going to the gym, especially when you have kids.

Children are like sponges. They are quick learners and tend to copy what they see.

And exposing them early to an active lifestyle through your daily routine is a great thing to pass on.

By being a good example, your kids can master all sorts of exercises while still young.

As a result, they develop valuable life lessons like discipline, wellness and confidence. They protect themselves from various diseases, too.

It’s also the perfect, healthy way to bond with your kids.


Exercising at home may seem more expensive than visiting a gym.

After all, building a home gym and buying equipment need money and time.

However, this fitness option is also more cost-efficient in more ways than one.

High-quality machines will last for years, for instance. You can use, adjust and maintain them as needed.

Working out at home also makes the most of your time. And you can even use exercise as a means to bond with family.

At-home exercising is worth considering for sure!

So, check out these workout suggestions for small spaces and give this fitness option a go.

Exercising at Home with the Family

For the past few years since the COVID pandemic, people have started to appreciate the benefits of working out at home. This new fitness interest, in turn, gave rise to mini and online workouts, mindful meditation and functional training. At-home machines that combine exercising and gaming are also popular today.

2. Should I still wear proper workout clothes when exercising at home?

While you can wear anything comfy while working out at home, wearing proper gym clothes is still advisable. Various research findings showed that doing so improves your performance. Good-fitting compression activewear protects you from injury during workouts, too. Gym clothes that match your body type also boost your motivation and confidence levels.

3. How can I work out my upper body at home?

Exercising your upper body is doable at home, with or without equipment. For instance, planking and triangle push-ups are excellent mat exercises in tight spaces. Small exercise equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and pull-up bars can also build your arm, shoulder and chest muscles. Machines that allow full-body workouts, like elliptical trainers and rowing machines, are good options, too.